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Chapter Two- Welcome Back to Hogwarts

Since their arrival, the ANBU ninja found themselves quite comfortable and adjusting well to a hectic life at Hogwarts. The teachers were quite informative and most were receptive to the Konoha ninja. Sakura became well acquainted with a Professor Sprout and Madame Pomfrey. Kakashi learned a lot of valuable information from Professor McGonagall. Naruto's positive and loud attitude made him instant friends with Hagrid, and Sasuke had relatively good terms with Professor Snape and Dumbledore.

The spells were also quite interesting and some of them were quite handy, which came as a surprise to the ninja. As common with the world of flashing kunai and shuriken, spells were looked down upon. But as the four encountered many spells that complemented their vast array of skills and techniques, they were forced to admit that magic wasn't all that inconvenient after all. Charms, healing spells, transfiguration spells, hexes, protection spells, and many other magical incantations fell in heaps upon the four ninja. They absorbed quite a bit of this information and had taken to practicing it with their everyday training sessions in the forest.

None of the ninja encountered any kinds of problems from creatures in the forest, ghosts in the castle, or house elves in the kitchen. However, there was one life form that did not escape an encounter with the ANBU ninja unscathed.


The little poltergeist was asking for trouble the moment he decided to get the ninja to lighten up through his preferred method. Sakura punched the blue creature through a wall and Kakashi offered to share the contents of his book. One glare from Sasuke was all it took to keep the devilish creature away from the Uchiha.

These failed encounters depressed Peeves. How on earth could he be the best prankster of Hogwarts if they newcomers were too strange or dangerous for him to approach? However, a wicked grin was slapped on the poltergeist's face as he observed Naruto. The blonde seemed a bit ditzy and less sharp than his frightening companions. This was all the motive Peeves needed to engage in a punitive prank attack.

The blue creature howled with laughter after he had been able to successfully dump an entire cauldron of ink on the blonde ninja's head, dying his golden hair black. He zoomed away, cackling at his success and plotting his next move. There was only one problem.

Peeves didn't know that Naruto would prank back with retributions augmented tenfold.

The poltergeist was horrified when he had returned to his resting place and found it completely redecorated in orange. A blaring shade of orange was splashed all over his den. After witnessing this spectacle, he swore revenge.

And so, a prank war erupted.

Which was later put to a stop by Sakura's fist.

But by all accounts, the four ninja were assimilating into their surroundings quite well.

Two figures were crouched on top of a speeding train painted black with a red stripe running horizontally throughout the entire body of the vehicle. A tuft of blonde hair was visible bending like reeds with the wind on one of the bodies. On the other, longer strands of black hair violently billowed like curtains behind a white mask.

Naruto and Sasuke had been chosen to accompany the train from and to Hogwarts. Kakashi and Sakura had opted to stay behind and prepare things at the castle. Naruto usually screwed up simple things by becoming distracted and Sakura wanted Kakashi to stay behind and do something productive under her supervision. The pink haired female knew that Kakashi wouldn't do anything on the train but read, so she forced Sasuke to go.

On the train, Naruto shot Sasuke a feral grin, enjoying the wind that was rushing past his face. The morning air did wonders for Naruto's mood and the blonde found himself appreciating the most random things. For example, he found immense pleasure in discovering a cloud that looked like a bunny.

Yay, a bunny.

Sasuke enjoyed the morning air as well. It was always refreshing for him to be traveling with purpose and the air felt exhilarating. He ignored Naruto's animalistic grin and trained his eyes on the gray rectangle up ahead. They were approaching the station and Sasuke motioned Naruto to lay flat upon the surface of the train's roof.

The two ninja flattened themselves as the train came to a slow, screeching halt in the station. The students immediately began boarding the train in droves. Naruto scrunched his face in annoyance as he heard the shrill screams of owls, friends being reunited with loud and dramatic salutations, and trunks being thrown and dragged everywhere with haphazard care. With his good mood dissipating, the blonde turned his head towards Sasuke and hissed, "Where's the glasses brat?"

Sasuke sighed as he shot an irritated glare at Naruto. "The glasses brat?" he repeated, his words laced with venom. "Did you not even memorize the subject's name, dobe?" He turned his eyes away from the pouting blonde and trained them onto the mass of students, scanning for the one they were supposed to protect.

"Yeah, I did!" Naruto huffed. His bright blue eyes joined Sasuke's in a scan of students.

"What's his name?"

