"Are you Peter Bishop?" A nurse dressed in light purple scrubs asked him. He must've fallen asleep in the chair beside Rachel's bed while waiting for word of Olivia.

"Yeah, is Olivia done now?" He asked trying to wake up completely.

"Yeah, she's been asking for you too." She said.

Peter's stomach dropped and he nodded and thanked the nurse for passing along the message. He probably should've stayed closer to her room in case she needed him, but he hadn't slept in two days and after all that had happened and knowing Olivia was safe finally had taken its toll on him. Rachel had also fallen asleep in her hospital bed but he didn't want to wake her just yet. He quietly snuck out of the room and made his way to Olivia's a couple floors down. He knocked softly on her door and poked his head in to see her lying in the bed and staring out the window. She looked so broken and frail that he had to stop himself from rushing to her side and enclosing her in his arms and never letting go.

"Hey," he finally spoke up and stepped completely into the room. She whipped her head around and when she saw it was him a small smile crossed her face.

"Hi," her voice was a little raspy and soft but it made his stomach do summersaults all the same. "It came back negative." She blurted rather rushed to get the piece of information off her chest.

Peter smiled and took the seat beside her bed. "I'm glad, but even if it hadn't you'd have a very difficult time getting rid of me; you know that right?" He slipped her one of his more charming smiles and the frown that had started on her face changed to a hesitant smile.

"You know I wouldn't blame-" She started but Peter put a finger to her lips to stop her from continuing.

"No, Olivia, love means no matter what. Nothing could change how I feel about you, so don't go offering me any outs because I don't want any." Peter said seriously.

Olivia fought the smile that wanted to take over her face, but then he looked up at her with a frown.

"I'm sorry all this happened to you. It's my fault you were taken and it's my fault you're hurt." She could see the pain beaming from his eyes at his own admission and sadness and anger enveloped Olivia on his behalf.

"Peter," she said calmly. "You didn't knock me out and kidnap me and you definitely didn't torture me. All that was at the hands of some bad men, and you're not one of them."

When Peter couldn't find an ounce of blame in her eyes he allowed himself to relax. She clearly didn't fault him even though he did himself. He slipped his hand into hers and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"I think Rachel would like to see you, if you wanted." Peter said.

"I'd like that actually, but for now, could you stay?" She asked, looking as if it had cost her a great deal to even ask him.

"Of course," he brought the hand resting in his up to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

Ella fairly danced around the waiting room at the hospital while both Rachel and Olivia signed the last of the papers to be released just three days after Olivia was admitted. They were all going back to Olivia's apartment that day since it had been cleaned up again. Both Olivia and Rachel looked a little uneasy about it, just because of the memories the place held, but it's not like they'd had time to go shopping for a different place. Peter was there to pick them up and since there was no room for more in the car, Astrid had stayed home with Walter. The entire way back Ella chattered to Rachel in the backseat as if her mom had just been away visiting friends and not seriously injured and Rachel just nodded and smiled, looking all to happy to see her daughter safe and happy. Peter glanced over at Olivia who was sitting beside him and looking rather lost in the passenger seat and squeezed her knee reassuringly. She bit her lip and knit her brow.

"It's going to be okay," Peter said, trying to make the look of worry ease from her face. It slackened a bit but the tension in her body and face remained. Worry for her ate at him the entire trip to her place. He knew he wasn't going to be getting any sleep tonight and by the look on her face, she certainly wasn't going to either. Peter ached to stay with her or bring her home with him, but he knew she would feel the need to be strong for Rachel and Ella and that meant her staying there with them.

When they arrived, Peter walked them into the apartment. Olivia tensed in the doorway while Rachel followed Ella in who was busy throwing her belongings around the apartment hardly noticed and Rachel just looked relieved to be out of the hospital and with her daughter again.

Peter rested his hands on Olivia's hips from behind her and she jumped before remembering it was him and relaxing.

"Let me stay, please Olivia," he whispered into her ear.

Olivia bit her lip, wanting more than anything to take him up on his offer.

"Please, if not for you – then me." She turned and saw the pleading look on his face; just begging her to say 'yes' to this one request. "I'll sleep on the couch, if you want, just please don't ask me to leave here without you."

How could she say 'no' to that face? "What about Walter?"

