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My Famous Ex

Chapter 7 – Can You Help Me

Sasuke POV

I could go.

Just leave it all.

I was famous after all…

They did this kind of stuff all the time. I paced my old room. I was pissing myself off the more I thought about it. She had reasons to be mad but she had NO right to be mad. Yes, I left but it wasn't like for years and hated the kid like some parents. We were young parents, I wasn't ready and I knew that. I didn't understand what she wanted… me to stay and give up everything or leave and have everything?

I never cheated on her…

I gave her anything she wanted… Well tried to…

I growled. Love isn't a riddle! Tomorrow was the concert and I was hiding out at my old life, my past. I needed help.

Naruto stared at me. "You are writing another song?" I laughed. "Yes, but… this time I will pour my feelings out." He sighed and slid down in the rolling chair. "Maybe you should just tell her how you feel instead of writing a song." I stared at him. "What about you and Sakura?" He coughed. "I don't know…" "Are you leaving her behind?" He chuckled. "If the concert goes good then we are staying here" I rolled my eyes. He laughed.

"Get out, I need to focus" He shrugged and left. "Make sure it's thoughtful…" I ignored him.

Hinata POV

I went to meet the Daycare teacher and almost fainted. Gaara was holding a kid in his arm. I had Daisuke's hand. He smirked and put the sleeping baby down. Daisuke let go of my hand and ran off to meet other little kids. "Seems he is happy to be here?" Gaara smiled. Other adults were around playing with the kids. It was bright and colorful. I nodded. He grabbed my wrist. "What Gaara? Like are you Anything-Barbie!" He chuckled. "My family owns a lot of the businesses here, so… I would like to think of myself as Anything-Ken"

He smirked. His hair was so shiny. My hand reached up to touch it. It was so soft. I giggled. He grabbed my hand gently. "Hinata, what are you doing" I laughed and shrugged. It reminded me of when I shampoo Dai's hair and he freaked out because of the bubbles. "Daisuke…" He nodded. "He looks like you" I waved him. "You don't have to lie. He looks just like his dad" He pulled me closer. "And who is that?"

"Me…" I looked at the parking lot where an angry Sasuke stood and back at Gaara, he still was holding my hand. He shrugged at Sasuke. "I don't see it" Sasuke looked at me. Physically, he didn't have any emotions to show but it was all in his eyes. I bit inside my cheek. "Well, I gotta go! I'll pick him back up at 7:30!" I walked pass Sasuke to my car. He stood there and slowly followed after me.

"Have I been wasting my time, Hinata?" I sighed and leaned against my car. "What do you want Sasuke" He looked down. "Is he why you won't let me back into your heart" I growled. "No, there has never been anyone else…" He grabbed my hand. "Please, just listen to me…please" "I AM, Why are you begging me Sasuke?" He frowned. "I don't know…" I nodded. "Good, now I have to go…" "Are coming to the concert?" She rolled her eyes. "No..." With that I drove off.

I didn't understand myself when it came to him. Yes I did, if I let him back in he will be up and gone. I hate him. I gripped the stirring wheel. No I don't. But I refuse to let him know that, it's best this way.

Later on, the boys were getting freshened up. The tour bus was outside. I smiled at them. "Where's Daddy?" Daisuke was dressed in his little tux. I was letting him go… Neji fixed his tie. "He is already in the bus…" He looked at me. "Are you sure you aren't coming?" I nodded and sat in my pajamas.

Soon the house was left empty. I flipped on channel 48 and this was a big event. They weren't the only group performing. There was going to be dozens of performers. A woman on there in a tight red dress was talking. "Now, for the Music Awards 2012 has started now. Coming to the stage is Red Pop singing their song Candy Wishes. These girls came out and started singing. I was so bored. After two performers, they announced the song of the year. The two dudes on staged called out NINZ.

The camera found the group. Daisuke was sitting on Sasuke's lap. He waved happily to the camera. I smiled. Everyone got out and walked to the stage. Naruto grabbed the microphone. "I just want to thank every one of our fans for supporting us! Our songwriter Sasuke and Manager-" Sasuke grabbed the microphone. He had on a navy tux with a matching white tie as Daisuke. Daisuke was waving and smiling at everyone from the stage. The crowd sighed in awe. He giggled. Sasuke bent over and gave him the mic. "Hi everyone, I'm Daisuke! Hi Momma!" He waved in the camera. Sasuke stood and bowed and they all left stage. I was smiling so hard. "He is so amazing!"

