Doctor Who

River and the Doctor

Starring David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor & Alex Kingston as Professor River Song.

Chapter Eight: Taking it back

By Nathan Mullins

The Doctor and River ran to where the object had fallen, its location being the point of which dust had spluttered up from the moon, of which it had crashed into, and probably buried itself.

When they reached the site, neither could see a thing. The dense greyness of the thick dust clouds hanging in the balance of the atmosphere, were making it difficult for River and the Doctor to glimpse the device therein clearly.

But they could see something, the figure of a man, a thin, yet average in height, awkwardly shaped man, accompanied with umbrella a bright shade of red, and quaint little hat perched upon his head.

"Doctor?" mumbled the Doctor, starring at his seventh Incarnation, as he approached him and River Song.

"Yes hello, came via the Hand of Omega, an uneasy trip might I add but worth it to hand it over, to you Doctor and not to River Song!"

In the Seventh Doctor's hands, the Omega Device shone brightly.

"It is to be stored in the eye of Harmony for future requirements regarding your Twelfth Incarnation."

"My Twelfth Incarnation, what happens to me should I have to ask for this?" the Doctor sounded hesitant for what the answer would be.

"Spoilers," insisted River.

The seventh Doctor nodded.

"She's right Doctor," but then River turned on him.

The Doctor turned away from her, and pulled the tenth Doctor over towards him.

"She's dangerous Doctor, and whatever she has told you, you're to be wary, because one day she'll tell you that in a future you in your later incarnations will witness, all things will change, and that's when it matters the most!"

The tenth Doctor said farewell to his former self, having placed the device in his 'bigger on the inside pockets' and watching as his seventh self faded into the looming dust particles.

"Give it to me!" ordered River, but the Doctor thrust his hands deep into his pockets, shaking his head at River, with a stern look about him.

"No thanks, this is all I came for, time to leave and to never return without having to pick you up from some prison ship. This device belongs to the Time Lords, and therefore could fall into the 'wrong hands'. So, I'll just make my own way home…"

"But Doctor, the war!" shrieked River after him. "They Cybermen, the Shredders," she went on.

"Oh that's well over River, I've got the device, and do you think for one second the Cybermen and the rest of the universe are going to come after me? Not likely, I've got the most powerful weapon in galaxy, so there's really no point."

The Doctor knew River was watching him go, but he wasn't going to stick around long enough for her to take the weapon from him. He vanished through a time portal, leaving River entirely alone, mesmerised by events that had taken place.

The time portal landed the Doctor just where he wanted to be, outside the TARDIS on River Song's Island.

"Was it hers, I wonder?" pondered the Doctor, fetching the TARDIS key from his pocket, before jabbing it at the lock, and turning it, letting himself in.

The hum of the warm console room filled him with joy, as he passed through without activating a single switch, on and on through his shop, still with his long brown coat wrapped around him, which inside was the Omega Device, that was being taken to the Eye of Harmony.

The Doctor had arrived at his destination, kicking the huge wooden door open, to reveal an old dusty looking room, filled with wood panelling packing controls that were all connected to a stone eye in which suddenly flickered open, as if it were real.

The Doctor took the device from out of his pocket, and there being no pupil in the eye, was where the device was placed.

"There we have it, back where you belong," said the Doctor, talking to the eye as if now it could understand him.

"Thank you Doctor!"

"WHAT?" screeched the Doctor.

"I'm in the consol room," the voice continued. It belonged to the seventh Doctor.

The Doctor rushed through to the console room, his long brown coat rolled up under his arm, until he chucked it over an arch in which it landed on, and then switched on the monitor on his console.

The seventh Doctor in full costume was speaking to him directly from his own TARDIS.

"You did well," he said.

"We both did," insisted the tenth Doctor.

"River will get you back," he went on.

"She would," replied the Doctor in stripy brown suit and plimsolls.

"Then I wish you luck beyond belief," replied the Doctor leaning on his bright red umbrella.

The Doctor switched the monitor off, and turned to switch on the rest of the console. It groaned, before the central column began to gradually rise and fall.

"Yes, River will get me back for leaving her without the object she so desired, and I'll be waiting for her, in my personal future, when that day comes to pass!"

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"Perhaps we should finish our dinner first?" Mary said, turning to Catherine, but both she and Trevor said nothing.

"Never mind Amy Pond, never mind, now where was I? Ah yes, repairing this ship, only I've tried that 100 times and failed. Only Nyssa was good at that sort of thing, but that was history, now… Ah yes!"

"WHAT?" boomed Trevor, in the meeting he had been told to attend by Mary. He was being given a file that read 'reject'.

12:00pm and Big Ben chimed just as the Doctor and friends crossed the bridge heading into Westminster.

"Oh I'm fine Miss Pond, over the moon right now! Say hello to Bessie, she's a wonderful acquaintance no?"


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