"I'll call and ask Astrid to stay the night with him." Peter said, already getting his cell phone out.

"You're sure?" Olivia asked, giving him an out if he wanted.

"Of course!" Peter said, dialing home. "Hey! Walter, could you put Astrid on the phone?" Pause. "Yes, this is Peter." Pause. "That's not why I'm calling, just put Astrid on the phone, okay?" Pause. He rolled his eyes making Olivia smirk and he smiled in return. "Hey, Astrid, do you think you could stay there tonight?" Pause. "Thanks, I owe you – yes, I think I can get Olivia to give you a full weekend off." Peter laughed. "I'll see you in the morning, bye." Peter hung up the phone and smiled at Olivia.

"We're heading straight to bed, I think. It's been a long day," Rachel said as she ushered Ella to the second bedroom they had been sharing.

"Yeah it has; g'night Rach. G'night Ella," Olivia said and Peter nodded his head toward the two, already feeling a little tired himself.

"If it's alright with you, maybe we could get some sleep as well?" Peter asked cautiously.

"Yeah, that sounds like a nice idea," Olivia answered with a yawn that made him chuckle.

"Lead away then," Peter smiled and took her hand in his as she entered further into the apartment and finally opened the door to her bedroom.

Olivia slipped into autopilot as she undressed and threw on a tank top. Turning to see where Peter had gotten in his state of undress she was amused to find him still fully clothed and staring at her with his mouth hung slightly open and eyes wider than normal.

"I'm not sure I'll ever get used to being able to stare at you without feeling like a perve," Peter said, his voice gone soft, and smiled.

"Well get used to it because I'm all yours," she said with a come hither smile.

"Mmmmm," Peter growled as he approached her and then skimmed his hands down from her shoulders to her waist. "All mine…" and he began placing soft whiskered kisses along her neck and delighted in the fact that she trembled beneath his lips and her pulse raced against the press of his tongue.

"Peter…" she whispered, letting her arms wrap up and around his neck and tilting her head to the side to allow him better access.

He relished in each hitched breath and soft whimper as he feasted on her skin that just days ago he thought he'd never get to touch again, let alone taste.

"You're wearing way too much," Olivia pouted playfully before taking a step back so that she could start to undress him. Peter's shoulders dropped and he returned her pouting face with his own.

"But I was having fun…" he whined, playing with the skin hiding just under the bottom hem of her tank top along her waist.

"Mmmmm, I think it's my turn now," she murmured as she hoisted his t-shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor. Brushing her fingers along his chest and stomach, she took comfort from the heat radiating from his body and the solid feel of him beneath her touch. When her fingers met the waist of his jeans she undid the button and zipper so that his pants dropped to the floor. He stepped forward out of the jeans and closer to her so that his hands slid around her waist and pulled her body flush with his.

"For awhile I wasn't sure I'd ever get to hold you again," Peter murmured above her head, just loud enough for her to hear as he kept her close.

"I know… me too," Olivia whispered roughly into his shoulder, remembering the gun shots that broke her heart when she had thought him dead. She shivered involuntarily and buried her face into his bare chest.

Peter ran soothing hands up and down her back and just held her. When her shivering subsided he brought his hand up under her chin and tilted her face up toward his and brought his lips down to meet hers in a tender and sweet kiss. He pulled back after a minute to see the look on her face, but she was quick to draw him back into a deeper kiss that sent his blood rushing south.

Olivia lightly tugged him to the bed, never breaking free from their kiss, until the back of her knees hit the edge. Breaking the kiss, Olivia climbed onto the bed and leaned back on her elbows with her knees bent and gave him a saucy wink that made Peter give a short laugh before he followed her onto the bed and positioned himself between her legs and lowered his lips to kiss hers. She sighed when his tongue brushed against her lower lip and met it with her own as he pressed her into the bed. Bringing her hands up to his face she cradled his stubbled cheeks and then pushed her fingers back into his hair.

Peter played with the hem of her shirt and the soft skin just beneath it until he couldn't take the temptation anymore and he pulled back from the kiss to help the shirt go up and over her head, exposing her pale breasts to his gaze. His heart stopped for a moment as he took in the fading bruises and healing flesh wounds and in that moment he wanted nothing more than to collect her into his arms and never let her leave his sight again.

