A/N: This is my collaboration with Lexecullen17 for the Twilight Fic Exchange. Our gift was for , she wanted a football based story or something to do with a white Christmas, we tried our hardest to give her both.

Summary:Edward Cullen is the cocky, flirtatious quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals and Bella Swan is a no nonsense cheerleader on their squad. What happens when all Bella wants out of life is a white Christmas? Will her boyfriend, Edward, be able to pull of the dream gift or will it all fall apart?/b


"You okay, Em?" I laughed, noticing the excessive amount of sweat dripping off of my friend's forehead as we finished up our last drill.

We were the last two on the field. All the other boys had headed into the locker room, but as captain of the team, I was required to stay on the field until the last person had completed their run. At 250 lbs of hulking muscle, Emmett was always last. Like…four minutes behind everyone else. But he was a fucking amazing line backer, and an even better friend, so I never complained.

"Why is it still 100 degrees in December?" Emmett wheezed, pulling his helmet off to deter the sweat from dripping into his eyes. That shit stung.

"I don't know, Em…maybe because we live in a desert. You should know after five years playing for the Cardinals that Phoenix is always hot." Annoyed, Emmett wiped the river of sweat from his forehead and shook his hand in my direction, spraying his sweat into the air.

"You are such a fucking pig. No wonder Rose doesn't want to be seen in public with you." I laughed as Emmett's face contorted into an expression of shock, which only caused my laughter to increase.

In actuality, Rose couldn't be seen with Emmett; it wasn't that she didn't want to. But, after some interesting baby daddy situations between the players and our cheerleaders, we were no longer allowed to fraternize. In fact, I think I signed a clause on my contract saying that I wouldn't engage in any form of frottage with the cheerleaders during my time on the Cardinals. Oops. And clearly…oops for Emmett, too.

"Ha ha…laugh it up, QB," he groaned, shooting a pointed glare in my direction. "But some of us like working up a sweat."

"Oh, I like working up a sweat all right. Just not on the field." I smirked nodding my head toward the stretching cheerleaders, who were also winding down their practice. Best part of practice: watching the cheerleaders stretch. Without a doubt. My mouth salivated watching Rosalie stretch out my favorite cheerleader, her roommate, Bella.

Mmm. Delicious. I watched on in delight as Bella grunted out a, "Harder, Rose," as Rosalie leaned into her leg, pushing it towards her shoulder. I licked my lips, noticing that she'd gotten even more flexible over the past few weeks, constantly pushing herself. My dick stood at attention as she moaned loudly. "Ah…oh yeah, right there." I lived to hear those sounds. She practically oozed sex.

"Enjoying the show?" Emmett chuckled into my ear.

"I always do," I smiled, completely unapologetic for having been caught ogling the half-naked, sweaty, moaning girls. I mean, please. "Ladies." I walked past the stretching girls and towards the locker room.

"Edward, Edward!" I turned around, smiling widely at the two blondes in front of me. I fucked them both my first week on the team five years ago. God, I was such an asshole back then.

"Jessica, Lauren." I laughed as they both latched onto one of my arms. "How can I be of service this evening?"

"It's Lauren's birthday tomorrow, and like…we really want you to come. You know we're good at that," Jessica winked, sliding her long acrylic nails over my thigh. "And look at that, baby, you're ready to come right now…aren't you?" Of course, I was already hard from hearing my favorite brunette moan and sigh with pleasure, but I sucked it up and let the girls think it was for them. It was the least I could do, seeing as how there was no way in hell I was going to Lauren's birthday bash.

"You guys are bad," I smirked, moving my hands down to grab a handful of ass on either side of me. "You know I can't come. That's just mean." I quickly extracted myself from their prying claws before continuing towards the locker room.

That was all I could take for today.

"Pompous asshole," I heard Bella mutter behind me accompanied by Rosalie's high pitched giggling. I resisted the urge to turn around and retaliate, though. I really needed to get my pads off before I got heat stroke.

Inside the locker room, Emmett was already freshly showered and ready to head out. I threw my pads into my locker, groaning at the soreness in my left knee. I had already pulled the ligament once, and I would need to ice it tonight. That would put a serious damper on my evening plans. I smiled to myself, looking at the already wrapped gift sitting on the top shelf. Tonight was going to be great. I hoped.

"So, tonight?" Em pulled the gift from the shelf and shook it around a little bit, doing his own version of a touchdown dance. What a tool.

"Yeah, tonight." I snatched back the gift and put it in my gym back, zipping it into the front pocket. There would be hell to pay if I lost that before tonight.

"Dude, you need to get laid in a bad way. I'm heading home. Calm the fuck down and call me later, k?"

I nodded and waved him off as I stripped off the rest of my clothes, donning only a towel as I walked to the showers. Emmett could never actually piss me off for more than a few seconds. Sweaty and hot and hard, I decided to turn the shower onto "cool" before removing my towel and stepping in slowly.

