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~My Mistress~

My flesh had never been so raw nor my desire so strong. My fingers clenched as another strong sting came from my backside, making my already impossibly hard cock even harder. The fire that elicited in me as my mistress delivered her pain was like nothing I had ever experienced before. She was relentless, but I craved it.


"Ugh," a small, quiet moan escaped my lips, but didn't go unnoticed.

My eyes slammed shut as I waited for my mistress to punish me. No matter how much the pain throbbed throughout my body, no matter how much it made me groan with pleasure, I was not allowed under any circumstances to make a sound…the repercussions would be fierce.

The clicking of her thigh high boots, alerted me to her approach. My eyes remained closed, but the vivid memory of this divine being was burned into my brain, into my body, and slowly into my soul. The brown tresses that she wore in waves barely covered her taut nipples, and I wanted so badly to suck them, but that was against my mistress rules. She touched me, achingly slow at times, tortuous in their ministrations, so much sensation in her whips, chains, and whatever toy she used, usually had me Cuming within minutes, but never was I allowed to touch her.

Oh, how I craved to touch her…

That was the bitter sweet pleasure that my mistress brought me. It was sensory overload as she would tie me to her wrought iron bed, expose herself, the wet lips between her thighs, her glistening curvy body, as her glorious, perfect round mounds would heave in pleasure as she made herself cum to full completion as I watched…bound, and completely at her whim.

That was the purest torture of it all. To watch her do something I only dreamed of doing. How I imagined each time that they were my fingers curled up inside her, pumping furiously as my thumb massaged her clitoris…yes, my mistress drove me to explosion every time, and she didn't even have to touch me.

"What was that I heard, Edward? Was that a moan?" she purred as she caressed my bare thighs.

I shivered.

"Yes, mistress," I admitted.

A lie would be much worse than the truth; I got nothing passed my mistress.

"Hmm, well, you know what that means don't you?" she brought her small finger tips to the head of my penis and flicked it. "Open your eyes when I'm talking to you!"

My eyes immediately opened and saw that her large brown eyes were boring into mine, a coy smile on her full and luscious lips. My mistress was beautiful. She had caught my eye instantly, two months ago in the coffee shop, and I didn't know it then, but I would always let her dominate me.

I was her submissive. Everything she commanded, I did, no questions asked. The erotic pleasure of this woman had changed my life more than I could've ever imagined…


She had started her brutal, but intense assault on me, and I felt my body inching closer to my release. It was too soon. My mistress didn't give me permission to cum, and I tried hard to push it back, but her tiny finger entered my anus, and I lost it.

The force of my orgasm was insane, my body jerked wildly as I released my seed all over my mistress's cherry wood floor.

She will not be happy…

As my body finally came down from my euphoric high, I opened my eyes and saw my displeased mistress standing before me…I knew the punishment would be severe….

"Did I tell you to cum?" she asked, annoyed.

"No, Mistress," I panted.

"What's the punishment for disobeying me?" she inquired, almost deviously.

"Thirty lashings, and no playtime for a week," I answered, sadly.

The lashings I would do a hundred of, but the playtime is what got me. It meant I would have to go home to my mundane life as Edward Cullen, and she would continue to dominant some other lucky son of a bitch….

"Wrong, my dear Edward, since you disobeyed me twice tonight, it's double the lashings and double the weeks," she said as she reached down and stroked my deflated balls.

I panicked. "Two weeks, Mistress? I can't go two weeks!"

She took a step back from me as my limp body hung from the ceiling. My arms were bound over my head, tied to a hook that she installed for nights like these…when playtime was in full session. I couldn't go without this for two weeks!

My mistress was in full view for my hungry eyes to see, traveling over her whole body. Her knee high boots showed off her toned legs, the teddy she wore could hardly be considered lingerie, because the wavy chocolate brown pubic hair was calling out to me loudly, and her firm breasts teased me to no end. She was a goddess, and now I was punished to go without her for fourteen days.

"Next time you will do as I say then, now, won't you?" she spat at me as she turned to leave.

But I couldn't let her go, I needed her too much. "No, Bella, don't leave."

She froze instantly, tensing at my words, she turned around and faced me with a slight glare, but her eyes never fooled me. Those warm brown eyes told me things that she would never say, and even when she walked over to me, slapped me across the face, I never broke my eye contact from her.

"It's mistress to you, slave…make that three weeks!"

My mistress stomped out of the room, leaving me helpless as she went to find one of her treasured whips. My punishment was about to begin….with sixty lashings.