My Famous Ex

Chapter 1- Up and Down

Hinata POV

My alarm felt the need to blow my ear drums out this morning. I reluctantly got up from my comfortable bed. My cell phone rang. Kami knew this wasn't my morning but saw fit for those particular people to call.

"Hello…" I made my voice as sad and sick as I could but…

"GOOD MORNING HINATA-CHAN!" Came those voices…I know I should be thankful for friends like mines but not at this point. "Hello Sakura-Chan, Tenten-Chan…and Ino-Chan" I yawned. "Are you coming to school today?" Do I even feel like it? Probably not...

"That would mean I would have to rush to get dress, get Daisuke-Kun dressed and to my father's and still try to make it to school on time" I said getting stressed just thinking about it. "Which is why we broke into your house two hours ago and got Daisuke-Kun dressed and to your daddy's house" I hated when they did stuff like that…but I love them for it. "Okay, I'll come"

I walked towards the mirror. If I didn't tell you, you could not have guessed that I had a kid three years ago. My figure had come back not even four months later. Thank Kami for my high metabolism! I had long…slightly nappy right now…navy-like hair and slight lavender eyes and natural pale skin. Yup that's me Hinata Hyuuga.

Once I got to school my three overly hyper best friends greeted me. "Guys, could you give me a warning when you want to break into my house?" Tenten smiled. "Well we didn't break in…My Neji-Kun gave me a key" I could kill him. Sakura and Ino (or as me and Tenten say 'The Twins' because most of the things they say is in unison) hugged me tight. "We are friends and we stick together!" The Twins yelled.

The Twins opened their lockers and sighed dreamy-like. They had poster of the band K-Finest, the K stands for Konoha…which is where they…came form because they are to busy touring the world. "I totally heard they are changing their name" Ino said. "To what…" "NINZ" They squealed. "I love it!" Tenten hit their heads and looked at me. "Oh I'm so sorry Nata-Chan" "Yea we forgot" I waved my hand dismissively.

"It's okay Twins…I almost forgot my ex is famous" I said as sarcastically as I could. "And your baby daddy" Ino said quietly. She would be the one not to catch that. K-Finest or NINZ included The Drummer, Neji Hyuuga my cousin and Tenten's boo, The Electric Guitarist, Naruto Uzimaki, Sakura's fantasy husband, The Pianist, Shikamaru Nara, Ino's so called future husband and The Singer and Song Writer, Sasuke Uchiha and my ex-boyfriend oh and Daisuke's father.

I am not this bitter all the time. I mean anyone would be if they where dating the person who they thought was the "one" and once they found out they were pregnant at sixteen and decided to tell him and he decided that his career was more important than the both of you…or is that just me?

"Oh My Kami, have you heard their new song!" Sakura said grabbing her books. "No" I said harshly, making it clear I didn't care but…

And I Know Some Of You all Sexy Ladies
Wanna Know How We Do It
I Like It Real Slow Like Walking Through The Door
Naked In A Trench Coat
Making Love On The Stove
We Can Take It To The Floor
Gimme Some More
How Long Can you Go
I Just Thought I'd Let you Know Girl
Up And Down We Go
Like The Sunlight And The Moon Light
And I Get you Right
In And Out I Go
Like Making Love
That Good Love
That Butter Love
Up And Down We Go
Like A See-Saw
I Love It When you Ride It
In And Out I Go
Imma Stroke It Slow
Don't Tell Me No

(Up and Down by Pretty Ricky)

I pushed Sakura's cell phone out my ear. I will be so glad when I turn eighteen like everybody else…I hate late birthdays. "I said no which was telling you I didn't care! I didn't mean put the stupid phone in my ear!" I yelled and walked off. I knew Sakura felt bad, I could feel the pity stares. Things that I didn't need. This is why I should have stayed home with Daisuke, he puts me at ease. I sighed and relaxed. That's when I collided with cement.

I opened my eyes. I came face to face with sea foam eyes. "Ouch!" He smirked and helped me up. "You must be Mama Mia" I growled at the name. He sighed. "No, but seriously I'm Gaara" "What…No last name, Gaara?" "Why do you need to know unless you are planning on using it sometime in the future" I stood and grabbed my books. "May I ask, does that line ever work?" "I introduced myself, your turn" He said ignoring my statement. "Hinata Hyuuga…I only gave my last name to threaten you, now guess does that line work"

"You are not like most of the girls here" He grabbed my books from me. "Look Gaara-No last Name, I already have someone who calls me mama plus I don't look like this when I wake up and just because you hear crazy rumors does not make them true so bye-bye" I tried to walk away but he grabbed my wrist tight. "One is true, you are the ice queen everyone says you are, but I can make sure by the end of the year that won't be true either" I laughed. "Good luck" He let go and I left as soon as possible.

I picked up Daisuke. He ran/waddled towards me. "Mommy wooky what I got…Mama wooky what I got!" He opened his small fist. "Oi look at that Dai-Kun" I said happily. "Yup I gots me a wadybug mama!" He couldn't say anything with an 'L' or 'S'. The ladybug flew out his hand. "Aww bye-bye Mrs. Wadybug" He had black hair like Sasuke's, but his laid all over his face and eyes and he had lavender eyes trapped in black rings. He was a pretty boy and didn't think girls had cooties.

"Say bye to grandpa" "I did mama!" He jumped in the car seat. My son is very independent, nothing like his father, thank Kami! "Mama, can you turn on music pewees my ears hurt!" He said from the back. I did and that's when I heard the worst voice. "Welcome to Ninja News at nine and I have a VERY special guest…Sasuke Uchiha and HE has good new for us, Konoha!" "Yea- His voice actually made my heart race. I just wanted to let the whole town know that NINZ will be stopping at Konoha and if the tour goes well we will be staying here" I took a deep breath. "Mama that means Uncly Neji and Daddy will be coming home, Yay!" "Yeah…Yay" Dear Kami…