The cold water pelted onto my hardened cock, softening it quickly. Good thing, too. I didn't have time to waste taking care of that right now. After shampooing thoroughly, I stepped back under the spray, shocked by the frigid temperature of the water. As soon as I was rinsed off, I turned the heat back up, letting the hot water massage my aching back muscles. I was only 27. How could one measly practice make me this tired? I hated feeling like I was getting old.

Groaning, I turned the heat up even further, letting my eyes droop closed as my head tilted forward. The water came down in hot torrents, filling the room with steam. I inhaled deeply, letting the steam clear my head and calm me down.

And then, I wasn't so calm anymore. I could feel the soft curve of breasts and small hands ghosting over my back, making my cock come to life once more.

"You do that on purpose to drive me crazy," she murmured into the sensitive flesh at the center of my spine.

"Do what?" I smiled.

"You know what."

"Really?" I egged her on.

"I can't stand when you grab their asses," she said, her hands mimicking her own words, taking a large handful of my glutes. I chuckled quietly, knowing that it, in fact, did drive her insane. But if she could tease, then so could I, right? My laughter quickly turned to moans as her hands moved down my sides and slid forward to wrap themselves around my waist, pulling me completely flush to her. Slowly, but with extreme purpose, one of her hands made small circles on my abs, swiping lower each time. By the time her hand was only millimeters away from where I wanted her most, I was ready to explode.

Feeling impatient, I spun around without warning and pressed her body against the steamy tiles of the stall. Her brown eyes widened for a second before narrowing just as quickly as she attempted to squirm away from me. But, come on. She was an 115 lb tiny thing, and I was six feet and two inches of 180 lbs of lean muscle. I could probably throw her half way down the football field if I really tried. I mean, I didn't get recruited early out of Berkley for completing the curriculum too quickly, that was for sure.

"Edward," she whimpered, jutting out her bottom lip.

"Bella, Bella, Bella," I sighed, nipping at her neck. "You're such a tease. Don't think I didn't notice those noises earlier."

"What ever do you mean, Edward?" she attempted to laugh, but my nipping was causing her to breathe heavier with each word.

"Harder, Rosalie?" I mimicked her words from earlier, using the breathy whine she'd accompanied it with. I looked at her pointedly and scoffed. "Are you fucking serious?"

That was it. She burst into laughter, finally unable to keep up her facade of innocence any longer.

"Those noises are for me, Bella," I growled, pulling her legs up one at a time to wrap around my waist. "Only me." With those words, I pushed myself inside of her, watching with glee as her laughter dissolve into the noises I had longed to hear her make since I watched Rosalie stretching out her hamstrings.

I shoved into the wall, kneading at her ass. God, I love me some ass. She sighed loudly, clutching onto my slippery shoulders as she adjusted her position to get more comfortable. She was already so wet, the moisture from the shower combined with her own essence slipping down our thighs with each thrust.

"Ah, oh yes, Edward…right there!" she moaned, her words matching the exact ones from earlier. Her head lolled forward onto my shoulder as her short nails scraped over the top of my back. I would have laughed had I not been so far gone. But I was. I could feel every heartbeat, her wild pulse clenching around my cock, enveloping it in her warmth.

Her lips latched onto my neck as her fingers pulled at the bottom of my hair, yanking my head backwards. I loved that she lost herself in the sensations so much that she wasn't even aware of how rough we were being with one another. She bit into my shoulder as her orgasm ripped through her. Her steady clenching became erratic, squeezing me into oblivion as she continued to ride it out. Unable to prolong my erection any longer, I succumbed to my own climax, shooting into Bella with one last forceful thrust.

Completely spent and feeling the combined stress from practice and our shower sexing, I unwrapped Bella's legs and placed her back on the ground. As I let go, Bella's knees buckled and she fell to the ground, sprawled out against the wet tile.

"Oh my God, Bella. Are you okay?" I crouched down to help her back up, hoping that she wasn't hurt. But she was just laughing. Typical, ridiculous Bella.

"That was incredible," she sighed as I pulled her back to standing, allowing her to lean against my chest for support.

"Clearly, I laughed, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. "You can't even stand." She tilted her head upwards, resting her chin on my chest looking completely sated but rolled her eyes for effect. Such a tyrant. Ignoring her cheeky expression, I leaned behind me and grabbed the shampoo, poured some onto her head, and worked it into a lather. I massaged her scalp, making her purr like a kitten. We finished our shower in silence, occasionally cleaning one another's hard to reach areas. Even after we were completely clean, Bella continued to stall and rub her tiny hands over my chest and shoulders.

We clearly didn't get enough alone time. I wrapped my arms around her waist, allowing my hands to rest on the small of her back, just above the swell of her ass, and pulled her close. She reached up on her toes and tipped her head upwards, begging me to kiss her. I obliged, realizing that we had yet to kiss one another today, sadly. I brought my lips down to meet hers. The kiss was slow and hot and wet, mixed with steam and water. But as her hands started wandering again, I had to pull away.

