"stupid rabbit! Look at what you did now!" Kanda screamed as he gazed at his soba stained clothes. The bookman grinned and decided to take the run for his life. Oh… and how Kanda wanted to run after him, mugen in his hand, ready to kill that rabbit.

But he was still sitting down thanks to a certain whitehaired boy with a demonic look in his eyes, and his hands .shoulders.

"just leave him be, will you. He's not going to learn his lesson. Just leave it, Bakanda."

Kanda growled. "whatever Moyashi"

"Don't call me that. It's Allen. A.L.L.E.N."

"Tche.I don't care. Get your hands of me…now."

At that Allen pulled back his hands and sat himself next to the ravenhaired teen.

"Can't you just try and be friendly even once?" he asked silently, receiving no answer except for the well known Tche.

"I'll help you clean your clothes oke?"

And now, even thought Kanda looked really cold and distant he was panicking and freaking out on the inside. It went something like this:

Oh my god…
he will notice…
He can't notice!
It'll ruin my image!
Go away you stupid hard-on
He can't find out my feelings
Aarrchhh I'll be ruined! …..

"I'll take that as a yes."The whitehaired boy said grinning.

"what?" Kanda gazed at him with eyes so wide, a pumpkin would die of shame.

"I didn't think so moyashi!"

"aww… please? See it as me saying sorry for Lavi's behavior?"

"Tch. Alright."

Wait… what? Did he just agree! Kanda mentally slapped himself.

"yay okay. Now let's go and clean you up" Allen said smiling before pulling Kanda towards the baths while mentally thanking Lavi for his genius plan.

When they entered the bathroom, Kanda pulled out his clothes and stepped into the bath as quickly as possible, hoping Allen didn't notice his giant, throbbing boner.

Allen gazed at Kanda's silky white back and took the clothes, washing them until he noticed Kanda relax and close his eyes. He slowly and without a sound dropped the clothes and tiptoed to the door, locking it. Then he undressed himself and still making no sound at all, he slipped into the bath.

He went underwater and crawled towards Kanda, looking at him as he came back above water.

The teen noticed he was being looked at and his eyebrow twitched. "what are you looking at you stupid mo-" He flushed almost unnoticeable as he saw how much closer Allen was than he had thought.

He knocked Allen on the top of his head. "What are you doing so close?" he yelled.

Allen rubbed his head smiling, smirking. "confessing to you" the white haired boy responded sweetly.

Kanda's eyes widened as Allen now kissed him. "I love you, Bakanda." He said softly, before kissing him again and leaning closer.

The ravenhaired was like frozen solid, in pure shock, so he didn't respond, and this made Allen pull back and look at him.

But still no reaction.

Allen looked down. "I'm sorry. I thought you felt the same." He said softly and as Kanda still didn't react, he stood up, got out of the bed, redressing himself, and leaving.

As soon as the door was closed, tears started running down his cheeks and he ran towards his own bedroom, being followed by a Lavi who was on lookout and noticed him coming out.

Kanda was still frozen solid, even after Allen had long left.

He kissed me….

He blushed and softly touched his lips.

He confessed to me…

His gaze went dreamy until it hit him that Allen had left, a face filled with a guilty look. He was probably crying by now.

"ah damn. I need to go after him" he said and stoop up, wrapping a towel around his waist and running out to search for Allen.

He ran towards Allen's bedroom, ignoring all the looks and whispers and knocked on the door.