Title: Everything your not.
Summary: Why don't you love me? In which Sasuke compares Karin to Sakura. / SasuSaku \\ One-sided SasuKarin /
Pairing: / SasuSaku \\ One-sided SasuKarin /
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"Sasuke-kun." I turned around, and for a split second I saw pink hair instead of red. I saw those green-oh-so green eyes, instead of matching red eyes. But it all changed when I blinked. I was back in the real world; I wasn't in Konoha anymore.

"What, Karin." I said impatiently, I watched as she struggled with saying the words. I rolled my eyes, and turned around again only to have her screaming my name again. Inwardly I cringed and wished it wasn't a crappy, cheerleader voice, but hoped more of a sweet, and soft voice like her.

I waited as she opened her mouth, but what she said caught me a bit off guard. "Why don't you love me?" I wanted to say she was saying ridiculous and stuff, not annoying. That's my word for her. But this is would be the first time, I actually respond to her questions.

In my head I compared Karin to her.

She's doesn't have pink hair, with matching green eyes.
She doesn't have that short petite figure, with a hot temper.
She doesn't have that smile that brights the day. Naruto just brights the world
She doesn't have that innocent look, with a monsterous strength.

I turned my head and smirked, "Your just not her." And walked away, leaving Karin alone..

I never said it was long. Well hope ya like it, it didn't turn out good though. Inspiration: A Strawberry, and Banana,