I had big plans for us.

"I love you," she sighed, leaning against my chest again as I turned the water off.

She loved me. I would still never get used to hearing her say that. Especially since it took us so fucking long to get there.


I let out a low whistle, checking out the newest cheer recruits. Fuck, they were hot. I'd successfully plowed my way through the whole team last season, and I was definitely in need of some untouched ass.

"Checking out the goods?" Emmett said, smacking my ass. He was always too pumped up before practices.

"Absolutely. There are at least ten new girls who are going to be added to my long list by the end of the season. Mm, mm, mm…"

Practice went by quickly, especially with the copious amounts of new eye candy. I made sure to flash each one of them my best grin and eye fuck whoever was looking my way. That was pretty much the maximum amount of effort required for getting pussy of any kind. I mean, Jesus, I was the quarterback. I had never had to work for ass in my life and never would.

Until HER.

I spotted her stretching off to the side, and fuck me sideways if she wasn't the most flexible girl I'd ever seen. And I'd seen a lot of girls—most of them cheerleaders—so that was really saying something. She was gorgeous, too, in a sort of understated way that I'd never really appreciated before. Her long brown hair was pulled up into a messy bun, allowing a few stray hairs to escape around her face. Oh, that face. I was completely entranced. She had full, pouty lips that just begged to suck my cock, and if I had my way…they'd be doing that shortly.

So, after practice finished, I headed in her direction. Hell, I didn't even know her name, but I wanted to…badly. However, I was stopped mid way by a few of the other prospects I'd thrown my fuck-me eyes at halfway. They all stopped to introduce themselves to me, wanting me to know their names and slipping their numbers into my hand when they thought the other girls weren't looking. As soon as they dispersed, I realized that she was already gone. She had left without introducing herself to me. I stopped an annoyingly clingy blonde, who I'd fucked a few months earlier to get the gossip—the only thing she was good for.

"Hey, Rachel." I grabbed her arm just before she stepped into the locker room.

"Edward!" she gushed. "How are you?"

"Uhh, good…" I ran my hand through my sweaty hair, hoping I could wrap up this conversation as quickly as possible. She wasn't even a good lay. No need to give her false hope. "I actually had a really quick question for you?"

She batted her eyelashes, in what I assumed she thought was a seductive manner, but she really just looked like she had something stuck in her eye. "Anything…" she purred.

"Who's the new brunette?" I nodded my head in the direction that the girl had been stretching by herself in.

Rachel crinkled her nose like I smelled offensive (which, well, I probably did since it was August in Phoenix after an hour long practice) and shook her head. "Ugh, Bella?"

"I don't know…maybe?" I growled, completely frustrated that Rachel was a moron. Why did she have to be the only one available for questioning?

"Off in the corner by herself? Really dowdy looking?"

Dowdy looking? That wasn't how I would describe her, but at least we were finally talking about the same person. Bella—the perfect name for such a beautiful girl. "Yeah, what's her deal?" I asked, trying not to sound too interested.

"She's such a weirdo. She didn't even want to be on the squad," Rachel complained. "She's just an out of practice gymnast who needed some extra cash to pay for school. I'm sure Coach just took pity on her. She's not even cute!"

I disagreed completely with that statement. But I didn't need to tell Rachel about that quite yet. "She's a student?" I was genuinely curious. If she was in school, she was young. Maybe TOO young. Damn it.

"Yeah. She's like super smart, or something. She's getting ANOTHER degree. Who needs another degree? I mean, seriously…that's just ridiculous. If you've already graduated from college, why would you bother to go back? It's just so stupid…" Rachel rambled on, but my mind had already moved forward.

She had already graduated. She was getting a master's in something. Perfect. Age range approved. Problem taken care of.

Except, I had another problem…one that I had never encountered before. She apparently wasn't interested. I had no idea how to respond. I wanted THAT girl. And she didn't even look at me. How was that even possible? I was Edward fucking Cullen.

Feeling cordial, I waited for her to exit the locker room (cordial?...try more like creepy stalker, but whatever). She finally came out in a haze of freshly showered smell, making my cock harden just at the scent. That was weird, but I attributed it to pheromones or something…

"Bella?" I called out as she headed towards the parking lot.

She whipped around quickly, confused as to who was calling out her name. I jogged over to her. Her expression grew more confused with each step I took towards her.

"Hi, Bella. I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Edward Cullen." I gave her my best grin and held out my hand for her to shake. Cordial enough, right?

Apparently it wasn't because Bella looked at my hand like it had ten forms of venereal diseases on it. She made no move to take it, so I lowered it slowly back to my side. She made no move to speak either, so I just continued. "I'm the starting quarterback for the Cardinals," I explained.

"Yeah, I know who you are." She sounded exasperated as she took a step away from me. I ran around to the other side, blocking her path. She wasn't getting away that easily. "Did you need something else or are you here to harass me?" She put her hands on her hips, her tone filling with impatience and anger.

