a/n: I had originally intended for this to be a oneshot, but it sort of ran away with me... So instead, I'll upload it in installments. This first one is 150 words. Also, I am running on the (perhaps slightly non-cannon) assumption that Aang turns thirteen right around the end of the war. I don't think it makes too much of a difference, but... anyhow. Enough of me. HERE! WE! GOOOOOO!

.one – age thirteen.

He thought about it, right after they'd saved the world. He considered asking her right then and there – but no. He was too young. They were too young. Of course, he wasn't too young to travel the world alone, free countless cities alone, and essentially save the world alone –

Well, no. Not alone, he amended; always with friends.

Always with Katara.

Which is why he wanted to ask her in the first place – because every memory he had from the moment he left the iceberg until now involved Katara, somehow. Because Sokka once admitted to him that whenever he thought about Aang, he thought about Katara, too.

But maybe that was what helped Aang decide to wait – they were still young, and though the war was over there was still lots of work to be done – and Katara made it clear that she wasn't going anywhere.

So there was time.