Mario and Sonic: Heroes Unite!

-The Mario World Saga-

Chapter 1: The Eggman Attacks!

Empire City

It was a beautiful day in Empire City. The sky was clear, with a cloud no where in sight. The sun was shining brightly down on the high-rise metropolis city. It was like any other day. Cars were driving around the streets, people were minding their own business, birds were flying around...

...and a blue hedgehog was running on the rooftops.

"Yeah! This is perfect!" Sonic shouted out. He jumped from building to building. He enjoyed running at high speeds. With the wind against his face, he didn't feel like stopping. Until...

The blue hedgehog skidded to a stop. He sniffed the air.

"Do I smell chili dogs?" He looked below him. Sure enough, there was a hot dog vendor down on the sidewalk.

Chili dogs! One of Sonic's favourite foods! "Maybe I could take a small break." He said to himself, and jumped off the roof of the building, landing in front of the hot dog vendor. "One chili dog, please!"

The hot dog vendor, startled at first, happily prepared the chili dog. "That will be 50 rings, Mr. Sonic!"

Sonic took out 50 rings from his pocket and handed it to the hot dog vendor, getting the chili dog he'd bought. He thanked the vendor and started walking, eating his chili dog.

"Man, these things never get old." he said. He took a bite out of his chili dog. He decided to look around the street for a bit. He browsed a few shops. There were clothing shops, pet shops, a cafe, nothing much that looked interesting to him.

By the time he got to the corner of the street, he had finished his chili dog. Wiping some of the chili off his face, he prepared for another run.

"SONIC!" someone shouted. He turned around. No one looked like he was calling him.

"I must be hearing things." he said to himself. Shrugging it off, he did a few quick stretches.

"SONIC! UP HERE!" the voice called out. Startled, he looked again. No one.

"Is this a joke or something?" he said, scratching his head. "Wait, is that an airplane I hear?" He looked above him. It was Tails, who was piloting the Tornado II above him.

"Hi Sonic!" shouted Tails. He waved to Sonic.

"Hey Tails!" Sonic greeted. He waved back. "It's been awhile." He grinned. It was about a month since their last adventure, and Sonic was happy to see his fox buddy again. He noticed something. Someone else was in the Tornado. In the passenger seat, was a familiar pink hedgehog, who was looking at him with her light, green eyes. It was Amy.

He stopped waving. "Looks like you brought Amy along with you."

She waved back at him. "Don't act all surprised, Sonic."

He smiled. "Well anyway, what are you guys doing here?"

"Well, we were at my house, watching the news, and one of the reports caught our attention." Tails explained. "It seems Eggman is causing havoc in the city's park!"

"Eggman?" Sonic wasn't all too surprised. He crossed his arms. "Hehe! Finally! I haven't had any good action all day! This'll be fun!" He did a spin-dash up one of the buildings and landed on the wing of the Tornado. "Okay Tails, fly us there!"

"Alright! Hang on tight." Tails started to fly the Tornado towards the Empire City's park, West Park.

"So, what's Eggman doing here in the city?" asked Sonic, keeping balance on the wing.

"The reporters never found out." Amy answered. "But we know he's caused a lot of damage and is scaring the people around that area."

Typical Eggman. Sonic thought. When is that guy going to give up?

They flew above the high-rising rooftops, going between buildings, twisting and turning. People were were in awe at the sight. Soon, they arrived at West Park. The park had lots of trees layed out. The grass was lush and green, with pathways for joggers to run on. There was a huge fountain in the middle of the park, spouting out water.

Sure enough, there was Eggman, piloting his Egg Hornet. He had a few Egg Pawns on the ground, scaring away people who came by.

"Hohoho!" the evil scientist laughed. "Anyone who interferes with my plan will face the consequences! This city will be mine!"

"Eggman!" Sonic shouted from the Tornado. "Stop harassing everyone!"

Eggman noticed Sonic and his friends, flying on the Tornado. "Well, if it isn't Sonic, my favourite hedgehog!"

"Heh! No need to dazzle me, Eggman!" Sonic said, waving his finger at him. "Flattering isn't going to help you!"

"Being your cocky self, am I right, Sonic?" Eggman taunted. "You remember my Egg Hornet, don't you?" The Egg Hornet was the Egg Mobile with three large engines attached to it. It was capable of firing missiles and plunging itself into the ground. "I call it, the Egg Hornet 2.0!"