Olivia watched his eyes cloud with unshed tears as he stared down at her and silently cursed the men who had done this to her; to them. She began to pull back and reach for her shirt to cover herself so he didn't have to see when he stopped her with a hand on her waist.

"I'm sorry, I still feel the lingering guilt over what they did to you," Peter said softly, willing her to understand.

"But it wasn't your fault and I'm fine," Olivia insisted softly, gently cradling his face to stare down at hers.

"I know. I just wish I could've protected you better," Peter said while he traced the soft contours of her body, already distracted by the treasure just beneath him.

"Mmmmm, well you saved me, didn't you?" She said, slightly breathless from his lingering touches.

Peter mouth claimed one of her nipples in a flash and she arched her back up and into his hot mouth and let out a strangled cry of surprise and pleasure. He moaned into her breast as her hips thrust against his quickly hardening arousal and the vibrations only caused Olivia to squirm more and whimper as it sent shock waves of pleasure down her spine to pool at her center. Peter's hand wandered down her body, following each curve and dip until he could caress her gently through her panties causing her to tremble in anticipation. He lightly traced the outline of her teasingly until she was putty in his hands, yielding and begging him for more. Slipping his fingers around the flimsy barrier he parted her and explored her like he was trying to memorize every inch of her.

Olivia's breathing became quick and labored as she bit her lip hard so as not to scream and wake her sister and niece. His touch was lighting her on fire from the inside out and she balanced on the edge of a precipice she wasn't sure she'd survive. When his finger slipped into her and this thumb brushed against that sweet spot she saw stars erupt in her vision and she groaned his name as her body shuddered her climax. She whimpered when she felt his hand moving away from her, wanting the feeling to linger, but then she felt him slide her panties down and kick off his boxers and poise himself at her entrance.

Wanting more than anything to feel him inside of her but wanting to turn the tables on him even more she flipped him over so that he lay shocked on his back, staring up at her in a slight daze. She giggled at his stunned face and leaned down to kiss him passionately. Recovering rather quickly, Peter brought his hands to grip her hips as she ground herself down on him in a teasing manner, making him gasp her name and his head tip back. Olivia trailed her lips down the newly exposed neck line, enjoying the taste of his skin and wishing she could do this forever.

"Livia… please…" he groaned when she gently bit down right above his heart.

Raising her hips just slightly, she flicked them forward and then hooked them back down so that he was once again placed at her entrance. She stared down into his eyes and knew this was where she belonged; here with him as so much more than a partner and a best friend.

"I love you, Peter," she whispered, letting him see the honesty shine in her dark green gaze and then she eased down, sheathing him inside of her. His hands tightened on her hips and his head tipped back into the pillows again as he groaned his approval.

When she was completely settled on him she raised her hips to begin but his hands kept her in place.

"I love you too, Livia," he said and brought a hand up to cup her cheek and he gently pulled her face down so that he could kiss her. The pressure on her hips let up and Olivia took that as a sign that she could start and she raised her hips up enough so that he was still just barely inside of her and then ground herself back down onto him making him moan into her mouth and she couldn't help the smile that spread across her face.

This was definitely where she belonged.

Olivia drew out their pleasure alternating between slow and fast until Peter couldn't take anymore and flipped her over onto her back and picked up his own faster pace that brought Olivia her second orgasm that night making her cry out his name as she shuddered beneath him. He was quick to follow as her insides convulsed around him, making it all the harder to continue and he spilled himself inside of her in one final thrust. Panting for air at the short burst of extreme exercise, Peter slowly pulled out of her and collapsed beside her on the bed. Before he lost all his strength he pulled her over to him and she wrapped her body along his side and buried her face between his shoulder and chest.

"So does this mean you'll let me take you out on a date?" Peter asked, already feeling the dredges of exhaustion settling in on him, but needing to ask this question now. She seemed to ponder it for a few seconds before she nodded into his chest.

"I guess so," Olivia said tiredly.

"Well don't sound too thrilled about it," he chuckled nervously.

Olivia laughed and tightened her hold on him. "I'd love to go on a date with you, Peter Bishop."

"Yes!" He chuckled and grinned playfully. Holding her in his arms, Peter drifted off to sleep with the knowledge that she would still be there in the morning and she was his and nothing was going to take her away from him again. He felt her go slack beside him as she too drifted off and he smiled. Life was officially good.

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