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Words in Italics are from the book.

"Do you really think I would do that, Prince? Slaves, fugitives, yes, I'll make sure they're safe. But I will make my stand at the Oracle, and the rest of the Nine will be with me."

For a moment he stared at her in dismay. "Seven girls? Pampered priestesses?"

"We can fight, Prince."

He shook his head heavily. "These men are animals, lady. Your lives are worth more than-"

"What? A hold in the ground, is that what you mean?" Rhetia stared him down. "That may be what it is. But it is also the Oracle, the mouth of the god. It's everything, Lord Prince. And if I have to, I will die defending it."

He nodded somberly.

"You are brave, Lady. I admire that about you. Don't do anything that you might regret." Jamil whispered, tucking a strand of her fine black hair behind her left ear.

"You don't need power to make people like you. You have wits, you're clever, you're confident…and you managed to get a Prince to fall in love with you." He added hesitantly.

Rhetia turned a light shade of pink, unable to respond.

Jamil leaned forward and his lips brushed Rhetia's. "Be safe." He breathed as he turned, his servants racing after him.

Rhetia stood there. Shocked. Her face flushing from the kiss. She blinked and looked around. Jamil had left but the feeling of his lips on hers was still there. Warm and pleasant. She smiled.

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