Soon the red dressed woman came out. "Wasn't that just adorable, now introducing NINZ for their début of their new song. "Sexy Love" I rolled my eyes. The lights turned off. Sasuke and the boys came out.

Normal POV

Sasuke had on a thin, tight, shirt and gray skinny jeans. The boys did too but had on black skinny jeans.

My sexy love... (so sexy...)

He smirked at the crowd. Girls started going crazy screaming at the top of their lungs.

She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up

Just one touch…

His grabbed his neck, his voice was creamy and low.

And I erupt like a volcano and cover her with my love

Baby girl you make me say (Oh oh oh)

And I just can't think (of anything else I'd rather do)

Than to hear you sing (sing my name the way you do)

When we do our thing (when we do the things we do)

Baby girl you make me say (Oh oh oh)

The boys started harmonizing.

Sexy love girl the things you do

(Oh baby baby) Keep me sprung, keep running back to you

Oh I love making love to you

Baby girl you know you're my (sexy love...)

Sasuke: I'm so addicted to her she's the sweetest drug

Just enough

Still too much say that I'm simp and I'm sprung all of the above

I can't help she makes me say (Oh oh oh)

And I just can't think (of anything else I'd rather do)

Than to hear you sing (sing my name the way you do)

His hand grabbed his shirt. Girls were trying to get on stage.

When we do our thing (when we do the things we do)

Oh, baby girl you make me say (Oh oh oh)

The boys started ripping off their shirts. The cameras showed people dancing and singing along.

Boys: Sexy love girl the things you do

(Oh baby baby) Keep me sprung, keep running back to you

Oh I love making love to you

Say baby girl you know you're my (sexy love...)

Sasuke: Oh baby what we do it makes the sun come up

Keep on lovin' 'til it goes back down

And I don't know what I'd do if I would lose your touch

That's why I'm always keepin' you around... my sexy love

Sasuke teased the crowd with his smile. He walked in front of the stage and started singing to random fans.

Boys: Sexy love girl the things you do (things you do baby)

(Oh baby baby) Keep me sprung, keep running back to you (keep me runnin' back to you)

Oh I love (I love) making love to you

Say baby girl you know you're my (sexy love...)

Boys: Sexy love girl the things you do (sexy love)

Keep me sprung, keep running back to you (runnin' back to you)

Oh I love making love to you

Say baby girl you know you're my (sexy love...)

He actually kept on his shirt and walked back to the microphone stand.

She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up

Just one touch...

The crowd went nuts over them.

Hinata POV

I sighed, and then I realized was close to licking the screen. I got up and sat on the couch. "Catchy…I must admit." I giggled to myself. My phone rang. "Hello…" I heard panting. "You saw me?" I couldn't help but smile. "Yes, I also saw Daisuke…too cute!" He chuckled. "I was thinking he might freeze on stage but he didn't" "Why did you put him on stage, he could have-" "Shut up, he didn't he was great…you love arguing with me" I paused and sighed. "Shut up and win…" I could basically hear him smiling. "I have a surprise for you when I get home." I found myself blushing. I coughed. "Whatever okay…" "Alright Hinata Love you" "umm…okay" I slammed the phone down.

They were about to call the winner when it went to break. I sighed and slid down onto the couch, suddenly the doorbell rang. I got out and opened the door. Sasuke was standing there with his tux on. "Why are you here!?" "I needed you alone…" He paused and stared at me. I know I must have looked horrible. He chuckled. I pushed him. "Shut Up, how did you get here so freaking fast!" He smirked and sat me down. "Stay!"

He ran in the back room and came out with a bright green piano. "That's your first one?" He nodded. "I know I can't make you fall for me but… I just wanted…needed to let you know how I'm feeling…

Umm Why, Umm Why

Living on the edge out of control

And the world just won't let me slow down

But in my biggest picture was a photo of you and me

Girl you know I tried

I worked hard to provide

All the material things I thought that would make you happy

I'm confuse can you make me understand

Cause I tried to give you the best of me

I thought we were cool maybe I was blind

But never took time to see!

Can you help me?

Tell me what you want from me

Can you help me?