Naruto chewed the inside of his cheek. "I said I memorized it. There's no need for me to tell you."

The Uchiha snorted. "Memorized, meaning you did in the past. Which means that in the present, in other words now, you've forgotten it. It's Harry Potter, dobe. Don't let Sakura find out that you've been forgetting critical mission information," Sasuke taunted, smirking

The blonde didn't reply. Instead he stuck his tongue out at the black haired ninja and blew, small specks of saliva speeding out like little pellets.

They were both startled when the train began to slowly build up steam and head out of the station, towards Hogwarts.

"Crap!" Naruto swore, jerking his head impatiently as he entered a scanning frenzy. "Where's the midget?"

Sasuke frowned in displeasure. In case of an emergency, they needed to know which compartment their subject decided to stay in. They were professionals. How could they have missed the boy? His dark eyes narrowed in on a bunch of red haired individuals waving from the station nearby. If he remembered the file correctly, then Harry Potter had befriended an entire red haired family called 'Weasly.' Sasuke narrowed his eyes as he examined outraged faces sticking out from a window that were demanding information about whatever event was going to be held at Hogwarts. He spotted a mop of black hair among the red, as well as brown, and nudged his partner.

Naruto immediately caught Sasuke's line of vision and returned a sharp nod. The two of them stealthily crawled over to the little patch of roof directly above the compartment their subject was in.

Naruto indolently yawned as he felt the warming rays from the morning sun bearing upon his body as the train slowly began to pick up speed. He squirmed a bit before making himself comfortable on the roof with the cool breeze alleviating the heat that was boiling his skin. The blonde scrunched his face at his stoic partner. Really now, somehow Sasuke was completely fine with all the black he wore. Naruto yawned again, ignoring his partner's scathing glare. No one was going to hear him on top of the train. Lethargically, he listened in on the rampant whisperings occurring beneath him.

"Just what exactly is going on at Hogwarts this year that has everyone so secretive but excited at the same time?"

"I expect Durmstrang to be located somewhere north, since fur capes are a part of their uniform."

"The Quidditch World Cup was spectacular! You really should've been there!"

"I thought that everyone knew that Hogwarts was enchanted to keep muggles out. It's stated so quite clearly in Hogwarts, A History."

Naruto pouted in boredom. He forgot that he was dealing with teenage children and that their conversations weren't exactly supposed to be the most riveting things on the planet.

Well, either that, or Naruto wasn't exactly the easiest person to keep entertained.

There weren't any threats on the train that would get his blood boiling. The little kids down below weren't providing sufficient entertainment. And Sasuke was being an uncooperative and moody bastard.

Naruto made a desperate stab at a conversation. "So, that Malfoy kid is a real piece of work, isn't he?"

"Hn," was the only reply Naruto received from his black haired partner.

"I mean, he's always spouting stuff about his father and crap. He doesn't seem to have any style or sense," the blonde continued, hoping that by mutilating conversation, it would come to life and thus relieve him of any boredom.

"The only one with any sense is the girl."

Naruto glared at his companion. "You suck," he said, blowing a raspberry. "Haven't you heard of small-talk before?" There was silence. "I'm so bored!" the blonde moaned, rolling around on top of the train.

"Stop that, dobe!" Sasuke hissed. He was feeling very tempted to kick his partner off of the roof and make up a lie to Sakura about what happened. The Uchiha had noticed very quickly that Naruto only really focused whenever there was an emergency or there was some sort of ramen convention. Other than that, the blonde really lacked prudence and finesse.


"Then make something interesting happen!" Naruto complained, huffing as his rolling came to a stop.

"Mm, I can make something interesting happen," Kyuubi commented, lazily flicking his tails around while he rested his head on top of his front paws.

Naruto perked up. "What? What is it?" he asked jovially, grinning like there was no tomorrow.

"Rain," the fox sadistically smirked.

As soon as that word left his mouth, the blonde's smile slid off of his face as fast as gravity would allow. "Noooo!" Naruto howled, cringing.

"Damn it, I told you to be quiet!" Sasuke spat, scowling.

"I hate the rain!" Naruto whined, furrowing his eyes together as he pouted at Sasuke.


And at that precise moment, rain began to fall upon the two ninja in thick sheets, completely drenching everything underneath the cloud's billowing reaches. The ninja remained silent as they sped towards the school, enduring the chilling rain while completely soaked to the bone.