"What's so different about it?" Tails asked.

"I've improved the engine speed, making it able to go 1.5x faster than before!"

Sonic jumped off the Tornado's wing, and landed on the ground near the group of Egg Pawns. "Ha! I'm still faster than that hunk-a-junk!"

"Sonic! Be careful!" Amy called out. Sonic gave a thumbs up.

"Don't worry, Amy! Sonic's got this!" assured Tails.

"Charge! My Egg Pawns!" Eggman commanded. The group of Egg Pawns all ran towards Sonic at once, prepared to take out the hedgehog.

"Too easy!" Sonic exclaimed. He jumped up into the air, and did a Homing Attack on one Egg Pawn, then another, then another. Each gave out an explosion, with parts flying in all directions. Sonic destroyed every one of them. He landed on the ground and pretended to yawn.

"Is that all you got? That was pretty boring."

"I've only just begun!" Eggman pushed a button on the Egg Hornet's control pad. Suddenly, missiles shot out and homed in on Sonic.

"Sonic! Watch out!" yelled Tails.

Sonic dodged the first missile with ease. He quickly jumped on to the second missile and jumped off it, making it fall to the ground. He did a Homing attack on the third missile, which exploded on impact.

"Not enough for you?" Eggman said. He pushed another button on the control pad. Suddenly, two large spikes popped out of the front of the Egg Hornet. "All systems, full power!" He aimed the ship towards Sonic, and charged towards him. Sonic, reacting quickly, got out of the ships way. The ship plunged deep into the ground.

"Gah! The ship's stuck!" Eggman realized. He tried all his might to get the ship out of the ground. Sonic, taking the opportunity, jumped on to the Egg Hornet, taunted in front of Eggman, and quickly did a Homing Attack on the cockpit area. The ship made a malfunctioning noise.

"Ooooh, you brat!" shouted Eggman. "You'll pay for this!" He finally got the Egg Hornet out of the ground. Quickly, he locked on to the Tornado, and fired a barrage of missiles towards it.

"Tails! Watch out!" Amy warned, pointing at the missiles.

Tails steered the Tornado II, doing a barrel roll, out of the missiles path. "Phew! That was close."

Eggman didn't hesitate. He fired another group of missiles at them. Tails tried to dodge them, but unfortunately, one of the missiles hit the Tornados left wing.

"Tails! Amy!" shouted Sonic. He could only watch the plane plummet to the ground.

"This doesn't look good!" said Tails. He tried all he could to pull the plane up, but it didn't work.

"Tails! Do something!" shouted Amy.

"I'm trying!"


The Tornado hit the ground, nose first. Luckily, Tails and Amy didn't get hurt.

"Haha! Bulls eye!" exclaimed Eggman. He clapped his hands together.

Sonic ran to the fallen Tornado, checking on his friends. "Are you guys alright?"

"Yeah, we're okay." Tails assured. "Good thing I installed those extra-sturdy seat belts to soften the landing."

Sonic gave a small grin. He saw Tails as a brother to him, and was glad he was okay. "Come on guys, get out of there." He helped Tails out, then proceeded to help Amy out. But as he was doing that, Eggman fired another barrage of missiles.

"Try getting out of this one!" Eggman shouted.

"Hurry!" Amy said. Sonic saw the missiles closing in, and quickly took off Amy's seat belt. He carried her out, and picked up Tails. He rushed away from the Tornado and dropped them near the parks fountain. Right after that, the missiles hit the Tornado, causing a large explosion.

Eggman banged on his control pad. "Gah! I missed!"

Tails looked at the remains of the Tornado, then wiped his forehead. "That was an even closer one! Thanks Sonic."

Amy hugged Sonic. "Oh, Sonic, That was really heroic of you!"

Sonic sweat dropped. "Um, it's no biggie."

"Done hugging your girlfriend, Sonic?" taunted Eggman. He got the Egg Hornet ready for another charge attack.

"Alright guys, stay here!" Sonic ran towards Eggman. Eggman aimed his ship and charged towards him. Sonic jumped out of the ships way and the Egg Hornet got stuck in the ground again.

