Author's Notes: RAWR! Today is a shout-out to loyal reviewer, Inferno 54, whom wanted to see a rather... unique idea of mine in action.

This is chapter 5 again, but this time, Starfire turns the tables on Raven. How, you ask?

With X'rogreb.

Now, X'rogreb is an idea I came up with in my Terra x Star fic, Earth and Sun. It came with the fact that Starfire is an alien, therefore not having a fully human anatomy, and I couldn't get it out of my head, so I wrote it down. And now, it will be put to use here.

"What is X'rogreb?" You may ask. Well, the idea is a sort of secondary reproductive purpose. Starfire has a vagina, being female, but if the male population is low, then who will produce the next generation? The answer is that the females unveil this secondary organ for that purpose. In short, seven serpentine limbs, akin to tentacles, designed for female-to-female stimulus, and if need be, female-to-female reproduction, due to the largest tentacle, X'rogreb Apex, having the ability to convert the sex cells into their opposite, while the other six, the Minors, are simply used for stimulus. X'rogreb also serves other purposes, such as additional limbs.

So, in short, Raven's gonna get tentacle-done by her would-be victim. Go Starfire! :D

Also, if anyone wants to use the X'rogreb idea in any of their fic's, they are more then welcome to borrow the idea. Just give credit for the idea to me :)

Well, enjoy!

The half-demons tongue was upon her neck, her hands feeling at her body, slick with heat and sweat. And she couldn't do anything. She was trapped, her strength unable to work, her arms bound, her feet bound to the floor, in a ninety-degree shape of V. The feelings of her body was simple enough: Hot, pleasured, sweet, helpless.

Her mind was a more complex place.

This was... good. It felt good. But it shouldn't. Raven was going against her will, holding her hostage, using her. But what could she do? Nothing. She could only accept her fate with as much dignity as she could manage- OH!

Raven's hands had finally given up the chastity and had latched onto her breasts with gripping force. Her sensitive skin flared under the pressure, reacting to the slightest movements, bringing waves of soft desire, as Raven sighed softly, feeling Starfire's chest under her hands.

"I've waited so long for this." Raven murmured, bring her head down to nuzzle at Starfire's neck, the alien softly groaning at the sorceress' skilled touch, before leaning back to take in Starfire's chest, to see the wondrous orbs of silken copper, each topped off with a lush pink nipple, already standing to attention. Impressively large, perfectly round, and wondrously firm. "To see these unveiled. They're beautiful."

Raven smiled softly, her four eyes narrowing cruelly, before she brought her head down and clamped her mouth on the left breast.

The sheer feel and wonder of what she was touching and tasting nearly drove her insane with desire. The lust was burning through her, and Raven sunk into it as she suckled at Starfire's upper femininity. The taste of them was wondrous, sweet, tangy, soft yet metallic. They were easily manipulated by her hands, and she twirled the pink bud around with her eager tongue. So glorious.

Starfire groaned into her gag as the empath hungrily licked at her chest, feeling her breasts being manipulated by hand and tongue. It felt wonderful, warm and wet, so gentle, yet with a predatory background. Starfire liked it. And she whimpered at the thought.

Raven smirked into the orange skin at the alien's increasing shudders and moans, silent pleases for the half-demon to stop. But Raven couldn't stop, wouldn't stop. She finally had the Tamaranean all to herself, completely hers to have, and she would not give this chance up. Besides, Starfire would learn to love it, to beg for more. After all, she belonged to her now.

On the task at hand, Raven switched breast, moving to the right one. With a lustful smile, she pinched the nipple, eliciting a pained groan from the Tamaranean. Ah, the combination of pain and pleasure, a must have for any demon. Another tweak, and a squeeze of the copper orb, before Raven allowed this one her tongue's administrations. Just as sweet as the first, not a single flaw or asymmetry in them

Raven's lust was growing higher and higher with each touch, suck and lick, and her self-control was waning fast. The half-demon hissed to herself as her foolish human ideals begged her to stop forcing Starfire to take this, but she didn't care. She wanted her prey too much. Thus, she kneaded the alien's chest more roughly, biting and nipping at her delicious skin, slightly down-trodden at lack at any marks. It was in her nature to leave some kind of mark of claim, but there was no getting past the metallic strength of the copper skin. No matter. It meant she didn't have to be so gentle. Perfect.

Starfire flinched as her tormentor's nails rang down her sides, her cheeks flushing, closing one eye in pain as her other eye stared at Raven with pleading, pleading for her to stop this, to stop... to continue, perhaps...

