Perhaps it had been oh so very foolish of me to restrain these instincts for so long.

I should have suspected it when I realised the unstoppable truth:

I was in love with my best friend.

Not just any best friend. I was in love with Starfire. The Tamaranean. An alien. Another girl.

But I couldn't help myself. It was my other half, the half that was the flesh and blood of my father. The half that demanded her. My human instincts merely wanted her to understand what I felt for her, wanted her to merely show love back, to hold me and soothe me, and make these horrors go away, as she has done for me many times in the past. She understands me, understands me so well. She's been in my body, after all. We were bonded by flesh and soul, I in her shell, she in mine.

Surprisingly, my other side desired her as well, though not in any way of kindness or true love. It only saw her as nothing more then a prize, something to claim and guard jealously, something to satisfy this growing lust, something...

Something that could be mine forever, for her only to be mine and mine alone. No-one else must ever have her. She must only be mine.

My love was lust, my lust was love. And it only grew stronger with each passing day, each passing second, searing through me like Hellfire.

I should have done something about this earlier. I was so stupid not to see this coming. I was half-demon. Demons were ruled by lust and sin. Every ounce of my being wanted nothing more then take Starfire for myself. To tear off her clothes, unveil her treasured body, as strong and hard as copper, yet as soft as silken clouds, to touch her crimson hair, an inferno of passion and beauty, for those eyes, like emeralds, like jade, to stare at me with love and passion and desire and lust. I wanted to feel her body, to touch her breasts, to hear her moan my name, to kiss her lips, to lick her neck, to make her beg for more, to taste her juices, to claim her as my love, my one and only.

I loved her.

But how could I do such things to her, to allow my demonic side to overtake my senses and fill me with this lust, like Hellfire, knowing she would only fear and hate me for my darkness? But the urges were strong, too strong. My meditation only slowed it down. But it still kept going.

I couldn't last much longer.

Oh Azar, why didn't I try and fix this sooner? What am I going to do?

A knock at the door.

"Friend Raven. Are you in there?"

It was Starfire.

Glorious, beautiful, kind Starfire.

"Please, we are worried. You have not left your room for some time."

The instinct spoke first:

"Problem solved."

And logic, common sense, control, was gone. And the lust was all that mattered

Starfire stood patiently, yet worriedly, by the door, hoping that her reclusive friend would answer, when it slid open.

She couldn't see anything within the room. It was pitch-black. A sudden gulp of apprehension, a feeling of danger, coursed through her, but Starfire nevertheless poked her head through the doorway and asked, quietly, wondering if Raven was asleep:

"Raven, are you in here?"

Four red eyes then lit in the darkness, eerily crimson and gazing at her with foreboding.

Other then a horrifying flash of fear, the Tamaranean didn't have time to react when tendrils of black energy suddenly lunged from the pitch-black. All she could do, as they swarmed her, wrapped her in their coiling masses, pinning her arms against her sides, gripping her lags, tightening around her mouth before she could scream, was widen her eyes in horror and fear, seeing the red eyes narrow in triumph, before she was dragged into the darkness.

The door casually slid shut.