Papa Don't Preach

Maxie knew that she had to tell Mac about her pregnancy so she called him up to tell him. She sat at her desk, tapping her fingers on her desk, waiting for Mac to answer his phone. She felt a pit in her stomach do a back flip whenever she heard Mac answer his phone with his signature greeting of Commissioner Scorpio. Maxie swallowed the lump in her throat and spoke, "Mac, I need to tell you something really important."

"What is it, Maxie, I'm at work?" Mac asked as he sat at his desk doing some police paper work.

"You're going to be a grandpa; I'm going to have a baby." Maxie said in a happy way, or a way that she thought would make Mac less mad and more happy.

"A baby? A baby! Maxie, you're not ready to take care of a baby, hell you can barely take care of yourself!"

"I am to ready to have a baby, I'm not giving it up or getting rid of it, Mac."

"I didn't say that, sweetie."

"But you were thinking it."

"Maxie, it's just that you're so young and a baby is hard work, I just want the best for you." Maci sighed in a loving way that only a father can.

"I know but women have babies and raise them by themselves every day of the week, I'll be fine." Maxie reassured Mac, not wanting him to worry about her well being.

"If this is want you want, to be a young single mother, then I'll accept it and support you."

"Thanks Mac."

After work Maxie paid a visit to her cousin and her husband, Robin and Patrick, to have dinner and to talk about her pregnancy even though she figured that Matt had already told his brother by now. Maxie, Robin, and Patrick were sitting at the dining table while Emma was in a high chair. "Patrick, did Matt tell you anything about us today?" Maxie asked her cousin-in-law.

"He told me that you broke up cause you cheated on him and got pregnant." Patrick answered Maxie's little question, causing Robin's face to morph into a mix of shock and joy.

"Maxie, cheating on Matt wasn't good but I'm happy to hear that you're having a baby with Matt." Robin smiled.

"Robin, she cheated, the baby may not be Matt's and that's why he dumped her." Patrick explained to his naïve wife.

"Oh." Robin muffled out.

"Yea…" Maxie sighed.

"So, are you going to have a paternity test done?" Robin wondered.

"Yea, it's only fair that Matt finds out the truth about being a father or not." Maxie responded to her cousin's question.

"Maxie, who else is the possible father?" Patrick asked, mostly because his little brother wanted him to find out who and what the other man was to Maxie.

"I-I-I don't know his name; he was just a random one time thing." Maxie lied through her teeth. She was determined to keep her intimate history with Franco a secret. She didn't want everyone in Port Charles, especially since they hated him, to know that her child could possibly be his.

"You know that if Matt'snot the father he doesn't want anything to do with it,right?" Patrick asked his wife's cousin.

"I know but I don't care, I can take care of my baby myself." The platinum blonde remarked honestly.

"But, Maxie, a baby's hard work. Robin thought she could handle it too but she got post partum depression." Patrick told Maxie.

"Patrick does have a point, sometimes you need help with a baby." Robin told Maxie as she glanced at her daughter, Emma, and smiled weakly. She knew that a baby would be a big responsibility for Maxie if she didn't have a partner to help her.

"I know but I can handle doing it solo, I'll be fine." Maxie assured everyone.

Deep down inside Maxie secretly wished that Franco was around.

Sorry for taking so long to update, I had so much stuff going on. Anyways who do you think Maxie's baby's daddy is? Does anyone wonder what's going on with Franco or if he's keeping tabs on Port Charles?