Fir and Linnet, the Eternal Flame

Chapter 1

This is about Brother Fir's secret past and about his unknown relationship with Linnet. Enjoy!

As the sun rose above the enchanted mists, old Brother Fir sipped from a goblet of sweet strawberry cordial. He looked outside the window and saw a single wasp circling his flowers in the sky. Suddenly, a rush of memories overcame his ancient mind. He closed his eyes and lost himself in his cherished past…

Fir was flying through the treetops, the wind in his fur, the sun shining through the leaves, and-

"Fir!" He turned and saw a beautiful squirrel, her fur the color of fire itself. She was standing near the top of Watchtop Hill, paws on her hips, her expression stern.

"We don't have much time! Captain Bantry will be expecting us!"

"All in good time, Linnet. Patience."

"Who can be patient with a squirrel as dense as you? I have been waiting forever while you take your time doing Heart-knows-what. It's exhausting, and I want to see the ship."

He smiled. So much had changed since he became a tower squirrel, but not her. She was still as feisty as ever. She was still his Linnet.

"But Spring is finally here! Why don't you come up and experience it for yourself? The view is amazing."

"There will be a better view on the top of the hill, if we actually get there!"

He sighed. "Linnet, the captain won't mind if we are a little late. He is probably watching the ship as well and won't miss us. Guarding can wait. Spring can't."

She stared at him for a long moment. "Let's go."

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