The two ninja stealthily and quickly hopped off of the sleek roof before the train had even come to a complete halt. They darted into the castle and into a room located near the Great Hall.

"Jeez, you guys are completely soaked," Sakura commented while eyeing the puddle of water forming at their feet.

"Well, we forgot our wands," Naruto muttered, shaking his head and drizzling water everywhere.

"Watch it!" Kakashi warned, shielding his book with his body. There was no way he was getting this volume watermarked by Naruto's animal habits.

"Here," Sakura said, tossing the two magical sticks. "Now hurry and dry off. We need to be in the Hall before those carriages come up."

Sasuke said nothing as he dried himself off. Naruto was murmuring curses at the rain as he caught his wand and also dried himself off. The four of them made eye contact and secured their masks.

"It's show time," Naruto grinned.

Harry was cold. No, scratch that, he was a freezing stick of ice about to fall over and shatter into a million pieces. The weather decided to hate him and rain a brand new ocean onto the Hogwarts castle. Harry flinched as a wave of water soaked his socks from a water balloon that had nailed Ron. He wiggled his toes uncomfortably. Or maybe his toes weren't uncomfortable at all.

He couldn't feel them.

"Peeves!" came the familiar roar of Professor McGonagall. "Knock that off this instant or the Headmaster shall know of it!"

"I ain't doing nothing," Peeves cackled while lobbing another water bomb towards a group of girls.

"Oh? Would you rather have me notify the guards?"

Peeves paled. "Oh no, no, no, no. That won't be necessary Professor. I'll just be on my way now," the poltergeist chattered before zooming away.

"Thank heavens there's a way to control him without relying on the Bloody Baron," Professor McGonagall sighed, looking pleased but tired at the same time. She began to usher the students indoors.

Harry picked up this piece of information with curiosity. Guards? At Hogwarts? Controlling Peeves? This was unheard of. He glanced over at Hermione and Ron and was pleased to note that they had picked up on the word 'guards' as well.

"Guards? What do you think Hogwarts needs guards for this year?" Ron whispered, hobbling down the corridor and into the Great Hall.

"Who knows," Hermione whispered back, rubbing her hands vigorously against each other for warmth. "I suspect it has something to do with whatever's going to happen this year."

"I suppose we'll find out soon," Harry chimed in as they approached the grand doors that belonged to the Great Hall. "I hope it's something good, seeing as Mr. Weasly and everyone else working at the Ministry kept dropping hints about it. Now my expectations are high."

Hermione pursed her lips, but said nothing while Ron enthusiastically nodded his head in complete agreement.

The trio walked past the entrance and into the Great Hall. When they entered, Harry noticed a level of excitement that was higher and more condensed than usual. Frowning, he shrugged it off and sat beside Ron. Hermione settled down next to Dean on the opposite side of the elongated table.

Not a second after their bottoms had met the wooden benches did Dean ask, "Would you three happen to know anything about these guards?"

Alarmed, the trio exchanged cautious glances before shaking their heads. Hermione was the first to speak. "How do you know about the guards?"

Dean raised an eyebrow, and with a tone that indicated the obvious, he replied, "Because everyone walked past two of them when we came in."

Harry swiveled his head to stare at the entrance and sure enough, there were two guards standing on either side of the majestic doors. He eyed the silver plated armor and black underclothes while scrutinizing the blonde and black hair of each guard behind animalistic masks. Harry carefully noted that the black haired one was rather rigid, but ready to jump into battle at a moment's notice. The blonde, on the other hand, seemed looser; he was leaning against one of the doors and was fidgety. Harry gave an odd look at the sword strapped to the back of the black haired one.

"Why's he carrying around a big stick?" Ron asked, his face scrunched up as he too scrutinized the new guards. "If someone wants to kill us, they're not going to wait for him to poke him or her to death."

"It's called a katana, Ron," Hermione lectured without looking at him as she craned her neck for a better view. "It's a lot more intricate than a big stick."

"Wouldn't want to cross that black haired one, eh?" Seamus commented as he joined the group. "There are two more on the other end of the Hall, next to the professors," he added.

Harry switched his field of vision for the ones in the back. He was fairly certain that the pink haired one was female. She stood at one end of the marble table and a man with gray hair stood at the other end, reading what seemed to be an orange colored book.

Seamus whispered excitedly with a gleeful look, "I know that book! My uncle was visiting Asia and he brought one back with him. I stole a peek and guess what?" He continued after waiting briefly. "It's porn!"

