Scattered as the sky

Chapter 5: A team divided

Looking around he made the critical decision "We'll stop here for the night." Face looked up at Hannibal as he surveyed the area. "High enough we can see and open enough that should we need to make an escape we can." He jumped down from the large boulder he was standing on and looked to B.A. "Lets start setting up camp. Our handler will meet us here." He said firmly his hand rising to rub at his chin. The days had been long and none of them had had a shave but the most noticeable was Hannibal and how dark he was starting to look.

"You got it boss." B.A. turned to the van to start unloading some things they would need for the night.

"So is this place safe?" Face asked.

"Fairly so, the waitress said it had many loops and turns." He opened up the paper and the little map she had drawn him. "It's good if we need to stay hidden, and better if we need to find our way out."

"Yeah looks like it." Face sighed moving to Hannibal's side.

"Let's help B.A. get the rest of the gear out of the Van, then you need rest."

"Awe boss come on…you know I can't." Face didn't look at Hannibal as he sighed and stepped away before Hannibal could offer an argument. Looking back at a small park bench Murdock sat looking up at him.


"I'm all right boss." The wave of the pilot's hand was all Hannibal needed. "I got this." He shook his head trying to believe his own words, but now even Murdock was starting to think he was insane.

"Stay put, we'll get the van unloaded and get you set up to sleep some more." Hannibal could not help the thin line that formed across his mouth. The pilot was doing a bit better but he was still ill, and he was slowing them down. The constant stopping wasn't doing the team any good.

Lifting his cigar up he pulled a match from his pocket and struck it against a tree. Bringing it to the tip of his cigar. He Smiled drawing in a breath. After it was lit he waved his arm dousing the flame in air and moved to the van. "What are we looking at?"

B.A. looked up "An hour maybe less before sun set." Turning to Face he passed a small bag "Gotta put a few things out but it should be easy enough to keep us hidden back here."

"Do it." Hannibal said moving to grab another bag and Murdock's duffle. "We need to get a tent up for the good Captain and then we'll worry about ourselves." He ordered evenly.

"Car." Face stammered out again "boss…car."

Turning around Hannibal noted the car, he'd seen it before. "I wondered if she would be dumb enough to follow." He shook his head padding off.

"She? Who?"

"The waitress is the only one who know's where we are." He said watching the sedan.

As the window rolled down face looked down through. "You boys don't know how to hide very well do you?" she asked. "Pack your things, I know a safer place."

"You just hang on a minute lady." B.A. began before Face cut him off.

"Our friend is sick." He said quietly. "If you know someplace better…by all means let me get Hannibal." He didn't sound like he believed her or was going along with anything she said. She wasn't one of them and Face had no reason to openly trust her. "BOSS!"

There was a time when Hannibal was sure that they all knew what the other was thinking. It was compounded by the fact that they worked so well together and would never leave a man behind. They were more than a team, they were a family. The current situation wasn't making it easy on Hannibal either.

Sitting outside in a large chair he had a few maps scattered across his lap and he was making notes on a small pocket sized notepad. He glanced up only occasionally to look at the scenery around him. The woman, the waitress, had led them away, far into the middle of the woods, where no one could find them. There were exits away in four directions and if they had to they could split up and make a run. This was a very dangerous position to be in, but also a very fortuitous one should problems arise. She had led them to a place they could hide for weeks, and no one would find them.

The screen to the small cabin opened and slammed behind the young man that exited the building. Hannibal neglected his work looking up. "How is he?"

"Resting." Face shook his head slowly. "I dunno boss he's not been this sick that I can recall."

"I know Lieutenant." Hannibal looked back down to his notes. "We just have to work with what we have."

"Isn't that what you always do boss?" Face smirked as Hannibal nodded his response. "So what are ya working on?" Face shook his head finding a seat next to the colonel. "The next plan?"

"Yes." Hannibal said quietly. "This is a good hiding spot but it won't keep for long. A week, possibly two at the longest." Reaching in his pocket he pulled out another cigar and smiled as he lit it his eyes thinning.

"B.A. and I set up the sensors in the woods, if it's motorized we'll know its coming." Face nodded. "We're safe here man relax." the younger man leaned back in his chair as the last bit of daylight crested into nothing behind the tree line. "Oh boss." Face sat forward pointing forward. "Look at that."

Looking up Hannibal saw the two deer that looked vaguely familiar. "Very beautiful…" The quiet comment was all he said.