Tell me why you want to leave

Baby, help me

Without you my whole world is falling apart

And I'm going crazy! Life's a prison when you're in love alone

I stared at him. He was saying this from the heart not from his album.

(Oh girl) I need you come back home (you know I need you)

I don't want to be alone

Girl I put your love up on the shelf

And I guess I didn't have to go that

(and now were not together), cause I hurt you many times

And now you're not around

I wish for every moment in time

That I wasted

We used it to make sweet love.

Baby be my guide please take my hand

Want you to know that I got you.

If you need it…

I don't want to be on the outside looking in

I got to have you girl can't you see it.

Will you help me?

Tell me what you want from me

Can you help me?

Tell me why you want to leave

Baby, help me

Cause without you my whole world is falling apart

And without you I think I'll go crazy!

Life's a prison when you're in love alone

He sighed, almost like he was getting emotional. I was too.

(Oh girl) I need you come back home (you know I need you)

I don't want to be alone

(Please stay don't go)

To give me another chance I want to be your man

Girl, you got me down here on my knees

Crying, begging pleading

I'll do anything for your love

Would you help me?

Tell me what you want from me

Can you help me?

I don't understand

Girl I just a man

Help me

Can you help me

Without you my whole world is falling apart

And without you girl I'm going crazy!

Life a prison without your love

Can you help me?

Tell me why, why, why, why, why, why

Can you help me?

Girl I'm here this time because you're all I got

Can you help me?

Help me understand why I can't be your man

It's driving me crazy

Crazy, crazy, crazy

Can You Help Me - Usher

I stood and walked over to him. He hugged me. I felt like I was crying, I mean I knew I was…but I just couldn't process all of this. It was like every memory we ever had together came rushing back, even that night. I pulled away. "Stop trying to sing your way into my heart."

Sasuke POV

My heart dropped. All of that… work and emotion I put into that song and she doesn't even care. I got up and headed towards the door. She appeared in front of it. "Stop it." I growled. "Move Hinata… like what else should I do?" She pulled my face onto hers. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. She dug her face into my chest.

Had I finally won?

She looked up into my eyes. Tears pouring over her rosy cheeks, she sniffled a bit. "Why? Why did you have to leave us? Me… You left me all alone!" I bit my lip. "Did you want me to stay?" She shook her face. I felt myself grow angry. "Then what did you want from me, Hinata!" She pushed me. I growled. "You are always pushing me away! You have pushed me away since we first met! Why should I have stayed, you would have pushed me away from Dai too!" She cried more.

I grabbed her. "Stop crying and talk to me! What do you want from Hinata?" My heart rate was speeding up more than it should. I was beyond hurt, by her and by everything else. I turned to the door.

"You know what I wanted that night?" I paused. I could hear her breathing. "I WANTED YOU TO CARE!"

I got angry again. "I cared! I always did!" "The only reason why you were attracted to me because I made you work for everything, I pushed your buttons and helped you to build something that you always wanted because I loved you"

I turned. "I love you Hinata, but I was only trying to better everyone" "You left me" "You let me!" She paused and punched my chest. I almost smirked at her face. She kept punching me. It did hurt but she needed to get it out. Soon, I grabbed her wrist.

"Look at me" She screamed and I bit her bottom lip. She paused. She was mumbling to me. I did this when we were younger when she was angry. She growled and I bit down harder. I watched her eyes change and she whimpered. I smirked and kissed her softly. She pouted and rubbed her lip. I grabbed her waist. "I love you, and I can't apologize enough for hurting you. After everything I don't deserve you, I know that but I can't help but want to try to show you that I still care" She looked down. I grabbed her chin and kissed her lips again. "I LOVE YOU!" She giggled.

I kissed ever space on her face. She giggled. I lifted her up and pushed her on the couch. "I love you! I love you!" I sang in her ear. I lay on her body. "Sasuke…stop it!" She stared at me. She closed her eyes and puckered up her lips. I kissed her forehead. "Do you love me Nata?" She stared at me. "I…do" I reached in my pocket.

Hinata POV

"If I ask you a question, you promise to say that again?" I saw him reached into his pocket and slipped a ring on my finger. My throat tighten up. He sat up and I followed suit. He fell to one knee. "Hinata Hyuuga, be mine forever?" Tears came back to my heads and all I could do was nod. "That's good enough!" I fell on him. We rolled a few times and I ended up on top. He grabbed my neck and pulled me into a deep kiss.