"Harass you?" I choked out. I was being friendly, and she accused me of harassment! "Look, I don't know what your problem is. I just make a point of getting to know all of the cheerleaders—"

"Oh, I don't doubt that…" she laughed, mocking me with her tone. She was a feisty one, that was for sure.

"I was thinking that we could spend some time together…outside of practice?"

"Uhh…" she pretended to think hard, crossing her arms over her chest. "Yeah, I was thinking that I'd rather spend time with people who have brain cells that aren't located in their dicks, but thanks for asking. Edward, was it?" My mouth dropped open. Who did this girl think she was? She was LUCKY to be asked out by me…and she had turned me down and insulted me in one sentence. I was astounded. "Bye," she waved, not even sparing me a glance.

Watching her fine ass sway as she walked towards the parking lot, I knew I was smitten. Without a doubt, I was going to make Bella mine.

"Why so serious?" she laughed, pulling the corners of my mouth into a lopsided grin, pulling me out of my trip down memory lane.

"No reason. I love you, too," I added, not willing to reminisce with her about how much she hated me. Instead, I leaned forward to kiss her forehead again and wrapped my towel around her still damp body. "Now, get dressed. we have big plans tonight."

"Oo, yes!" she cheered sarcastically, adding a high kick for effect. I groaned; she had really gotten more flexible. Ah, the perks of dating a cheerleader. "Christmas in 100 degree weather! Woohoo! What could be better?"

I rolled my eyes at her mock enthusiasm as she wandered off to grab her clothes, looking dejected. Bella had been pouting for the past month, ever since I told her that I was going to head back home to Connecticut to celebrate Christmas with my family. She thought it was unnatural to have such a hot Christmas; she lived for a snowy one, but she had yet to have one. And on top of it all, she was pissed that I wasn't going to be around for Christmas PERIOD. To try and appease her, we were celebrating a week early, so we could exchange gifts and have our own Christmas, just the two of us. Little did she know that I had so much in store for her tonight.

"If you wanted me to cancel our plans for tonight, all you had to do was say so..."

"No!" she interrupted, causing me to break out into an amused smile. "Stop looking at me like that, Edward," she huffed, throwing the towel to the ground to put on her underwear.

"Like what?" I lowered my voice. Ignoring me, Bella simply turned around and bent over to step into her underwear, torturing me with her perfect behind. "Ugh, no fair...you cheated." My hands gravitated towards her ass, pulling her against me before she could pull her underwear all the way up. I put my hands on her thighs and pulled them back down again, balling them in my fist. I smirked as her skin erupted into goose bumps. Slowly, I leaned over and kissed in between her shoulder blades, relishing in the feeling of her holding her breath beneath my lips.

"Edward, we don't have time for-"

"Bella?" I heard a shocked voice call from the entrance of the locker room. Shit.

At the sound of the voice, Bella straightened up immediately and grabbed her underwear from my hand before pulling her white sundress over her head as quickly as possible. Simultaneously, I pulled on a stray pair of gym shorts from the bottom of my locker. We took a huge step away from one another just as the origin of the perky voice rounded the corner.

"I thought I heard you," he smiled widely, keeping his eyes trained on Bella. His eyes lit up, making his boy-like features looking even younger in her presence. He definitely had puppy dog eyes for Bella. Don't be a fool, Cullen...you do, too.

"Jake!" Bella called out happily, her panicked features from seconds earlier melting into ones of genuine surprise. "What are you still doing here?"

"Waiting for you..." he lowered his voice suggestively. "Kidding. Coach wanted me to see the doctors about my ankle. They said it looks fine. Just had to ice it for thirty minutes. I'm ready for my shower now, though. What about you?"

"What am I still doing here?" Jake nodded, looking curiously at her hand. She followed his eye line before blushing and holding up the underwear, brazenly displaying her innocent-looking, white panties for Jake to see. "Cullen thought it would be funny to steal my underwear again. It's not!" she scowled, narrowing her eyes at me. Too close, she was trying to tell me. Way too close.

"Your underwear, huh? I'd like to take a look at that myself..." Jake chuckled, taking a large step towards Bella. Okay, that's enough. I slammed my locker door shut, tearing Jake's gaze away from the underwear that would fuel his fantasies for the next however many months and bringing his focus on me. "Oh, hey, Edward..." he blushed, his sweaty face turning even redder as he looked between Bella and me.

"21, isn't it a little late for you to be here?" The team called Jake 21, his jersey number...and his age. The kid was some sort of running back prodigy. He graduated both high school and undergrad in three years each, making him one of the youngest pro players in league.

"Just keeping Bella company," he smirked before grabbing a handful of my favorite behind. His hand was over her dress, but her underwear was still in her hand...meaning, Bella wasn't wearing any underwear. And Jake knew that. I saw red. He needed to remove his hands from that ass in the very near future, or he was going to be losing a limb. Bella wasn't phased, though, of course. She just threw her head back and laughed loudly before pinching Jake's cheeks.