Hermione cringed in disgust. "What?" she exclaimed, "That can't be right. Do you really think a guard would be reading porn in the midst of underage students?"

"Say what you want, mate, but that's porn. I can guarantee it," Seamus said proudly.

Harry didn't doubt that Seamus was telling the truth; he looked far too pleased to be lying. But if these so called guards were supposed to be actual guards, he wasn't going to assume they could do much. One carries a sword and the other reads porn.

Why, Harry felt so much safer already.

The famous boy shook his head. He could take care of himself and as long as he had his friends by his side there wasn't anything to fear. Maybe he could trust them to some extent since Dumbledore trusted them enough to invite them to Hogwarts, but he couldn't depend on some mysterious entities. Harry turned his gaze upon their new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

But there wasn't anyone there.

A quizzical look spread over his face as he turned to the other around him and asked, "Do we not have a teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts this year?"

The conversation the others had about the guards abruptly ended. Alarmed eyebrows shot up and inquisitive eyes scanned the great table of Professors.

"Was there no one willing to take the position?" Hermione whispered, horrified look on her face. Granted, if there was no teacher then the course would most likely have to consist of independent study with books, but even Hermione knew that practical lessons were immensely helpful to the learning process as well.

"It is a cursed spot, mate," Ron shrugged nonchalantly. "I wouldn't mind having Lupin back though…" he trailed off wistfully.

Harry frowned. No teacher? What were they to do? Voldemort wasn't exactly dead and is constantly searching for ways to rise to full power once again. Students now had no teacher to teach the masses how to defend themselves against the dark arts.

He shoved all of these thoughts to the back of his mind as McGonagall walked in with the Sorting Hat and a herded group of first years behind her. Harry relaxed as the Sorting Hat began its song. It was too early in the school year to be tensed about the weight of the world and put on edge by a couple of out of place details. His attention was, however, perked at something that the Sorting Hat mentioned. A war of two worlds? Beware the greater evils? After that came talk about unity and trust, but it was the warnings that caught his attention the most. He watched the actual sorting occur and felt pleased to watch a sorting. Harry made sure to clap as each new Gryffindor joined the table.

He smiled as he heard Ron mutter "Finally" as the last student was sorted in and Dumbledore had given the green lights to begin their feast. Happily, the three tucked in all of the delicious food, some more vigorously than others.

Parvati, sitting a couple of people down in Harry's right, commented, "Those guards haven't moved a muscle. Well, the one with the book being the exception, but he's only been turning the pages."

"I don't mind them not moving," Lavender sighed, staring dreamily at the one with black hair. "They seem to be in really good shape though. I wouldn't mind seeing their faces. I bet he's a keeper." The two girls lapsed into a fit of giggles.

"Oh, he is, I can assure you of that girls," a nearby ghost pitched, fanning herself. "They're great around the castle and conduct themselves in a very polite manner. Well, the blonde one not so much and I've only ever seen the tallest one read." She continued filling the girls in on nonsense stuff.

Harry rolled his eyes as his interest in the conversation dwindled. Startled by a soft bang, he attention turned to Hermione, who had overturned a glass of pumpkin juice and looked livid.

"House elves? At Hogwarts?" she asked, horrified.

"Why, certainly," Nick, the pearly translucent ghost, replied. He was surprised at Hermione's outburst.

"Slave labor," Hermione hissed, glaring at the food laid out on the table with every inch of her soul. "That's what made this meal. Slave labor."

Harry shook his head as Ron tried to convince her to eat. When Hermione had decided not to do something, she was as stubborn as a mule.

Then, Dumbledore stood up and neatly folded his hands. The chatter that had been bouncing around the Great Hall froze and withered into silence. With an omniscient twinkle in his eye, Dumbledore began his speech. He spoke of the forbidden list and Hogsmeade before moving on to the real topic of the evening. "I regret to inform you, however," he said, his eyes sweeping the Great Hall, "that the annual Quidditch tournament will not be held this year."

This drew scandalized and outraged reactions from players and fans alike in the sea of students. Dumbledore smiled, understanding their indignant response.

There was a presence. Not necessarily filled with hostile intentions, but menacing. Uneven footsteps steadily plodded their way towards the doors of the Great Hall. Sasuke tensed and fingered the hilt of his sword. Naruto removed the hands that were clasped behind his head in a carefree posture to his pockets, where his fingers gently fingered his kunai.

