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Words in Italics are from the book. Takes place after Alexos saves the statue.

I've decided on doing several one-shots for this Archive to fill it up.


Taking one quick look behind, he ran. "What are you doing here! Arglin's here!"

"I know. Oblek's with me. And Alexos."

His stare of terror frightened her. "Alexos!"

"We had to save the statue. We got your message." She looked pale. As if something had stunned her, knocked her sideways. Perhaps the earth tremor. "How did you do it?"

"I can't explain. We have to get off the island, Seth, but there are guards everywhere. They're-"

"Clearing the place. Arglin's orders."

She had tears in her eyes. To his amazement he heard her whisper, "Is it all my fault, Seth? That the Oracle is destroyed and everything's lost? Chryse says-"

"That little cat! You've found her?"

"She was hiding here."

"Well it's rubbish, Mirany!" He gripped her hands, and as he did so thought how little he really knew her, how far apart they were. "Arglin has done that, not us. You're the one who's speaker, Mirany. You hear the god! We're doing what he wants us to do."

Mirany stared into his eyes. "You're right." She breathed. "And we're the ones who are going to fix it." She said.

He took her hand and pulled her to the pedestal. "Take this with you." He whispered as he put the box into Mirany's hands. "Get the others to the courtyard where the carts are. Keep hidden and watch for my signal. Don't let Alexos be seen."

Seth turned to walk away. Mirany put the box down and grabbed Seth's wrist. Stopping him. "Thank you." She murmured.

"You're welcome. But there's really no need to thank me. We're all in this togeth—"

Seth was cut off by Mirany's lips on his. Her lips soft and warm against his. It took him a moment to realize he was kissing Mirany, the girl who had helped him through so much. Mirany. The girl who he had fallen for. Mirany. The girl he had been afraid to admit his feelings to. Seth passionately kissed her back.

A slave walked up the steps and Mirany pulled away, smiled at him, and stepped away. "Good-bye Seth." She whispered. Blending into the shadows with the box. Seth felt a piece of him missing when Mirany left.

"Personal Secretary to the King-Archon, the cart is in the courtyard, ready to be loaded." Said the slave.

"Thank you. You are dismissed." Seth replied. He then strode off to the courtyard preparing for the escape plan while touching his lips; still filled with warmth.

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