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Blood still stained the rough cobblestones. A slight reddish tint could still be seen as the sun set, sending violet, red, orange and gold across the sky. The sun glowed like a golden orb with a bright unflickering light. Fabrizio d'Chemici was dead. By the end, his body had been hacked nearly to bits. His blood still stained the square, a reminder of what had gone down between him and Luciano Crinamorte. Fabrizio was dead, Luciano was alive. Giglia was forgiving of having the Bellezzan kill two of their rulers in the last three years. They had of course known that both duels had been to the death and Luciano was naturally better than either Niccolo or Fabrizio, so he had of course, been the natural winner. They didn't feel that there had been much of a change in Giglia.

"Luciano." Luciano had been standing on a balcony overlooking the square. Now he turned to face Sky. "It's time." Luciano gave a nod in reply and swept out of the room, past Sky and down the stairs.

The people of Giglia were waiting for something to happen. A platform had been set up in the middle of the square that looked very much like those set up for hangings or executions. But there were no ropes and no executioner anywhere in sight. The oak doors opened, and Luciano, their savior stepped out into the morning. The breezes blew off the river. But it didn't seem to have much of an effect on the Bellezzan. The people looked up at the platform as Luciano walked down to it and walked up the platform. He took his spot, with his friends standing behind him. Murmurings raced through the crowd.

"Tranquillo, per favore. Tranquillo per favore," said Gaetano. The noise grew.

"Chiudere su!" Sky yelled.

"Grazie," Luciano whispered.

"Prego," Sky whispered back. Luciano sighed, and turned back to the people of Giglia who he was supposed to be addressing. "Sarà bell'e sarà sopra tra pochi minuti."

"Lei dimentica che odio facendo questo genere di cosa," said Luciano.

"Il più veloce lei comincia, il più presto sarà sopra," Nick advised. Luciano knew that both his friends were right and as much as he disliked doing this sort of thing, he was still going to do it because there was so much about Fabrizio had the Giglians hadn't known about their ruler starting with his secret identity.

"I miei amici, le mie persone di Giglia, siamo qui riuniti oggi, lo stesso giorno che il governatore odiato, Fabrizio d'Chemici è morto dalla mia mano. I want to set the record straight. I do not regret killing Fabrizio d'Chemici, just as I did not regret killing his father, Niccolo three years ago.

"There is a lot I want to say to you today. Among them are the lies and the treasons of your now dead ruler, Fabrizio d'Chemici and who this person who looks remarkably like Carlo d'Chemici really is. There really is a very simple answer to this question. It is, in fact, Camillo Nucci, the last surviving son of the Nucci family who has been cast out of Giglia forever."

"Get him out of here!" Screamed a woman. "The Nucci don't deserve to be here!"

"I beg you," said Luciano. "Don't throw him out yet. Let me explain."

"You've done enough explaining!"

"Chiudere su, la donna!" Luciano snapped. "O avrò il mio lancio di amici nelle prigioni sotterranee del Fabrizio e che sa ciò che è giù lì. Per tutto so, ci sono tuttavia il rimane di corpi di prigionieri dal regno del Niccolo d'Chemici." The woman shrank back into the crowds of the people surrounding the platform. Luciano turned back to the people. "We wanted to creep Fabrizio out and the best way to do that was to fool him into thinking that Carlo d'Chemici was back from the dead.

"Fabrizio lied to you, his people. The ones he was supposed to take care of. In fact, he was killing you. It has been known there has been a murderer prowling the streets of cities and towns all over Talia. Well, I stand here before you today to reveal the mysteries of the murderer.

"The murderer was none other than Fabrizio d'Chemici, Grand Duke of Tuschia and ruler of Giglia. He wanted to kill the people of Giglia, not protect them like any sane ruler would. There's no saying how much longer it would've gone on if I hadn't put a stop to it. He had been traveling since it had been proclaimed that he was Grand Duke of Tuschia. It is my guess, that he put his ideas into practice on other cities and towns, so when he arrived to do his work in Giglia, it would all be planned and he would know exactly how he was going to go about it. What he wasn't expecting was the arrival of I, Luciano Crinamorte, Caveliere d'Bellezza.

"I came to stop the destruction that the murderer was reeking on Giglia and many other towns in Talia. To kill Fabrizio was just one more thing I had not expected. I don't regret what I did. I don't regret that Fabrizio is dead. I don't regret that I killed him. Yes, you heard me correctly. People of Giglia, I am happy to announce that Fabrizio d'Chemici, Grand Duke of Tuschia, Ruler of Giglia and Murderer of Giglia is dead!"

Italian Translations

Tranquillo, per favore. Tranquillo per favore-Quiet, please. Quiet please

Chiudere su!-Shut up


Prego, sarà bell'e sarà sopra tra pochi minuti-Your welcome, it will be fine

Lei dimentica che odio facendo questo genere di cosa-You forget that I hate doing this type of thing

Il più veloce lei comincia, il più presto sarà sopra-The swifter you being, the sooner it will be over

I miei amici, le mie persone di Giglia, siamo qui riuniti oggi, lo stesso giorno che il governatore odiato, Fabrizio d'Chemici è morto dalla mia mano-My friends, people of Giglia, we are gathered here today, the same day that your hated ruler, Fabrizio d'Chemici died by my hand

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