"Of course you were, hun." She pressed a loud, wet kiss onto Jake's cheek and put her own hand over his, which was still grabbing her rear, while keeping her eyes trained on me. I tried my very hardest not to hurl Jake into the lockers and pry Bella's lips and hands away from him, but I knew she was just keeping up an image. We had to maintain it, but it was tiresome most of the time.

"Well, I'm hitting the showers." Jake puffed up his chest as he removed his own pads and threw them into his locker. I could see the wheels turning in his mind, whether or not he should strip down in front of Bella. His nerves would have been laughable had he not decided to be brave and strip down, causing Bella's eyes to widen at the sight of his half naked body. His eyes brightened at her glazed over expression, causing my jealousy to spiral out of control, once again. I cleared my throat pointedly before Jake had the good sense to look away and head towards the showers.

"Have a good one, 21," I offered brusquely as he walked past us, happy to be alone with Bella once again. Once Jake was out of earshot and we could hear the water being turned on, Bella sighed and finally put her underwear on. "I thought you checked to see if everyone was gone."

"I did. Forgot to check the physical therapist's office, though. Never again," she promised. "That was almost really bad, Edward."

"I know." I shook my head and threw a clean t-shirt on.

"I'm sorry," she offered, her eyes filled with remorse.

"Don't be sorry. That wasn't your fault. We just have to be more careful."

Bella sat down on the bench and rested her head into her hands. For a second, I thought she had started crying, causing me to panic. Bella never cried. Instead, she straightened up again and took a deep breath before handing me her hairbrush. Uh oh. Having her hair brushed was Bella's metaphorical blankie, so to speak. It comforted her and soothed her when she was upset. Apparently her grandmother had loved to brush her hair when she was little and the habit never faded away, even when she reached adulthood. I silently took the brush from her hand and began to detangle the strands with careful strokes.

"I hate this," she finally spoke up. "I hate that we can't just be together. It's such a stupid rule, and I really wish we didn't have to do it." I nodded but didn't offer any words. She knew I felt the exact same way, and I had a feeling that she just needed to vent a little bit. "We're in a committed relationship. That shouldn't be an issue. I shouldn't be able to get fired for being in love. But, I'm only five months away from graduating, and then I'll be a real physical therapist. And we can stop pretending. Five months isn't that long, right?"

"Right." I pushed her hair over her shoulder and leaned down to press a soft kiss to her neck. At the feel of my lips on her skin, Bella tilted her head around to pull me in for a real kiss. It was heated and passionate, as it always is with us, but there was a hint of sadness and longing to it, which unfortunately had started becoming feelings we were more familiar with. They'd be gone soon, though. She wrapped her arms around my neck, raking her fingers through my hair. In the recesses of my mind, I heard the water shut off in the distance and hesitantly removed myself from Bella's grasp. "Don't be sad. Please," I begged. "Tonight is going to be great, okay?" I pressed a soft kiss to her forehead before helping her off the bench and gathering her belongings up.

"Can you give me a clue as to what my present is?" she asked, the start of a smile forming on her lips. "You know I hate surprises..."

"This is one surprise that I know you'll be happy with. Is that enough of a clue for you?" I swatted her behind as she stuck out her tongue childishly.

"No," she pouted. "And stop touching my ass, Cullen. Or I'll sue you for harassment." Her gaze was locked over my shoulder, and I knew that she show was back on. We had an audience. "Okay, I'm heading home. You two behave," she said, still staring me down. The corner of my mouth twitched up into a smile and her eyes sparkled. Only a few more hours of waiting until our date tonight.

"You've totally tapped that, haven't you?" Jake laughed, drying the excess water from his hair.

"Oh, yeah," I grinned.

"Lucky bastard," Jake said as he stared wistfully at Bella's retreating figure.

"In your dreams, Cullen," Bella called out from the doorway, flicking us both off without even looking.

After three years of dating, she still kept me on my toes. Her reactions were constantly a surprise-from the first day we met, all the way up until now. I couldn't wait to share my surprise with her at dinner. Hopefully she would be just as excited as I was about it.


"You know they're both staring at us?" Rose, my roommate and best friend, stated more than questioned me. We were set up along the sideline of the football field, getting ready to stretch, as we did at the end of every Cardinal's cheerleading practice. And although I knew exactly which "both" she was referring to, I was feeling feisty and decided to play around with her.

In a fake high-pitched voice that resembled a few of our fellow squad members I teased, "Rose, ye of little faith, it's more than the two of them staring at us."

"Yes, but those two are the only ones you or I care about," she smirked down at me as I laid back onto the soft turf to stretch my legs. With a wink and a sly look, she gestured for me to raise my foot. After she had a firm grip on my ankle, the sly look ventured towards sneaky smile. "That doesn't mean we can't have some fun at their expense though, does it?"