Raven detached her lips from Starfire's breast with a twinge of reluctance, before moving her tongue down to her naval, feeling the Tamaranean shudder and shake beneath her touch. Her skin tasted less then those wonderful orbs, but was smoother and easier to lick, running her tongue up and down the alien's sides, prodding her muscle into the softer parts of the copper skin, lifting herself up and down, her tongue leaving a trail behind it as she explored Starfire's mid-section.

The sorceress could feel herself getting wet, getting excited, so, with a flash of dark energy, she removed her clothing. The air felt nice against her exposed skin, as she casually flung her attire away. Smirking darkly, she reared and pressed her chest against Starfire's, her tongue darting forward to lick at Starfire's cheeks, feeling a sense of annoyance as the alien flinched away from her.

But no matter, for the Tamaranean's wet breasts against her own felt wonderful, and she wrapped her arms around her love, kissing and licking and nipping at her as she pulled them tighter together.

"You're perfect, Starfire." The sorceress growled softly. "Absolutely brilliant. Tell me, Starfire, do you like it?"

The alien let out a muffled gasp as Raven's teeth dug into her neck, shaking her head furiously against the pain and her own denials of pleasure.

"You do like it." Raven murmured with satisfaction. "Oh, you love it, don't you?"

The alien could only gasp as Raven kissed her again, before the sorceress went on: "That's alright, Starfire. I only want you to feel what I feel for you. Passion, desire, love."

The lust was searing and snarling within her, and Raven growled against it for a second, before deciding to move on to the finale of tonight's session, the first of many to come.

"Let's move this on, my beautiful Star. Let's make you a woman." The half-demon purred, embracing her captive tenderly, before moving downwards again, her teeth eagerly nipping at the copper skin under their wake, an affectionate squeeze and lick of the alien's tender breasts, going lower and lower...

Starfire was shaking furiously now, but whatever was around her neck seemed to be draining her powers. Plus the chains, she was, as aforementioned, completely helpless.

But she didn't want this to stop. She couldn't tell what she wanted anymore. Only for Raven to continue this passion. Raven was right...

Raven passed Starfire's naval, down lower, kissing all the way, until she reached the apex of those wonderful legs, where two oval patches of crimson hair, exactly like Starfire's eyebrows, in a V shape, pointing downwards at Starfire's hidden treasure.

Raven groaned as desire seared through her; She could smell the burn of Starfire's woman-hood, could smell the sweetness of fruits and honey that awaited in the alien's chamber. It amazed her how human Starfire seemed, down to reactions and anatomy.

Regardless, her demonic heritage demanded that she claim her captive now, and thus, Raven did.

One pale finger was inserted into her mouth, for a bit of lubricate, before Raven moved it towards Starfire's lips, a long thin pink slit, dribbling golden fluid. Strangely, Starfire did not have a clitoris, but it of no matter.

It was all hers.

"Beautiful..." Raven murmured with reverence, before gently sliding her finger across the slit, horizontal to horizontal, feeling the viscous fluid upon her limb. It was blazing hot, wet and wonderful.

Originally, the plan had been to saviour, but when she felt Starfire's vagina, she lost all control.

Eyes literally burning with Hell's fire, the lust took over, and Raven dived in, her mouth clamping onto the alien's woman-hood, her tongue and three fingers surging in as deep as they could reach, the black energy ripping from her body and crackling over both of them.

If Starfire could scream, she would have let rip all that her voice could manage. The sheer pain, the incredible pleasure, rolling into a monstrous concoction of agony, joy, wonder, hatred and love. She could not describe. She could feel all of Raven's Hellish lust, all her pleasure, all her passion, she could feel Raven inside her, claiming her, she could feel the black power searing at her skin, her flesh, her very bone. And she never wanted it to end.

Dear X'hal, please never let it end...

Raven could taste her, could feel her. Starfire's juice was in her mouth. She could taste the brilliance of it; It was beyond anything she had ever experienced. It was so hot, it burned her, burned her like the lust ripping through her body. Azar, she had to have more, she had to have it, have all of it, all to herself. She thrust her fingers in and out of Starfire, as her tongue forced it's way deeper into the treasured chamber, taking in as much of it's bounty as she could, feeling her very powers hissing as it flared over the Tamaranean, making her feel pain and pleasure.

The alien was writhing and groaning and shrieking, her hips twisting about violently, the frenzy of pleasure driving it's motion.

But suddenly, as Raven drove her tongue deeper into Starfire, licking hungrily at her insides, something licked back.

Raven froze for a second, surprise overriding the lust, before drawing back ever so slightly, her powers withdrawing at her will, Starfire stopping her twists at the lack of feeling upon her.

