Written during my Spanish class. Which is in Spain by the way. My teacher sucks, so I haven't been paying attention. Partially inspired by thinking about mimikohime's short fic Hawaii.

I do not own AD in any way, shape or form. Wish I did. I imagine I'd get royalties if I did.

"We'll turn America into Chiyo-chan's country!" Tomo shouted, excited.

"The land of Chiyo-chan...ah wish ah could see that," Osaka said, losing herself briefly in a new daydream. She thought that Chiyo-chan's country would be a nice place to visit, as she came back to earth. Tomo was right - Chiyo really should take over America.

America, huh? Osaka's gaze strayed towards Sakaki's desk, and then to the tall girl's chest. She blinked slowly, tilting her head first to the right, then to the left, before a delighted smile came over her face. "Ah geddit now," she said loudly, causing the others to look at her with looks ranging from resigned to some new idiocy, to confusion, to interest in Osaka's latest theory on pigtailed death-rays. Suddenly, Osaka's expression changed. "Oh no! Chiyo-chan can't conquer America!" she wailed, running to Chiyo. (More like walking to Chiyo, actually). "Kaorin will kill her for them!"

The other girls looked at each other, completely perplexed, as Osaka began to shake Chiyo by the shoulders furiously. "Stay in Japan, Chiyo! Stay in Japan!"