I glanced back quickly, my eyes seeking out the two who were supposedly looking at us. Sure enough, Edward Cullen, the starting quarterback, and Emmett McCarty, one of the HUGE linemen, had their eyes trained on Rose and me in our mass of tangled limbs. Rose and I looked back hungrily, our eyes feasting on their sweaty post-practice bodies. Wasn't it just ironic that we were both dating football players-which was totally against the rules, of course. But I couldn't help it. There was no resisting Edward Cullen.

But as tore my gaze away from the gorgeousness that was my boyfriend and back to the cheer practice, I noticed my eyes were not the only ones focused on him. Mine! My internal voice growled. I could almost feel the claws breaking through my knuckles. Clearly, I'd been watching way too much Wolverine recently. Another hazard of dating a football player...oh, boys and their superheroes.

So, with my mind filled with jealous ravings I began to grunt...loudly. "Harder, Rose," I moaned out, receiving a wicked smile from my roommate in return. Did I happen to mention that she was bombshell hot, and if I had any lesbian tendencies they would be for her? Yeah. Edward may have been privy to that fact, too. Rose bit her lip "in concentration" and pushed my ankle towards my shoulder, bringing my knee almost flush against my chest as she rested her weight against my shoe.

"Ah...oh yeah, right there," I roughly moaned out again, loud enough for everyone to hear. Rose's eyes darted to the boys' place on the field as she checked to see if our little game had the proper effect.

"He's practically panting, Bella," she whispered as I traded my legs out to stretch my other hamstring. "And, heading this way."

I tried to hide the satisfied smile I felt spreading across my face as he passed by me and seductively (and brightly) sang out his greeting.

"Ladies," he crooned, making my body flush with just one word. The smile dissipated quickly, though, as my least favorite, screeching harpies, Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory, made an appearance. "Edward, Edward!" the twin blonde skanks-both of whom Edward had previously screwed-yelled.

I tried to block out their conversation, to no avail. Blocking out Jessica and Lauren was easy enough. However, blocking the smooth, seductive tones of Edward's exaggerated flirting was a bit harder to do. Although we had been together for three years, the skank brigade was still able to get on my last nerve. I really hated that he had touched them at all. But even worse was that they had touched him. Gag me.

Exemplifying their true whoreness, the pair of them giggled and started feeling him up and commenting on parts of him that belonged to me...only me. As if that weren't bad enough, he moved his own hands to grab their asses underneath their skirts. I was pissed. He knew I hated that. Because I had it on good authority that Edward loved my ass the best. As he should.

"B, don't do it." Rose whispered into my ear as she moved my leg and gripped my elbow to prevent me from lunging at them.

"Do what? I have no idea what you're talking about..." I said, feigning innocence as I raised my hands in a defensive gesture. She shook her head and pressed my shoulder even more firmly to the turf. Rose knew me all too well-two more seconds and I would have clawed those bitches eyes out and staked my claim...not to mention lost my job. So instead of that brilliant plan, I did what any mature adult-who happens to be hiding their relationship-would do.

"Pompous asshole," I muttered as Edward walked by, taking out my irritation at not being able to acknowledge our relationship in public on him, sending Rose into a fit of giggles.

"Well done, Bella. But you know what I always say..." Rose smiled over her shoulder as she flounced past me on her way to the women's locker room.

I finished one of her favorite lines. "Revenge is sweet and non fattening." It was an old Alfred Hitchcock quote that Rose governed her life by. And in the mood for some no-fat fun, I continued to stretch by myself, waiting for Emmett to leave the locker room so that I'd know Edward was alone.

Sneaking into the players' locker room was easy. Almost everyone bolted from the stadium as soon as they possibly could. So, after grabbing a change of clothes from the girls' locker room, I ventured to seek out Edward. I stepped into the players' locker room quietly and side stepped to my right, pressing my body flush against the wall-just in case someone hadn't left. After listening for a few moments, I deduced that it was safe. The only sounds I heard were the spattering of water against the tiles in the shower room.

I snuck down the hall, past the lockers, and saw that Edward was by himself under the stream of water. He looked mouthwatering. Seeing the water running freely over his toned, naked, and absolutely delicious body had me very near panting. I shed my clothes into a neat pile, placing my clean clothes next to them, and tiptoed behind him. The sheer beauty of his glistening skin and toned muscles caused me to pause, adding even more heat to my flushed body.

Carefully, I pressed my bare breasts against him, breathing softly into the rivets of his defined back muscles. I attempted to continue my teasing from the field, but it was no use. He was already too worked up. Before I could realize what he was doing, I was pressed against the cool tiles, warm water cascading between Edward and my body.

"Those noises are for me, Bella," Edward growled as he pulled my legs up to lock around his body. "Only me." As he spoke, he pushed his very prominent erection inside of me. Suddenly my body was on sensory overload. The cool tiles combined with the warmth of Edward against me-and inside of me-left me unable to respond. It didn't matter, though. I answered him with my loud moans, expressing the immense pleasure as the sound reverberated and echoed in the small stall. Soon, the pleasure spiraled out of control-my pent up frustration from our teasing increasing with each motion as I felt as my walls tightened around him and my wetness run down our legs.

