This is a Video Game concept and playthrough that I had in a dream. I'm taking Gaming and Programming as a two-year course, and this is what I want to be my main project. This is a Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, and Loveless crossover. AkuRoku themes, Ritsuka/Soubi (Slight implied Ritsuka/Roxas later if you want to look at it that way.).

I hope I'm not breaking any rules of FFnet with this. *crosses fingers* It's a fanfiction, just in video game format! Friendship, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Supernatural, yaddayadda.

Roxas (KH 2) arrives on what is called the Island of the Dead. (Generally, when you die, you face the trial of reaching the peak of the island to become a ghost.) Roxas takes the forms of three Pokémon on his trip to the peak, and each is best suited to certain obstacles including a part of the path that goes missing, thorn bushes, thicket, things to climb etc. The three Pokémon are Piplup, Shinx, and a cross-breed called Shucklemander (a cross between a Shuckle and a Charmander-Fire-type.).

When he reaches the top, he enters these large silver gates and when he steps though them he returns to his human Twilight-Town form, but the color scheme is different. The white part is now black, and the black is now red on the vest, and his undershirt is white. His pants are black.

A Piplup shows him the island, pointing out a volcano that all the other Pokémon are standing around (Most of the Pokémon on the island seem to be water and fire-types, and the majority seems to be Chimchar and its evolutions). Roxas is told that the island will be destroyed if the volcano erupts, and when Piplup asks if he has anything to help with, he shrugs and checks his pockets. He finds a small metal screw and a piece of string.

Roxas: "No, this is all I have."

Piplup looks wide-eyed at the screw and takes it, running up to a Kadabra and 'Piplup'-ing hurriedly. The Kadabra nods and the screw magically lifts into the air and expands, and they use it to plug the volcano. Everyone cheers (and putting a metal screw in an active volcano somehow works).

Piplup: "Thank you, Roxas!"

Roxas: "Erm... You're welcome... I guess."

Piplup: "You should probably find a human to stay with before it gets too dark. The humans generally live in that area near the boardwalk on the other side of the cliff. That way the Pokémon and people can live separately."

Roxas: "Thanks. I should go, then. Bye, Piplup... Wait. Do you have an actual name?"

Piplup: "You can give me one if you want."

Roxas: "..."

A light blue dialogue box pops up:

Give a nickname to PIPLUP?



It selects 'Yes', and a pale yellow place to type in a name appears.


Is 'Silver' okay?

-Yes! That's right!

-No! Change it!

It selects 'Yes' once more.

Roxas: "There you go. Now you have a name, Silver!"

Silver: "Thank you, Roxas! See you around!"

(Throughout the game you will be given the chance to name Pokémon, and once the main storyline is complete, you can have your own Pokémon Farm... If you so choose)

Roxas: 'How am I going to do this? Just walk into someone's house and say "Can I stay?"...'

Roxas finds a small door and curiously crawls inside, making his way through the tunnels until he opens the door and gets his torso stuck in a cupboard.

Roxas: "Ow!"

A woman with dark hair pinned up in the back (she looks just like Aunt Haruka from Love Hina, sans cigarette) comes in and hits Roxas in the head with a broom.

Roxas: "Ow! Hey, stop that!"

Woman: "Get out."

Roxas: "I'd love to if I wasn't stuck!"

She scoffs, pulling the door back and tilting it slightly, sending Roxas tumbling out.

Woman: "There. Now..."

Roxas: "I know! I'm leaving!"

Woman: "Don't walk away while I'm talking to you, stupid boy!"

Roxas: "What is it?"

She crosses her arms.

Woman: "I've never seen you around here. Are you new?"

Roxas: "Yes. I just got here. Silver sent me this way."

Woman: "I'm Yun Koga. Author of Loveless."

Roxas: "Miss Koga...?"

Yun: "Call me Miss Yun. Or Loveless. I don't particularly care."

Roxas: "Miss Yun, then... I should go."

Yun: "You don't have a place to stay, do you, kid?"

Roxas: "My name is Roxas... and no, I don't."

She turns to the doorway leading out of the kitchen.

Yun: "Ritsuka!"

A black-haired catboy (Ritsuka Aoyagi from Loveless) runs into the room, he's wearing a light pink apron and his face flushes at the sight of Roxas.

Ritsuka: "Yun... Yun-Mother, what is it?"

Yun: "Ritsuka, you'll be sharing your room with Roxas for awhile. I'll get his own room situated soon enough. Soubi will stay with me until then."

Seeming slightly disappointed at this news, Ritsuka nods anyway.

Ritsuka: "Yes, Yun-Mother."

Yun: "Ritsuka, please call me either Yun or Mother. Not both, you silly boy."

Ritsuka: "Yes... yun-mother..."

Yun: "What was that?"

Ritsuka: "I'll bring him upstairs immediately."

Ritsuka grabs Roxas' hand and drags him up a staircase to a bedroom. There are two beds, and one has a longhaired blonde with glasses lounging on it.

Soubi: "Ritsuka? What are you doing?"

He asks, refering to the hand-holding. (Soubi Agatsuma from Loveless)

Ritsuka: "S-soubi... Yun-Mother wishes for you to stay with her for a few days... And Roxas to stay with me..."

Soubi raises an eyebrow, walking up to Roxas and lifting his chin, examining him.

Soubi: "This is Roxas?"

Ritsuka: "Yes..."

Soubi: "He's cute. Don't fall for him, now, Ritsuka."

Ritsuka: "Shut up, Soubi..."

Soubi pecks Ritsuka's lips.

Soubi: "I love you, Ritsuka."

Ritsuka: "Get out!"

Ritsuka pushes him away, and Soubi promptly exits.

Roxas looks at Ritsuka.

Roxas: "Are... Are you okay? Does he bother you?"

Ritsuka: "I... I don't know if I can trust him, that's all... He says those things... but I don't know whether or not to believe him..."

Roxas looks at him understandingly.

Roxas: "I know how you feel... Do you love him back? Are you just afraid to admit it because you don't want to be hurt?"

Ritsuka simply looks away.

Ritsuka: "I'm going to sleep. The bed Soubi was on is yours."

Roxas: "Alright..."

Well, that's the opening for Roxas' Portion of the game. It will switch off perspectives. (Though in the game itself you only follow one storyline at a time. This is just all the plots together.)

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