"I could get use to this."

"You'd miss the action." Hannibal said scrawling down notes.

"I'd miss the women." Hannibal shook a pen in his direction knowing he'd made a point. "God though...nothing but the trees and calm every thing."

B.A. appeared in the doorway leaning against the frame of the door still behind the screen. "Look at that."

"I know right?" Face turned "Gorgeous."

"I could stand this ..." he reached in his pocket pulling out the small pre-paid phone. "This however I cannot stand... no signal at all."

Hannibal smirked and looked up "Who are you trying to reach?"

"Don't matter." B.A. vanished back into the house. Face and Hannibal exchanged glances and nodded to each other.

"Woman." they both decided at the same time.

Hannibal chuckled "Getting better at reading you kid."

"Who says you're reading me? What if I'm the one reading you?" Face protested leaning back in the old lawn chair putting his feet up on the flimsy porch railing. Hannibal could only chuckle as a small beeper went off. Face stood and pulled the small device out of his pocket and flipped through the small buttons to a camera feed. "She's back." Face moved off the porch as Hannibal stood neglecting his work.

The old sedan pulled forward and Amy smiled as she tossed it into park, killed the engine, and opened her door. "I tried to get everything on your list Hannibal." She nodded and smiled turning to open the trunk for face. "I hope that I got what you could use, some items I had to play with a bit." Hannibal leaned down checking a few of the bags. With a nod he motioned Face to grab a few.

"Looks good...and the stuff for Murdock?" Hannibal asked looking at her. "Are they in one of these bags?"

"It's up front I tried to keep it separate. I know he might need this soon." Amy leaned back in through the rolled down window and grabbed the small plastic bag and handed it up to Hannibal.

"Thank you." Hannibal said "This means a lot to all of us."

"What is that I smell?" Face looked around moving to the passenger side of the sedan "Oh lord fried chicken." His southern accent came out slowly. "I think I've died and gone to heaven!"

"Three buckets; I know how you men can be." she smiles "Got everything that's me ...I'll get the food just shut the trunk boys." Face smiled and looked over at Hannibal

"Oh we're keeping her!" He exclaimed.

"Oh no...We're not." Hannibal said with all seriousness before a chuckle escaped him. "No offense darling ..."

"None taken," She smiled and grabbed up the bags and followed the men into the cabin.

"You have to take this." Hannibal said sternly.

"Oh Hell no... No way," Murdock was currled up on the small bed and shook his head "No way!" he repeated and then coughed softly into his blanket. "The aliens they taint that shit!"

"Ok ..." Hannibal nodded and left the room holding the small cup that had come with the children's cough and cold medicine. "Grape juice?" he asked Amy as he passed by her.

"It's in the far bag."

"What's going on boss?" Face reached into the bag pulling out the small bottle handing it to Hannibal.

"He won't take it..."

"Going for subterfuge?" Face asked.

"Yes." Hannibal said pouring the juice into a plastic glass and then dumping the dose of cold medicine into it.

"You could always inject him." B.A. sounded disgruntled. "You know."

"He needs cough and cold syrup not sedation B.A." Hannibal smirked. "Nice try."

"Ya'll fools." B.A. sat back on the chair at the little table that served for the kitchen table and pulled a whole chicken bucket to himself fumbling with his hand within it. "This a different story."

"I'm glad you approve." Amy smiled as Hannibal passed by her with the glass for Murdock. She looked at Face "Man on a mission." she laughed.

"Indeed you have no idea. You should have seen when he tried to get Murdock to take an antibiotic once, we had to mix it in with sweet tarts." Face smiled and took a large bite of the biscuit and climbed into a chair near B.A. "So ...why did you follow us...Amy." The name sounded odd on his tongue.

"Because a man came to my restaurant...named Lynch looking for you guys." B.A. Sat up straight "He didn't follow me I sent him another way."

Hannibal appeared behind her with an empty glass "You cannot be sure of that."

She nodded "So he said you murdered people, that you were murderers… A danger to society…" she directly quoted the last.

Face stood defensive now. "Lynch is getting creative, well Lynch Version 2.0. What do you think?" he asked pitching the biscuit down looking to Amy with all seriousness.

"I don't know but I'd like to believe you're being martyred or at least there's a miss understanding." she said "Why do they want you?"

Hannibal motioned Face to sit down and found a chair "That-" he smiled "My dear is a long story."