Edward gripped onto my ass with one hand and steadied us with his other against the wall. The raw emotion combined with my earlier stretching, from practice, had me fully warmed up and wanting to participate more actively. I looked around, wondering where I could get the best leverage from. The only places I could find were Edward's mess of sexy hair or his defined shoulders. Out of fear of ripping the lustrous copper strands from his scalp, I settled on gripping onto his broad shoulders.

"Ah, oh yes, Edward…right there!" I breathed out as he increased his pace. I was almost positive I would have fingertip shaped bruises across my ass in the morning with the force he was driving into me and holding me in place, but I wasn't complaining. Instead, I relished in the feeling of him being so domineering. I rested my head against his shoulder and turned my face to breath in his scent, my hands wandering down his slick back then back across the top of his shoulder blades, happy to let him to the work for a little bit.

I lost myself in the feeling of him and quickly found myself on the edge of my orgasm. With one final thrust, I gave into one of the most powerful climaxes I'd ever experienced. Edward's followed closely behind mine. Exhausted, he pried my legs from around his body and went to set me down. Unfortunately, my muscles were fatigued from hours of practice and our recent shower workout, and my ass found the hard tile of the floor before I could steady myself.

"Oh my God, Bella. Are you okay?" Edward said, crouching down next to me, looking extremely concerned. The seriousness of his expression was absurd. He looked like I had just been hit my a car and he was holding my hand while we waiting on the paramedics. I couldn't help myself...I burst into giggles.

"That was incredible," I admitted to his shocked face as he pulled me back up on my feet.

"Clearly," Edward mumbled mostly to himself as he wrapped his arm around my waist to help me stay steady. "You can't even stand." Slowly, his face changed from concerned to amused. He looked awfully proud of himself. As he should. That was damn good.

We spent the next ten minutes washing each other and just enjoying the few quiet times we were able to have with one another. I didn't want it to end. Edward wasn't going to be here for Christmas, and I would. And I'd be alone. As we got out of the shower, Edward reminded me again of the fact that he wouldn't be around for Christmas by bringing up our date tonight. The date we had to have because Edward was going home to spend Christmas with his family in snowy Connecticut. A white Christmas. My dream! He would be enjoying snow and hot chocolate while I was in the scorching desert. I swore it was hot enough in Phoenix to bake the fucking Christmas turkey on the sidewalk outside my apartment. Needless to say, I wasn't pleased-and I hadn't made that a secret from Edward.

My face must have been showing the disappointment I was feeling about his impending departure because he just laughed and said, "If you wanted me to cancel our plans for tonight, all you had to do was say so..."

"No!" I practically screamed, not willing to lose the little time we could spend together as a couple. Seeing my obvious desire to spend more time with him, Edward was now giving me that damn, sexy crooked. That boy could make anything look sexy. "Stop looking at me like that, Edward," I scolded him as I unwrapped the towel, dropping it to the floor to get ready to put my clothes back on.

"Like what?" he cooed at me. In true mature, adult fashion, I turned and bent over, giving him his favorite view-my ass on full display as I stepped into my panties. "Ugh, no fair...you cheated," he whined. And then I felt him. Edward won't be denied...His hands gripped my hips and pulled me back against his dick-which was magically hard again. His hands ghosted down my hips and quickly pulled off my panties. Guess we're not getting dressed yet...

Just as I began to remind him of our plans, a voice rand out from the door of the locker room. "Bella?" Guess we ARE getting dressed. Fuck, I did not need a pink slip for Christmas. Definitely not. Not wanting whoever it was to catch me completely nude (which would leave me with no wiggle room for an excuse as to why the fuck I was alone in the guys' locker room with Edward-fuck!), I snatched my panties-which were still in Edward's hand-and yanked my dress over my head. Thank God I had worn a dress today...no buttoning jeans or fiddling with a shirt.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Edward hurriedly pulling on some random clothes-and by clothes I meant gym shorts sans any boxers. Um, can you say yum? It hadn't escaped my attention that both Edward and I had failed to put on underwear.

"I thought I heard you," the deep voice said, rounding the corner and finally coming into view.

"Jake!" I screeched out in a too high, falsetto voice that reeked of fake surprise. "What are you still doing here?"

"Waiting for you..." He lowered his voice suggestively, his eyes trained on me. "Kidding. Coach wanted me to see the doctors about my ankle. They said it looks fine. Just had to ice it for thirty minutes. I'm ready for my shower now, though. What about you?"

"What am I still doing here?" I stumbled with the words as I noticed that he was focused on my hand...which were still holding the panties that I had snatched back from Edward. It clicked. Brilliant. Testosterone-filled boys and their love of panties. "Cullen thought it would be funny to steal my underwear again. It's not!" I growled and glared over at Edward. If he hadn't gotten greedy and let me finished getting dressed, we'd be on our way out instead of almost getting caught. We definitely needed to be more careful.