They exchanged glances. The two weren't exactly sure why a single entity made them so edgy. They glanced over at Sakura and Kakashi. Kakashi's eyes peered over the top of his book towards the door. Sakura nodded, her stance widening.

Sasuke and Naruto waited until the presence they were feeling was 10 feet from the door before disappearing from the Great Hall entirely in a classic small cloud of smoke.

The movement of the ninjas abruptly cut off Dumbledore's speech. Sakura and Kakashi had moved in front of the long table where the professors sat, the book tucked away and game faces ready. The heads of the students whipped around quickly to the Great Hall's doors, where the ninjas had disappeared. Oddly, it was completely silent.

Wordlessly, Dumbledore waved his hands and the doors gently swung open as if they had been pushed. The sight that greeted the hundreds of eyes stunned most for various reasons. Sasuke had his sword pointed deftly underneath the stranger's chin and was standing off to the side. His hands did not shake and his posture never moved an inch. Naruto was located behind the stranger. The stranger's body blocked the positioning of his limbs, but the blonde wasn't standing there for fun. He held a kunai to the small of the stranger's back.

The stranger was a completely different story. He wore a tattered cloak, walked with a wooden leg, and had frizzy hair. Perhaps the most astonishing feature this man possessed that stood above all others was a cobalt blue eye that spun without restraint in the socket.

Sasuke's grip on his sword tightened. He didn't like this stranger at all. He especially didn't like that eye. Obviously, it wasn't a normal eye and had some ability or abilities imbedded within its system. Sasuke didn't like surprises. He moved his sword very slowly, almost tauntingly, to the side of the stranger's neck, where the katana hovered above the external jugular vein. He was about to immobilize the stranger further for questioning when Dumbledore's voice boomed:


Sasuke's eyes narrowed in dislike at the command and his sword lingered around the neck, reluctant to move. Naruto tilted his head to the side as a warning to Sasuke and in a flash, the two were back at the entrance doors as if nothing had happened.

The stranger walked past the two, giving them appraising looks. His wooden leg clunked along the marble surface of the floor as he made his way towards Dumbledore. All eyes were on him. Sakura and Kakashi had moved back to their original spots, but their eyes were trained on the stranger through the slits of their masks. Dumbledore exchanged silent words with the stranger before he visibly brightened.

"May I introduce," Dumbledore announced happily as he motioned for the person to sit at the Professor's table, "Alastor Moody, our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher!" The applause was scattered at best.

Naruto felt as if something was off. There was just something wrong with this stranger. His smells were clashing, as if there were two colliding. It wasn't something faint, like walking through the bakery in the morning and coming out smelling like fresh bread. No, this was something more dominant. Naruto shifted uncomfortably and whispered his uneasiness to Sasuke during the applause. Sasuke lightly nodded his head in understanding. The blonde then proceeded to make eye contact with Kakashi, who had no doubt noticed the same thing.

He shifted again. It was a bad habit of his that somehow stuck and showed itself whenever he had landed himself in trouble or was troubled by something. Why did everything have to be so complicated? They were expected to protect some kid and bring Orochimaru down. Then this worn out looking guy just had to pop in and smell funny. Naruto shifted and scrunched his face.

Maybe he was making it too complicated. What if in reality, everything was actually really simple? If this Moody was in cohorts with Orochimaru, he'd just kick their asses and be done with it. Yeah. That sounded like a good plan. The grin that had crept upon his face fell flat when he remembered that dear Sasuke was team leader and that dear Sasuke would probably want to be all cloak and dagger about things. Plan this, and then plan that small part that's in the plan, and don't forget to plan the other part of the plan. Yuck.

From the table, Harry wrenched his gaze from the sight of Moody eating to the ninja standing by the entrance of the grand doors to the Great Hall. He frowned as he spotted the blonde one constantly shifting. Did he have to go to the bathroom? Despite their flashy display earlier, Harry wasn't feeling too confident about these guards, but then again, they seemed very professional and emanated a chill ambience that installed a barrier between them and the students. He shook his head and turned back to listen to what Dumbledore was saying.

"Quidditch will be cancelled in order to accommodate another event that will take up most of the school year. I am please to inform all of you that the Triwizard Tournament will be held at Hogwarts this year!" Dumbledore happily announced. He watched with twinkling eyes as his news instantly melted the cold ice that had been brought on by Moody's entrance. He chuckled as the Weasly twins burst out in disbelief and amazement and raised both of his hands to command silence upon the students.