What was that? She had felt something touch her tongue, something that poked. But what-


-what the fuck?

Something was poking out of the alien's slit, a lavender, inch-thick diameter thing, that looked disturbingly like a tentacle.

Holy shit.

It was a tentacle. A tentacle was poking out of Starfire's vagina-

No, two tentacles, for a second one also popped out, its pointed tip opening like a four-petal flower and let out a hiss. It hissed at her. It fucking hissed at her.

And it got weirder. A third tentacle poked out, followed by a fourth, and a fifth, and a sixth, all of them squirming about, and lastly, a seventh one poked out. The seventh one was thicker then the others, with a two and a half inch diameter, and it had a scaly texture. Its tip was more rounded, and rather then a pretty lavender, it was a jet-black colour.

Raven was dumbstruck, to say the least. Her mouth opened in a gape, her eyes widening in surprise, completely frozen with shock. Even the lust itself had halted in face of this alien feature.

One of the lavender ones then extended, travelling up through the air until it reached face-level with its owner, skilfully slipping itself under the ball gag's strap and pulling it off Starfire, whom let out a small gasp, before smirking softly.

"I believe... that you have not seen a X'rogreb before?" The alien purred softly. The mental advantage was on her side now, as well as the physical advantage. Her limbs outnumbered Raven, and they were not held back. "Oh well. We may commence in the introduction."

With that, the tentacle by her face moved down and managed to pull off the collar around her neck. the instant it's draining effects were gone, her strength flooded back, and the other limbs lunged for Raven.

It wasn't much of a struggle.

Raven was too busy being shocked out of her wits to prevent the black one and two lavender ones to wrap tightly around her, trapping her limbs in their sinuous coils, the black one's tip jamming into her mouth to prevent the surprised gasp that was about to emerge. Once the half-demon was successfully bound, the other four tentacles twisted round the chains that held Starfire captive, snapping them off her with ease, the Tamaranean free at last.

Starfire sighed with relief, rubbing her rather aching wrists, before noting a bed nearby. Convenient. Her X'rogreb promptly got to work, four of the Minors wrapping round Raven's arms and legs, spreading the sorceress in a classic X-pose, and laying her on the bed, the purple-haired girl looking fairly shocked, but the lust was crawling back, interested in this new development and a rather exciting prospect of getting done by Starfire. Who would have guessed that the alien (Literally) had it in her?

Starfire was upon her captor-turned-captive in an instant, straddling the half-demon, whom gazed at her with cocky crimson eyes, her own emeralds narrowing in a flare of dominance and desire, her tongue licking her lips softly as she gazed at the female beneath her.

"You should underestimate a captive, Raven." The Tamaranean purred. "They have a habit of escaping when such overconfidence is shown."

"So I see." Raven hissed lustfully. "And what happens when the captor becomes the captive?"

The half-demon then let out a desired purr as Starfire's hot hands, slick with sweat form the heat of passion, seized her breasts in a firm, controlling grip, kneading them with skill and twiddling the dark-grey nipples that adorned their peaks. And Starfire murmured:

"They become mine."

The black tentacle thing arched over the alien's shoulder, flanked by the remaining two lavenders, and let out their weird hisses at Raven, whom simply smirked in passionate defiance.

"Then do it." Raven growled naughtily. "Claim me. I'll have you when you're done, but let's allow you some fun, my precious Star."

"You are very generous." Starfire giggled, somehow innocent even in her new dominion, before the black one and a lavender retreated, and the seventh tentacle lowered towards Raven.

The alien only offered a simple: "Prepare yourself." Before unleashing the three.

Raven screamed in passion, slight pain, and satisfied desire as the thick black one rammed into her vagina, combining power and speed with mass and precision, shoving its way through her core's barriers and into her depths like nothing before. The pleasure of being filled by her idol was like nothing before, and Raven would eagerly renounce her plans to have Starfire helpless so she could continue this wonder upon her. The muscled limb writhed and squirmed inside her, stimulating her in all the right ways.

The other two were not idle. The lavender nearest to her shoved itself into her gasping mouth, filling her with the thick honey taste accumulated. in Starfire's vagina, and it was wonderful! She would gladly take this, so long as the alien kept on dealing it-


The third one, the last tentacle, had had the nerve, the sheer nerve, to force itself into her anus. The pain of her rectum being split was nothing when the wonders of her vaginal treatment drowned it out. Regardless, the one in her asshole was slowly building up into its own stream of pleasure, and Raven would be screaming in ecstasy were it not for the one in her mouth. Not necessarily a complaint.