"I like stories." She leaned down on the table not even fazed her face leaned down on her hands as she watched Hannibal.

Face gave Hannibal a sideways glace but didn't say anything. Hannibal pulled one of the buckets of chicken over and reached in pulling out a thigh and smiled. " involves a lot of money."

"Aren't that how all things like this get started? I mean's always over money, land, religion-" Amy was motioning with a hand as she sat back.

"Women." Face broke in with a smug smile.

Hannibal rolled his eyes pulling a piece of thigh meat off the bone and eating it with his hands. "So." he licked his fingers a moment composing his words. "Money...and not just the money ...plates to print the money." He shifts visibly and leans back again. "Unbacked American dollars straight outta Bagdad." Pulling another piece of chicken he pops it in his mouth and starts to chew.

"And we're asked to get these plates..." Face adds in.

"Which are being transported with a whole lotta cash." B.A smirks rubbing his thumb over his fingers.

"Right-" Hannibal interjects taking back his story. "So we go in and retrieve this canister with both the printing plates and the money." he explains. "But something goes awry." he admits wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand. "Upon returning the canister blows."

"I was in that canister prior to that." B.A. interjects. "Damn you Hannibal."

The older man chuckles silently as he takes another bite and shakes his head. "So..." he leans back. "It's not just the canister it's a hummer coming our way which we think holds our general." he shrugs "Man named Morrison." He frowns at this "Damned traitor."

"So you're saying the container and the Hummer blew up?" Amy looked considerably confused.

Face says nothing knowing Hannibal was the most betrayed by the whole ordeal. "In the end-" Hannibal sighs looking at Face. "We were held responsible for the loss of the plates, the death of Morrison, and countless other false accusations." Face grumbles.

Hannibal holds up a hand to stop face from talking. "In the end ...we were broken out of prison by; who we thought at the time was a man backed by the CIA, however he wasn't. Not only was he playing both sides, but he was running a side agenda as well..." Hannibal shook his head

"We're going to stop that too, the man who initiated it all for Lynch, the first one, his name is Pike."

"What are they up to now?" Amy asked.

"Well...Ya see." Hannibal started lifting a hand extending his finger as he spoke. He was extremely casual right now.

"Oh you won't tell us in the car, but you'll spill to her boss oh great." Face shook his head completely flabbergasted hands in the air. "Now we have to keep her."

"There was a large amount of weapons purchased through one of the men he betrayed, this was a man named Pike." Hannibal quietly continued. "Those weapons are in transport from south America to an unknown location in France."

"You mean unknown to anyone but you." Face said across the table.

"And the men making the drop…" He nodded. "That's a group of six and one of those men is on our side."

"Always one step ahead." B.A. murmured still messing with his phone.

"Or more Bosco. If I can help it, more." Hannibal smiled reaching for a napkin as he discarded the bones onto a plate beside him.

A scream came from the back room. Amy stood up in a panic, she wasn't use to the voice or the scream. "What the hell was that?" She blinked "Was that your friend?"

Hannibal sighed and stood slowly leaving his napkin onto his plate "I'll get the captain."

Amy looked at Face. "Murdock gets …I dunno nightmares sometimes." He sighed looking at a nondescript point at the ceiling before running his hands over his face. "We all do." He stood moving into the kitchen to the sink.

"Why?" Amy asked with genuine concern and curiosity her body turned to face him.

"We're military babe…we see a lot of heavy shit." Face reached down turning on the sink letting his hands run under the water a moment. "It's not pretty. It can mess you up."

"Are you saying you all are messed up?"

"Murdock is." Bosco said grabbing some bread out of a small bag. "Crazy ass fool."

"Don't listen to Bosco." Face sighed shaking his hands off and wiping them dry on a rag by the sink before shutting off the water. "We've just been through a lot and sometimes it's hard to get over." Face looked dejected and he pressed past the woman and went outside.

Amy moved to follow. "Sit." Bosco said motioning her down into Hannibal's vacated seat. "Faceman needs some time to breathe. Just let him breathe then he'll talk to you."

"You seem the most level headed of them all."

Bosco put his phone down and lifted the bread to his mouth shaking his head as he took a bite speaking between chews. "Nah, we all got demons." He said. "Just some are more quiet than others." He said in all seriousness. Amy nodded and reached forward grabbing her drink off the table and just sat there looking outside at the man leaned on the porch rail. She didn't know what to make of him Face, as they called him, acted like a caged animal who didn't know what to do.