"Your underwear, huh? I'd like to take a look at that myself..." Jake chuckled as he strode towards me. I could feel the heat and jealousy coming from where Edward was standing. The slamming of his locker door being shut reaffirmed what I already knew.

Then, and only then, did Jake notice Edward's presence. "Oh, hey, Edward..." He turned ten shades of red-something I was known for doing-as his eyes darted between Edward and me.

"21, isn't it a little late for you to be here?" Edward said gruffly using Jake's nickname, 21-his jersey number and age. Despite Edward's current aversion to the poor boy, I knew he really respected him. When he first got drafted, Edward talked about nothing else for weeks. In fact, the whole team had been stoked to get the child prodigy on the field. However, that didn't stop them from teasing the poor kid unmercifully. He took it all in stride, though. Graduating from high school and college in only six years probably prepped him for a lifetime of mockery. But he was mega smart and uber talented, so I didn't think he took most of it to heart.

"Just keeping Bella company," Jake responded coolly, purposefully showing off for his own personal idol, the QB1. He smirked before grabbing playfully on my ass. Edward's favorite ass. Abort, abort! This could end BADLY. I slyly snuck a look at the two men. Jake was living it up, enjoying touching my ass and reveling in the fact that I hadn't put my panties on. I wasn't stupid enough to think that he couldn't feel that. Edward, on the other hand, didn't look so happy. His face told it all. He was pissed and about two seconds away from pummeling the rookie into pulp.

Times like these made me glad that we had the skank brigade. To diffuse what could have been an explosive situation, I did what those whores would have done. I smiled, relishing the attention and threw my head back laughing-the whole "boys will be boys" routine-even though every second his hands remained on me made me cringe internally.

"Of course you were, hun," I said as I pressed my lips to Jake's cheek while placing my hand over his to move it off my ass. As I extracted myself from Jake's grabby hands, I stared at Edward, letting him know that he had to reign in the anger, which was written all over his pretty face.

"Well, I'm hitting the showers." Jake made a show of poking out his chest as he took off his pads. Then, Jake turned to me-and with a smug/terrified look on his face-stripped. Like, butt-booty-ball-nekkid (as my mother, Renee, would say). Not to say that Jake wasn't a good looking kid, but I was awed that he had the audacity to bare all and then grin at me. A kid in a fucking candy store. Now none of us have any underwear on.

Edward's face filled with jealousy and anger as he cleared his throat and looked at Jake sternly. The rookie got the point, turned to leave, and strutted-yes strutted-to the shower.

After grumbling about almost being caught, I made Edward sooth my nerves-which was lovely, by the way. I had told him about my nana brushing my hair when I was little, and he knew that it calmed me, so he brushed my hair gently without a word. It was great and incredibly relaxing but not enough to hold back what had been brewing in my head.

"I hate this. I hate that we can't just be together. It's such a stupid rule, and I really wish we didn't have to do it." I rambled off the complaints, mentally slashing a line through the list I had built inside my brain. I knew the situation bothered him too, but he just stood by quietly. So I continued down my nag list. "We're in a committed relationship. That shouldn't be an issue. I shouldn't be able to get fired for being in love. But, I'm only five months away from graduating, and then I'll be a real physical therapist. And we can stop pretending. Five months isn't that long, right?"

Edward agreed and promised that the wonderful night ahead of us would help take my mind off of my worries, but he refused to give me any details. And though he knew that I detested surprises, he assured me that I would love this one. I thought of trying other tactics to get him to squeal, but hearing the water turn off reminded me that we weren't alone.

"And stop touching my ass, Cullen," I quipped. "Or I'll sue you for harassment." My voice carried back to Jake, and I hoped it was filled with as much annoyance as I was currently feeling. I hate 'playing the part'. "Okay, I'm heading home. You two behave!" I teased, heading towards the door, each step bringing me closer to being able to breathe normally.

"You've totally tapped that, haven't you?" I heard Jake ask, sounding like he was talking to his idol-which he probably was.

"Oh, yeah," a very confident Edward shot back. Of course. And why wouldn't he sound confident? He's slept with almost the whole squad.

"Lucky bastard." Again with the idolizing. Come on, just get on your knees and say you're not worthy.

"In your dreams, Cullen," I tossed out sidely, giving both men the finger without even looking back. After three years of dating, I thought I'd be used to putting up a facade, but I wasn't. I hated it and tried hard to quell my irritation. Unfortunately, I lacked the resolve not to have the reactions I do.

As I crossed the parking lot, I couldn't shake the feeling in the pit of my stomach. I felt a little nauseous, and I didn't know what to make of it-or whether it was good trepidation or a feeling of unease. Whatever it was, it wasn't going away. Stupid surprises! Stupid desert Christmases! And stupid hidden relationships!

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