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Renesmee Cullen did have a twin sister. Her name is Rylin. She got her mothers curly brown hair and her fathers emerald green eyes. Yes, Edward did have green eyes when he was human. She has a very special ability. She can shoot fire from her hands. She met the Volturi when she was very young with her sister Nessie. This is her story.

Fifteen years. It had been fifteen years since I had met the Volturi Prince. He was burned into my memory. His looks, his scent, his smile, his voice, everything about him. Only Dad, Nessie, Alice, and Aro were aware of my infatuation with Alec Volturi. Well, Alec knew too of course but, that feeling was mutual. Dad strongly disapproved of Alec. He thought he was no good for me. Of course he would think that, he was the Prince of Volturi and I was a member of the Cullen Clan. Rivals, there was no way we could be together. Sometimes I wish I had a mind blocking power like my mom. There was no way for us to keep it a secret, at least not from Dad and Alice. Believe me, we tried. There was only one way for it to work. I had to join the Volturi.

That was obviously no problem for me, because I had one of the most useful powers ever. The issue was leaving my family. It would definitely start something between the Cullen Clan and The Volturi. I couldn't do it. I would rather have to stay away from Alec and have him perfectly save than be selfish and put him at risk. It wasn't worth it.

"Rylin, I know what you're about to decide. Please don't do it," Aunt Alice said. I wasn't really aware that I was about to decide anything so I just shrugged my shoulders and stopped my train of thought. I saw my dad and Aunt Alice exchange a knowing glance. They were having one of their own little secret conversations again. I hated those, because I could tell it was about me this time. I wouldn't have to think about joining the Volturi if you would just let me be with Alec, Dad. I could see him roll his eyes. Follow me out of the room. We need to talk in private. He nodded and I got up from my seat on the couch. He was only three steps behind me. I took a deep breath and turned to face my father.

"You really want to be with him don't you?" Dad asked. "You have no idea. Why does Nessie get to be with the person she loves and I don't? Jacob is different from us too. You never tried to stop them," I replied. "He's killed people before," Dad argued. "So have you," I defended. Talk about being hypocritical. "I just want what's best for you. I'm not sure that Alec is a good match for you. A member of the Volturi Guard and a Cullen? Jesus Rylin, they tried to kill you when you were a baby," he said. "You've never even given him a chance. You think that anyone who has anything to do with the Volturi is the devil. There is more to him then that. He isn't a monster," I said. "Rylin, if this is really what you want… I'm allowing you and Alec to try this. I have a few conditions to tell you first. One, you are on probation. He does anything I don't like and you'll never see him again. Two, you can't join the Volturi. Three, take things slow. You have forever to grow up. Don't move too fast," he said defeated. "Really? It's not some sick joke right?" I asked with an excited smile. "No. Go call him. I know you want to," Dad finished. He walked slowly over to Alice to tell her what had just happened.

I ran upstairs and dialed his number. I know it seems weird for a four hundred year old vampire to have a cell phone, but I'm the only person who ever calls him on it. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. "Hello?" Alec said in a hushed tone. I smiled as I heard his voice. Just hearing him talk made my whole day better. "Hey," I said. "Is it something important? Caius was none too happy about my phone going off when he was talking," he asked. "Well, I had a little chat with my dad earlier. We're on probation," I said still trying to keep from squealing. "I'm sure that's a good thing sweetheart, but I have to say I'm lost. What do you mean we're on probation?" he asked. "Well, it's hard to explain over the phone. The bottom line is we have his approval," I summarized. "

Rylin, that's great!" I could almost hear him smiling over the phone. "Yeah, but he still hasn't changed his mind about you. Just… Try not to do anything stupid for awhile," I warned. "Okay I'll try. Caius is about to get really mad at me, I have to go." "Okay." "I love you, bye," he said softly. "Bye." He hung up the phone.

I bit my lip. I knew Alec was busy, but I expected a little more enthusiasm on his part. He did say he loved me before he said goodbye though. This was one of my problems. I over analyze everything. Anyway, I should be celebrating. No, you should be with your boyfriend right now. I always hated those little voices in my head that always seemed to worsen my mood.