Had I just committed the rest of my life to him? It was that easy…

I didn't want him in my life.

I needed him…

This quickly turned into him taking off my pants to him sliding me into my bed to us moaning each other's names. I felt myself clawing at his back and him enjoying it. He wasn't sweet like he normally was it was a lot more rough…like he meant he wanted to get his point across that I was his, and I dug that.

Sasuke POV

I don't know what came over me, I was never this way with her... she had told me about this once.


Naruto and I walked outside the school. Shikamaru were standing by my car. Even though it was a beat up piece of shit, it was my beat up piece of shit and I loved it! "Sasuke are you hanging out with us today?" I shook my head. "Not today, I'm hanging out with my baby" I smirked. They all booed. I shrugged. "Whatever, today is going to be the day!" Naruto looked clueless. "What's going on?" I rolled my eyes. Shikamaru shook his head. "Dude, I doubt little Hinata let's you..." I shrugged. "I don't care if we do or if we don't...I love that girl with everything I got" I felt a hand touch my back, I whipped around and Hinata was smiling at me. "What are y'all talking about?" I smirked and hugged her.

"I was telling these bakas that I love you!" I kissed her face all over. "Stop it... stop it Sasuke!" She giggled. We said our good-byes to the dudes and drove off.

We got to my house. Things got heated very quickly. Next thing I know we are in my room, in our underwear. "Nata, are you sure" She kissed me and pushed me back softly. "As I will ever be" I pushed her down and slid up her long creamy legs, she was already ready. I felt her legs wrap around me. "Sasuke..." I paused. "Yes..." She stared at me. "What's wrong, Nata?" She looked down. "Are you still going to love me?" "That is a silly question, of course" I nuzzled in her neck. "Even if I suck?" I laughed. She gasped. "You dirty boy!" I shrugged. "You're like 3/4 naked in my bed, you should know there are words you just shouldn't say" She giggled and bit my lip.

I ripped off her underwear. "Are you ready?" She nodded. I entered slowly. She bit down on her lip. I started at a slow pace. Her nails dug into my back. I moaned and quicken my speed. Her walls throbbed against me, I dove deeper into her core. I saw tears form in her eyes but kissed them anyway. I paused. "Are you okay?" She nodded weakly. "I'm hurting you?" "I..." I flipped her over. She stared down at me.

"Go at your own pace..." She blushed. "Sasuke!" I smirked and kissed her cheek. After we finished I hugged her and listened to her sleeping heartbeat. "I love you, Nata"


"Are you okay?" She just nodded faintly. "What, am I hurting you?" She bit her lip and shook her head. "Talk to me!" I growled into her ear. "Faster...please!" I thrust deeper into her core, the deeper I went in harder her nails sunk into my skin, I groaned faintly. Her back arched towards me and I kissed her on the lips lightly and pulled out. I could see she was pissed off. "They should be on their way back to the house" She stared at me and nodded quickly. I bit my lip. "I love you Hinata" I nuzzled into her neck. I felt her pulse quicken. "I…love you too" I squeezed her into a hug when we heard the doorbell rang.


Hinata POV

Daisuke spent all night telling me about the awards. I sat him down on the bed. He stared up at me and grabbed my face. "Momma, are you keeping a secret" I gasped. "No Daisuke!" He jumped on me. I giggled. He pouted in my face. "Tell me Momma, no secrets!" I grabbed him and started tickling his stomach. He learned how to pronounce S's. He giggled but got serious. He was so smart! "Tell me Momma!" I sighed. "Daddy asked me to marry him" He smiled. "What'd you say?" I nodded. He laughed. "We're gonna be a family again!"

Before I could answer the gang fell through my door and jumped on me. They cheered. "What did I miss?" We all looked up and Sasuke was leaning against the door frame. Daisuke ran and jumped in his arms. "Are we going to be a family again?" He looked at me and back at his son. "We were already a family…but now it's just written" Daisuke stared at him and grabbed his nose. Sasuke frowned. "What was that for!?" Daisuke giggled and hugged him again.

I sighed. I love my boys. I love my ex. Now he isn't my ex… I looked around and smiled. I was happy… and I can't wait until I tell the girls.


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