Fir and Linnet, the Eternal Flame

Chapter 8

"Linnet! Linnet, wake up!" Fir sighed in exasperation at the bottom of Linnet's tree. He needed to tell Linnet about his dream, but she still wasn't awake. He could climb the tree and wait outside, but the last thing Fir needed was running into Linnet's father. Her father never seemed to like Fir (he really didn't like youngsters in general) and seemed to glare at him wherever he went. Yeerlin said it may be because Fir was best friends with his daughter, but he wasn't so sure about old Keenan.

"Linnet! Don't make me come up there!" The tree remained silent. He thought about screaming louder, but he didn't want to wake Keenan and have to explain what he was doing asking for his daughter this early in the morning.

Just as Fir was about to give up, a figure leaped out of the window and jumped down in front of him.

"Linnet!" Fir yelled, then clamped his paws over his mouth. "You scared the fur off of me!"

Linnet, who was laughing against the tree, managed to say, "You must have jumped three feet!" Then she went back to laughing.

"Enough of this, Linnet! I have something to tell you."

Linnet breathed deeply. "I'm listening." she said with a smirk.

Fir told Linnet about the ships, Caeronvar, and the mysterious voices. She remained silent for a moment then replied, "We have to see Yeerlin. Now."

"Wait, why are we doing this again?" Fir called to Linnet, who was far ahead of him. "Yeerlin will send for us when he's finished his audience with the king! Why should we-"

"FIR!" she yelled. He stopped. Linnet had never talked to him that way. Linnet, who seemed to notice this as well, sighed and looked out to sea. Her expression softened. "We need to talk to him, okay? It's just…this prophecy Yeerlin told us, and now your dream…I don't like it, Fir. Not one bit. It can't be a coincidence."Linnet's tone was different. Fir had never hear he speak that way before. It was almost like…she was scared.

Nah, Fir. You're imagining things. I mean, Linnet? Scared? Hah! When moles fly!

But still…her tone worried him. Linnet wasn't afraid of anything. And if she's worried, then it must be because of something BIG. Fir started to feel nervous himself.

"Linnet, it's only a dream. With everything that went on last night…" Fir remembered the hedgehog's horrified cries, the weapons, the sense of evil in the air… "I-I must have just had a nightmare or something. That's all it was, Linnet. Really."

Linnet stared into his eyes for a long moment, like she was looking for something. Then she sighed. "I hope you're right, Fir. Heart, I hope you're right."

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