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Dog of the Military

It was a dark, rainy day in central, the dark clouds looking down menacingly on the city as large drops of water poured from the sky. Most people would be inside, in their warm houses looked at the rain as it rapped on the window. But Scott Madison was different, he didn't care that it was cold and dark in this alley, hell it could be hailing for all he cared. All he wanted was his next experiment.

Days like this were the best times to grab people off the streets, they were to busy fretting about the rain to notice a strange man dragging them into a dark alley. It was even better that it was getting darker, the streetlights didn't illuminate the alley and Madison was hidden even better.

The sound of footsteps sloshing through puddles got his attention. Madison raised his head quickly, narrowing his eyes against the rain. Someone had stumbled into his alley, but not someone he would ever dream of seeing here.

The young blond boy looked around the alley, golden eyes full of confusion; he had probably wandered here on accident, the rain blurring his vision. Madison licked his lips like a cat would when they saw a tasty looking mouse stumble near their paws. Silently he stalked through the shadows, making no noise as he weaved around trashcans and deep puddles of murky water. Soon he was behind the boy, looking at the red jacket that covered his back.

The boy muttered something but it was inaudible over the pounding rain, he then moved to turn around but Madison blocked his way. The boy looked shocked at the sudden appearance of a strange man, and stood still as though frozen by the rain.

"Who the hell are you?" He growled, hands slowly being withdrawn from his pockets. Madison smiled and licked his lips again; this was going to be interesting.

"Why I am Scott Madison, former apprentice to Shou Tucker. I'm not quite as famous as you though, Edward Elric." He smiled when the boy's eyes widened in shock and some terror. Madison knew that the boy had known Shou Tucker before he had been killed by Scar; he also knew that Edward had seen the chimera that Tucker had made from his daughter and her dog.

"Move out of my fucking way." Ed hissed, raising his hands, ready to transmute. Madison was quicker though, with one swift movement he was right in front of Edward, holding both of his hands high above his head.

"Now now, we don't want to hurt your new master do we?" He laughed in the boy's face, relishing the look of pure horror on Ed's pale face.

"I'm not a dog." He snarled. Madison sighed and held both of Ed's hands with his left, while he reached into his pocket with his right hand.

"Your no dog, your right, but you are my experiment now. Silly child, don't you know children should stay with an adult before taking walks on such a rainy night as this?" He pulled the syringe from his pocket. Madison normally had one with him, since some of the people he caught would put up a pretty strong fight.

But he never gave Edward the chance as he forced the needle into the side of the boy's neck. He let out a squeal of terror and Madison let go of his hands, watching as the drugs slowly took effect on the young boy's body.

"What the hell…was that?" Ed asked as he swayed where he stood. Madison smiled as his eyes slowly glazed over and then closed. Before the boy could fall onto the hard stone below Madison had him in his arms.

"It's been such a long time since I've caught prey this wonderful before, normally its just young women or old men. Just my luck to catch a dog of the military, but soon you will be my dog." He smiled and lifted the limp body in his arms, hearing rasping breaths coming from the boy's open mouth. Madison assumed that when he fell into his arms the breath was knocked out of him.

The man carried Edward deeper into the dark alley, whistling innocently like a child being caught doing something bad. Madison's white lab coat soon disappeared into darkness, his whistling still hanging in the air.