"Gah! I have to fix this doohickey!" Eggman argued to himself. He tried to get the Egg Hornet out, but failed to do so.

Sonic landed a few feet in front of the Egg Hornet."Okay, Eggman! Time to finish this!" told Sonic. He started to spin-sash in place. A group of small lights started to fly around him. After he stopped spin-dashing, he was encircled with light orbs.

"What's he doing?" asked Amy. She never saw Sonic do this move before.

"He's preparing for the Light Attack." Tails replied. "It can take out multiple enemies at once. This will surely take out Eggman's Egg Hornet!"

"Get ready, Eggman!" Sonic taunted.

Just as Sonic was about to unleash the Light Attack, something completely ironic happened. Right behind Sonic, a huge dark hole appeared. It swirled around in place, making a loud rumbling noise.

"Sonic! Watch out!" called out Tails.

Sonic looked behind him, making the Light Attack charge fade away. He stepped back. "Whoa! What is this thing?"

Eggman looked up from his ship. "What kind of force is that?"

The dark hole started to rumble louder and louder. Bright lights started to flash from it. It started to suck everything from it. The grass nearby it, leaves from the trees, they all started to get sucked in.

Sonic crouched down, bracing himself by holding on to the ground. "Man! This thing is trying to suck us in!"

"I've never seen anything like this before!" shouted Eggman. He tightened his seat belt.

Tails and Amy held onto the fountains side. They watched as the water flowed out and got sucked into the dark hole.

"Tails! What's going on?" Amy asked. She had to shout because of the loud rumble the dark hole kept making.

"I don't know!" Tails replied. He had no idea what was happening.

"Tails! Amy! Are you guys alright?" yelled Sonic.

They didn't hear him. Tails feet started to lift off the ground and pointed to the dark hole. He hung on for his dear life.

"Waaaah! I don't think I can hang on much longer!" he shouted out. He couldn't hang on any longer. His hands slipped off the fountain and flew into the dark hole.

"Aaaaaaah!" Tails shouted. A bright light erupted when Tails entered the dark hole.

"Tails!" shouted Amy. She was shocked to see his friend get sucked in. Before she realized, her feet got lifted off the ground. Amy hung on. She clenched her teeth, hoping not to get sucked in. She was loosing her grip. She knew, sooner or later, she'd get sucked in. "Sonic! Help!"

"Amy! Just hold on tighter!" Sonic shouted back. He couldn't do anything. If he tried to move, he would surely get sucked into the dark hole.

"Hoho! Luckily, my ship is stuck in the ground!" Eggman taunted. Suddenly, his Egg Hornet started to shake. It was getting pulled out of the ground. A part of the engine got sucked into the dark hole. "Huh? What's this?" Eggman gasped.

"Looks like luck just turned around for you!" grinned Sonic.

"I would say the same thing to your girlfriend!" Eggman pointed to Amy, who only had one hand holding onto the fountain.

"Amy!" yelled Sonic. "Hold on just a little bit longer!"

Amy tried to hold on, but her hand gave in. She lost her grip, and was now flying into the dark hole.

"SOOONIIIC!" she shouted before entering the dark hole. Another bright light flashed once she entered the dark hole.

"Oh no, AMY!" Sonic shouted back. He couldn't believe it. His two friends, gone. All because of a dark hole.

This is really ironic. he thought to himself. Just as I was about to finish Eggman, a dark hole decides to pop by and suck my friends in. Just great.

Before he realized, the pull got stronger. He grabbed on to the grass near him, but ended up pulling it out.

"Looks like this is it." said Eggman, in a disappointed voice. "My plan ruined, all because of a giant, dark hole!" Suddenly, the Egg Hornet got pulled out of the ground and got sucked into the dark hole, along with Eggman in it.

"GAAAAAAHHH!" Eggman screamed. Another birght flashed emitted from the dark hole.

"Whoa! Didn't expect that!" Sonic shouted. The pull of the dark hole grew stronger. Sonic started to lose grip on the ground.

"This is it." he thought. "Looks like I'm done."

He closed his eyes and let go. He lost his grip from the ground. He tumbled into the dark hole. Right when he entered, the dark hole gave another bright flash, and soon disappeared. There was a silence in the air. The people of Empire City was shocked at what they just saw.

Sonic The Hedgehog was gone.




To be continued!

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