Just an EXTREMELY SHORT PROLOGUE. When I get the first chapter up, I hope you enjoy it :D

In the Hall of Origin, Arceus contemplated many thoughts. Countless things ran through his mind over and over, endlessly.

Mostly, however, Arceus thought of the relationships between the legendary pokemon and humans. For the most part, the legendary pokemon strongly disliked or even hated humans. Humans wanted to capture legendary pokemon for their own selfish gain.

Neither, Arceus thought, would be able to understand the other... Unless placed in each others' shoes. Which brought on an interesting idea.

Later, Arceus called on the legendary pokemon, Jirachi. Jirachi looked at him in interest, curious about Arceus' intentions.

"Jirachi...I want you to turn the Legendary Pokemon, except me, Regigigas and Deoxys...Into humans. I want them to understand how it feels to be human, including yourself," the god pokemon informed Jirachi. Jirachi nodded. None of the legendaries knew what they were in for...