A/N: Okay. This is going to be fun(: My cousin & I always had this idea about iCarly that the whole show is in Carly's perspective, and Sam and Freddie are having a secret relationship behind her back, which is why we don't know about it. Of course, this all changed after iSaved Your Life, but it'd always been a fun thought nonetheless.

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Chapter One

The iCarly trio was making their way through the crowds on the busy streets of Seattle, back towards Freddie and Carly's apartment complex. Carly walked in between the boy and the blonde, and she found this to be perfectly normal. The other two, however, were relieved, but disappointed that Carly had stepped between them. While Carly blabbered on about school and the new iCarly segment, Freddie and Sam snuck suggestive glances at each other, all the while making sure Carly didn't see anything. Of course she didn't. She never did. Judging on the names the two referred to each other as, Carly would never suspect that anything more than hatred had developed in their relationship. Carly pushed her way into the lobby. Freddie reached forward to hold the door for Sam until she elbowed him painfully in the ribs, grabbed the door, and let herself in. Carefully was the way they had to play this game. If they didn't want Carly to know—and Sam most definitely didn't—they had to make sure every move was normal for them. Therefore, Freddie opening the door for Sam—not normal.

"So what do you guys want to do?" Carly asked, hitting the number seven on the elevator and watching the doors slide shut.

"I have a lot of homework," Freddie answered immediately.

"And I have to get home to help my mom clean out her boyfriend's stuff. After I raid your fridge, of course," Sam said lightly.

"Didn't your mom just start dating that guy?"

"Yeah. She moves fast, Carls."

"So I've noticed." The doors slid open again and Sam followed Carly around the corner.

"See you guys later," Freddie said, and without further ado, slipped into his own apartment. Before the door closed, he winked at Sam who smiled back at him. Carly hadn't noticed a thing and she threw open the door to her apartment. Sam slipped past her and into the kitchen. Spencer looked up from the TV.

"Hey guys, how was school?" He asked.

"Good," Carly answered.

"Boring," Sam said honestly, pouring herself some juice and opening a fat cake. She drained the juice quickly and ate the fat cake in two bites.

"Hey Carls?" She asked, interrupting her conversation with Spencer about a history report that Sam wouldn't do.


"My breath reeks, do you have any gum?"

"Why do you need it?"

"Because my breath reeks?"

"Fair enough." Carly dug through her backpack and pulled out a pack of Big Red. Sam sashayed back into the living room and snagged a piece.

"Oh score! Thanks Carls. I'll see you later."

"You just came over to eat my food and drink my beverages?"

"What did you expect from me? I'll be over later for dinner, don't even worry about it."

"Oh, I won't."

"Bye Carls." Sam slammed the door shut, probably a little more loudly then she was supposed to. She crossed the hallway quickly, knocked twice on Freddie's door, and turned into the stairwell. She didn't stop walking, even after she heard Freddie's footsteps join hers. Feeling that nervous excitement flood her like it always did, she stopped at Freddie's old room where he'd lived for a whopping two days after he moved out of his mom's place. She walked in cautiously, popping the gum in her mouth, and looking around to make sure the janitor or Lewbert wasn't up here. Freddie paused at the doorway and just stared at her.

"Hi," She managed. He smirked and raised a hand, beckoning her forward with two fingers. Once Sam had moved, Freddie put his hands on her hips, placing her against the doorway. His head bent over hers as he twined their fingers together.

"Hi," He repeated. He kissed her lightly for a second and pulled away.

"Where were you during third period?" Sam asked as casually as she could manage. "I missed you."

"I can't cut class everyday, Sam," He said smartly. "I already got in trouble for it."

"Eh. Franklin's a pushover," She replied, kissing him again. This time it lasted longer, and in between kisses, Freddie murmured,

"My mom didn't know what to think of it, though." Sam pulled away, tilting her head to the side.

"He told your mom?" She asked.


"Well, what did you say?"

"What could I say? I'd skipped class four days in a row."

"I sure hope you didn't say, 'I was making out with Sam Puckett behind the bleachers.'"

"Of course I didn't say that, I'm not stupid. My mom would've had a heart attack right there. No, I told them that I was filming some stuff for the AV club." Sam smirked.

"Nerd," She whispered, and stretched to kiss him again. His arms curled around her waist, lifting her a bit to make her job easier. They didn't talk for a while after that, keeping their lips moving in perfect rhythm. Freddie pulled away this time.

"I think we have to tell Carly," He said. Sam's eyes became the size of dinner plates.

"Are you nuts?" She demanded.

"I think she deserves to know."

"Damnnit, Freddie, no. Think about it. What if she gets…well, I mean, you remember when she found out we had our first kiss."

"Yeah, I remember. I almost told her then, too."

"Yeah, I saw that. Thank god Spencer came in with his banjo."

"I just think it's wrong to keep her in the dark."

"Oh please, Freddie. This has been going on too long to tell her now. Remember what we promised her? No secrets? And don't you think it was hard enough on me to see you two swapping saliva all the time after you saved her life?"

"That's not fair; I didn't want to do that, you made me."

"Yeah, because Carly can't know!"

"Why not?"

"Well… what if she gets… jealous?" This caught Freddie off guard.

"Why would she get jealous?" He asked, truly curious. Sam shrugged.

"I dunno," She murmured. "I mean, I have this cute, sweet boyfriend, and what does she have?" Freddie smiled.

"Cute and sweet, huh?"

"Shut up, Freddork." He kissed her again, taking both of her hands and placing them on his chest. She pulled away, true worry etched into her face now.

"I mean, what if she tries to steal you away from me? She thinks she deserves you, ya know?"

"Why would Carly deserve me?"

"I don't know. She's prettier and smarter and much more well-behaved then I am, for starters—"

"That's not true. I think you're beautiful. You're smart, too, when you want to be. And hey, nobody likes a goody too shoes." Sam looked up at him and grinned.

"Beautiful, huh?"

"So, so beautiful," He answered, leaning in to kiss her. She let him have his fun, kissing him back for a while, and then pulling away.

"I love you," She whispered.

"I love you too," He replied. And they both knew that that was the truth.