"I am not joking, Mr. Weasly and Mr. Weasly," Dumbledore said, eyeing the two. "We will be having two other schools joining in the tournament to strengthen the bonds between wizards and schools and to enjoy a little healthy competition."

As Dumbledore continued to talk, Ron had nudged Harry and asked, "Wouldn't it be great to participate in something like that? Think of the glory and the prize money!"

Hermione, who had been paying rapt attention to what Dumbledore was saying, squeaked at the mention of a death toll. "There's been a death toll!" she hissed across the table. "A huge death toll in the past that caused the tournament to be discontinued. I think that a tournament that has a death toll isn't worth participating in, no matter the prize."

"Lighten up, Hermione," Ron sighed, rolling his eyes. "Professor Dumbledore just mentioned how everything's going to be safer and stuff. I don't think that it'll be that dangerous."

"But still," Hermione whispered, looking off-balanced. "There have been people that have died!"

Harry tuned them out as they continued to bicker in hushed tones. Really, someone should just give them an award for being number one in the art of bickering and still remaining best friends. Maybe then they would stop. He perked up at a tidbit that Dumbledore had mentioned; the guards would also help keep the students safe.

Sasuke, naturally, heard this as well and blanched. They had never agreed to anything of the sort. He thought that they had been perfectly clear with each other regarding their terms and goals. They would protect the Potter kid, and only the Potter kid, in exchange for being able to use their facilities and being able to hunt Orochimaru. That was all. Not once had they ever agreed to watching a bunch of kids, in a competition no less, and make sure that no one got severely hurt. Sasuke twitched behind his mask. He would have to have a word with the Headmaster later.

But for now, he would have to remain vigilant as the students were being excused for bed. They had to be on their toes. Sasuke made a slight inclination with his head and the ninja cleared out of the hall in small wisps of smoke, earning some "bloody hell!" exclamations and gasps. It had been determined beforehand which dorm each would follow before rendezvousing in an empty classroom that had no paintings. Sasuke would follow the Slytherins, Naruto would follow the Gryffindors, Sakura would follow the Ravenclaws, and Kakashi would follow the Hufflepuffs.

Harry and his friends made it back to the common room after helping Neville out and bid each other goodnight. He climbed up the spiral stairs and changed his clothes before flopping into the bed. Harry grinned into his pillow as his dreams of being declared the Hogwarts champion and gaining Cho's affection began and continued well into the night.

The four ninja met in an empty classroom and stood facing each other in a square. Their figures were illuminated by a small amount of luminescent moonlight that seeped through a window.

"The target- oops, subject made it safely back to the dorm," Naruto corrected himself with a small scowl. "He looked really happy about something before and after he fell asleep though."

"Well, it's to be expected," Sakura chimed in, twirling a piece of her pink hair. "He's a male student with male needs with a lot of pretty females around. Not to mention there's the tournament going on. What were you expecting?"

"You mean he- uh, oh," Naruto gaped, speechless as he stared at Sakura. "Really?"

A derisive snort was the only thing that answered his question.

Kakashi closed his book and stashed it carefully in a pouch. "Onto more pressing matters," he said, catching everyone's attention. "I'm a little more concerned with the new teacher. Naruto's right- he smells completely off."

Naruto cringed his nose as he remembered the scent. "The problem isn't that we know that he smells off. The problem is that we just don't know why."

Sasuke stood with his arms folded. "As of now, he poses no credible threat. However, that doesn't mean that he can't become one. A wild card is always dangerous. We'll have to watch him carefully," he mused, his face drawn deep into thought. He shook his head in dismay at the not so great start they were having.

"Then tomorrow we'll just be taking turns watching the classes the subject is in while the others patrol?" Sakura asked, stretching her limbs. "I'll take the first shift. You two," she pointed at Sasuke and Naruto, "can sleep in after we're done patrolling tonight. I don't doubt that you'll need it." The two nodded.

"Thanks Sakura-chan!" Naruto cheered, hopping up and down in excitement. "In return, I'll tell you two of Gaara's weaknesses since Sasuke probably won't thank you."

The pink haired ninja perked up at this juicy piece of information she would be receiving. "What is it?" she demanded, leaning forward.

"Cookies and photos of Sakura-chan in bathing suits."

The four ninja returned to patrol- one with a book, one with a smirk, another with a large lump on his head, and one with a flushed face.

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