Starfire was gasping as her limbs continued ravaging Raven, her hands grasping the half-demon's ashen breasts. She was gaining truly wonderful feelings through the three X'rogreb that were in Raven: A blazing warmth and perfect wetness from her... what was it? Oh, vagina. And her mouth was sweet and soaked as well, the sorceresses tongue eagerly combating the Minor that intruded in its territory, and a difficult, but nonetheless lovely tightness from her other hole, not to mention the soft firm wonder of her grebnacks. Truly, her beloved friend was a wonder, and she was glad to be the one that gave Raven these pleasures. Oh, X'hal, she could not wait for Raven to release herself and then claim her in return!

The tentacle retracted form her mouth, and raven gasped in lust and brilliance, before Starfire's lips were upon hers. A shame her legs and arms were restrained, but she returned the kiss fiercely, eager for Starfire to finish her off so she could continue her own administrations to the alien. Hell, she could feel it coming: Starfire was in control but she was not experienced. She would end up finishing herself off, and Raven would return to control.

But first, the half-demon wanted to spill.

It would not be long now. The black one was pounding harder and faster into her, the one in her anus copying the larger limb, both stretching her and filling her and writhing in her body. Truly wonderful, truly unforgettable. Her breasts were enjoying the hot hands of the alien, loving their skilled manipulations, and Raven was truly in Heaven, right in the middle of her personal Hell.

Starfire was losing it, her inexperience starting to shine through as her X'rogreb things sped up, attempting to rub off as much power before they fell short. Raven could feel her gasping on her skin as the Tamaranean kissed and licked her face.

Yes, my angel. Yes, my Star. Spill! Release all you have! Make me yours, as I will make you mine!

And Starfire released her orgasm in a monstrous wave of desire, the alien screaming in first-timed wonder as she spilt. The tentacle that had previously been in her mouth swelled, and from its tip burst the golden honey of Starfire's vagina, Raven gasping in happiness and lust as the juice spilt upon her. With a swelling in her holes, the two tentacles down below released their load, the one in her anus decorating her insides with gold, and the black one in her vagina exploded in a wave of liquid desire. And in all this, Raven's orgasm reacted as well, her own fluids blowing out of her hole as she screeched in ecstasy.


With a gasp, Starfire arched backwards, ending up falling onto her backside on the bed, groaning as her X'rogreb expelled any remaining fluid, before they retracted, all seven muscles retracting, their length and mass seemingly unable to fit inside Starfire's chamber, yet Raven's crimson eyes watched them disappear into the Tamaranean, her slit sliding shut casually.

With a predatory growl of triumph, Raven got onto her knees and straddled the alien, lowering her pale body onto the alien's tanned torso, smirking devilishly as Starfire flashed a tired, but happy smile at her, a soft giggle escaping her.

"Well, that was unexpected. You're full of surprises, aren't you, my precious, wonderful, beautiful Starfire." Raven purred, idly wiping traces of the gold off her face, licking down the sweet honey.

"T-true..." The alien murmured softly, her emeralds eyes shutting with exhausted success. "I-I-I you..."

Raven smiled softly, as her lust suddenly retreated in face of sincere love, feeling such monstrous affection for the alien. Heck, she had the crazy feeling to grab a ring, propose to the Tamaranean and marry her in a fantastic ceremony, then honeymoon wherever. Lovely.

Her thought were interrupted by arms around her and a tiny snore.

Starfire had fallen asleep.

The half-demon sighed affectionately and softly, as her crimson eyes melded into the normal violets. She loved Starfire so much. Well, better return them from this fiery dimension back to the Tower. But let's get dressed first.

She was in no mood for the boys and/or Terra to ask why she was naked with a sleeping, also naked, Starfire. If they did, they'd get a free trip to Hell to visit a very pissed off Hydra. And no-one likes to meet a very pissed off Hydra.

Author's Notes: Well, there we are. I hope you, Inferno 54 and the other readers, enjoyed this chapter. This is what I like: Sexual stuff with humour, such as Starfire's naivety or Raven's thoughts of sending people to Hell XD

I can picture a Terra x Star scene that goes like this:

"Friend Beast Boy!"

"Yeah, Star?"

"May you please transform into a cat, please?"

"Um... sure, but why?"

"Terra has requested me to eat her pussy."

"..." (Nosebleed)

LOL XD Okay, now an important message: Since I did this alternate scenario for Inferno, do any of you other reviewers have any requests you'd like me to do for you? If you want, I can write up another chapter for your request, if I find it cool. Don't be shy, send in your fantasies of sly! I like rhymes :)