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"Brother are you ready? Hawkeye's waiting for us outside." Al calls from the living room as I get dressed in my bedroom. My ears prick at the sound of his voice but I continue to put my black tank top on like I hadn't heard him.

Mustang wanted me and Al to go to HQ to see him, since I didn't really leave the apartment much. I was scared about what people would do when they saw a fifteen year old boy walking down the street with dog ears and a tail. He decided that it would be a bad idea and sent Hawkeye to get us.

"Hold on Al!" I cry, buttoning my jeans and pushing the belt through the loops. Good thing I had a belt with me, since I was still thinner than before my old clothes were bigger and the pants always fell down. I didn't really have time to braid my hair so I just left it down, the golden strands resting gently on my shoulders.

I ran from the room, putting on my red jacket as I did. Autumn was here and it was getting colder outside, damn did I hate the cold. I enter the living room to see Hawkeye standing at the door, Al waiting patiently for me at her side. She nods and opens the door, walking out at a brisk pace down the hall and towards the door.

"So what does Mustang want? He didn't tell us over the phone." Al asks as I grab his arm and pull myself closer to him. Just being outside with all the strange sights and sounds scares me. What if someone sees me like this and takes me away again? I shutter and grip his arm tighter.

"He wanted to talk about the murder of Michael Turner, and to see Ed for himself. You know he worries about you and not seeing you both for two months has made him on edge." Hawkeye replies simply, opening the door leading outside to the car. We don't stop in our walking as we near the car; so far I don't think anyone has seen me.

"Brother's not in trouble is he? He didn't mean to and you know it." Al whispers, it's not really safe to talk about stuff like this outside where anyone can hear. Hawkeye opens the back door of the car and I leap in, grateful to get inside someplace. I still put my hood up, drawing the red fabric over my ears carefully. Since my tail is just above my butt my pants don't cover it, and it would hurt to hide the damn tail. I gently grab it in both of my hands and fiddle with it, trying to ignore their conversation.

"No he's not; Mustang knows that it was in self defense. He just has to tell you something about the man." She says as she starts the car. I huddle close to Al, the cool armor chilling me to the bone. He doesn't ask any questions as we drive towards head quarters, we both just sit there silently.

I look out the window cautiously, looking at the people walking down the streets and the cars that whirl by in a flurry of different colors. No one's looking inside the car but I still feel like I'm being watched and it feels horrible. I look away from the window and look down at my tail, running my fingers through the golden fur.

"How am I getting in Mustang's office? I can't go into a military building looking like this." I hold my tail up and flick my ears. Then of course there's the teeth, people will get suspicious.

"Al you don't mind if Ed's in your armor right?" Hawkeye asks, a smile beginning to form on her face. I blush and let out a loud huff.

"What if I don't want to?" I smile and she sighs.

"I'll shoot you if you don't." She says, kinda scaring me. I shutter and look at Al, begging him to say he didn't want to shove me in the cold armor.

"If it'll keep brother safe then I don't care." He ignores my growl of anger and frustration. I sit back against the seat, glaring at the floor of the car.

We stop a little bit before head quarters near an alleyway; it'll be safer for Al to help me get in his armor here. I get out first and dart into the dark alley, making sure no one has seen me. I've gotten a lot faster since I became human again; I guess it's from being half dog now. Al's clanging footsteps echo behind me and I turn around to face him and Hawkeye, glaring and crossing my arms across my chest.

"Let's just get this over with." I growl as Al takes his chest plate off, revealing a big opening. I carefully crawl in, noticing how dark and cold it is in here. I draw my coat closer to me as I huddle in the armor, finding a comfortable position.

"Ready?" Al asks. I nod and say yes before I'm plunged into darkness. I panic slightly and begin breathing fast; it's just like being in that damn cell. I calm down when I hear Hawkeye talking to Al, listening to their voices makes me feel better.

"Edward are you okay?" Hawkeye asks, I can hear the sound of many different footsteps and I know we're in the building now.

"Yeah, just a little cold." I groan and close my eyes, waiting for this to end. I hear a door open and then a familiar voice. I didn't hear what the person said but soon Al opens his chest plate and I tumble out onto the floor, lying in an awkward heap on the ground.

"Thank you Hawkeye for bringing them here, you're dismissed now." Mustang says from behind his desk. I hear the whipping of air as she salutes and leaves the room. I sit up and shake my head, feeling the hood of my jacket fall down.

"Hello Edward, Alphonse." Mustang greets us casually, like a weird half dog boy didn't just fall out of a hollow suit of armor. I look up at him from where I'm sitting on the floor and smile at him.

"Hi colonel, you wanted to talk to us?" I ask, curling my tail so it can rest in my lap. Al sighs and stands near me.

"Yes I did, come here for a second Edward." I obey and walk over to his desk, feeling awkward as his eyes skim over my body. "Lift up your shirt."

"What? You damn pervert." I growl, taking my jacket off and throwing it onto the floor. I lift up my shirt for him, feeling awkward and embarrassed.

"You put on some weight, but I can still see your ribs." I growl and lower my shirt, standing with my arms crossed over my chest.

"Like I didn't know that. So am I better by your standards?" I ask, taking a seat on one of the couches in his office.

"Yeah, now to move onto the other thing that you two are here for." Mustang looks at us both and I shiver. Al sits next to me and lets his arm rest around my shoulders.

"It was about the man that stabbed me." I whisper, looking down at my lap. Like my left shoulder didn't have enough scars, now there was a nice gash under the fifty six, two reminders of my horrible past.

"Yes him. I wanted to tell you that we covered the thing up. We made it look like a stray dog killed him and that's what it says on the coroner's report. Good thing Knoxs is a good friend of mine or they would have found you out." I shutter and draw myself closer to Al, I can feel Mustang looking at my left shoulder.

"When you were stabbed did anything unusual happen. Like a flash of light or unnecessary pain?" I look up at him in confusion.

"No." I say simply, keeping my golden eyes locked on his dark gray ones.

"When you pulled it out was any part of the knife missing, like the tip or anything?"

"No, why all these questions?" I ask, fear beginning to rise inside me. He sighs and rubs his forehead with his hand.

"The dagger that you were stabbed with had some strange ruins written on it. We translated it and found out it said your name and slow death on the other." I feel a horrible chill run through my body, making the blood freeze in my veins.

"That's not the only thing; we found the man's research and the transmutation circle that was supposed to be used on the dagger. I was worried that it was in you, but since your still alive and well I believe that you'll live. He tested the transmutation on animals and it worked in around a month to two months." I was feeling faint now; this whole conversation is making me sick.

"Can we stop with the conversation?" I ask just as I fall into Al's lap, my stomach twisting into knots. Al puts his hand on my forehead, wiping away some of the cold sweat that's gathered there.

"Are you alright?" Mustang asks, getting up quickly to stand next to me, grabbing my left wrist to feel my pulse. I nod and smile weakly.

"You always know how to freak the hell out of me." I growl, sitting up slowly. "Can we please go now?"

"Yes, that's all I needed to tell you. Please can you two stay in central for a little bit longer? Just in case anything was to happen."

"Sure, we have no plans right now anyway." Al says as he takes his chest plate off again. I grab my jacket off the floor and climb slowly into the armor, my eyes closing as I enter the cool place.

"Bye colonel, thanks for telling us that." I say before Al closes the chest plate. I pass out in the armor before I can hear his response.

Damn colonel, he just pisses me off sometimes.

The End