You remember hope, but it's just a

Hazy mist

In a distant corner of your failing mind


Of a rescue

But they have no reason to come

They're probably better off without you

Your heart aches with loneliness

You feel

And remember how they felt

Jealous, angry, resentful

Your remember pain


Of loss


Of betrayal

The pain of being forsaken

By the only family you have left

You thought

You were strong


You're not as strong

As you thought you were

You hang your head

As you remember

The hurt you held onto

The guilt you've made him live with

The rage you let

Consume you

Like a flood

You wonder

Does he even care?

You like to think

He does

But he probably doesn't

You've done nothing

But make his life miserable

No wonder you feel like he doesn't care

Why would he?

He has no reason to

You've always loved him

But he'll never know

Darkness comes

But before you allow it

To overtake you

You hear his voice

In your head

Calling your name

Caring, loving, worried

What if he really did care?

Found poetry based on the story "Remember" by HaloFin17, found on this site. All lines are my own, but the main idea comes from their story. All credit goes to HaloFin17 for the story, and Mattel Inc. for the characters and movies that inspired HaloFin17's story.