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Edward and I spent two weeks-except for practices-locked in his house half naked. He had even gone as far as to have groceries delivered, so that we wouldn't have to leave. There were two days when I was alone, while he attended practice. Because of my missing the halftime show, the cheerleading coach had wanted me suspended for the rest of the season.

Edward's coach intervened and told her that I had been asked to help with an emergency, that he had been the one to ask for my help. In light of his insistence, she told me to return to practice the next day.

I found myself cleaning, and all in all, feeling at home in Edward's huge house. Rose had packed some of my things in an overnight bag and had given then to Emmett for delivery to Edward.

The NetFlix subscription, Jasper had given, came in handy. We cuddled beneath a large chenille throw on the couch and watched everything imaginable. Exhausting the new release list, we delved into the classics.

Esme phoned the day before the Superbowl. She was concerned about our relationship and wanted to know why Edward hadn't called to let her know that everything was okay. She, evidently, also asked for my phone number so that she could check in on me-she thought I had looked flustered when she watched the game against the Saints.

Edward promised to call her later and that they would talk after the big game. When she pushed for my number the only thing he told her was, "Tomorrow, mom, tomorrow." He said with a wide spread grin. "Hey, mom, before you hang up... I love you and please make sure you guys watch the press conference after the game."

Then, before she could lay into the motherly guilt routine, he hung up.

"Edward?" I looked at his giddy expression. "Why didn't you tell her that we're okay? And what's so important about the press conference?" He just smiled even larger than before.

"Is it bad that I want you all to myself for one more day?" I laughed, shook my head, and pressed my lips to his. "And tomorrow, well, that's tomorrow," he spoke against my lips before pressing back into them.

"Bella...Bella" Rose touched my shoulder. "Honey, what's wrong?" She studied my face then without my answer continued. "It'll be fine today, the game will be great." She then leaned close to me and lowered her voice, glancing to make sure no one was listening in. "He'll be okay, I promise, and you my friend should enjoy your last game cheering."

Rose's excited intonation brought me back to realty. This would be my last game as a cheerleader. I hadn't even told her that I had finally accepted Edward's proposal and that after today I would be flashing his ring on my third finger. We were all going out to dinner, and the plan was to tell his family, Rose and Emmett together.

Then I would call my big mouth mom and tell her. I warned Edward that he wouldn't even get to do the honors of informing the media and his team. My mom would be blurting it across the nation seconds after I told her. Edward smiled and mumbled something about 'we'll see about that.'

Now, Rose and I were lined up in the tunnel leading from the locker rooms and out onto the field. The pre game show was always fun. The squad would get to preform and meet with a few of the spectators and cheer fans. You'd be surprised how many people are obsessed with NFL cheerleaders.

It's somewhat awkward at times when a fan knows where you grew up and went to high school. This was a small fraction of how fans dealt with the 'Golden Boy' Edward Cullen. They knew his shoe size and who he took to his prom.

With a final squeeze of my shoulder Rose grabbed my hand as we jogged out of the tunnel and into...Oh. My. God. The stadium was filled to the brim-a living sea of people all in shades of red, white, and blue. It looked like a huge patriotic splotch painting. The Indianapolis Colts, and Peyton Manning were the favorites coming into the match.

They crowd erupted into cheers as the players took the field for the opening kick off. Edward's eyes found me before he pulled his helmet on and strutted off to play in his dream game. I mouth 'good luck' and received a brilliantly white smile in return. Then he pushed his mouth guard in and was gone.

The game passed in a blur of penalty flags, touchdowns, and Sport's Center worthy plays. I was trying hard to focus on the key aspects but outside of my rehearsed cheer routines I could only see Edward-whether on the side lines or passing on the field. He had my undivided attention during those times.

The buzzer sounded loudly, indicating that the two minute mark had sounded. Soon, Edward would be in the locker room devising a new play list for the second half and I would be shaking it on the field to the music of The Who. The Colts scored with a kick just before time ran out in the second quarter-tying the score at 17.


My shoulder was aching and the Colts were putting up quite the fight, but I was playing in a Superbowl game...and living out my dream. Not to mention I was engaged to the most beautiful woman in the entire world. I snuck out with Emmett and Jake (the only person on the team smart enough to figure out that Bella and I were seeing one another) to watch the girls perform at half time, and then I was forced to jack off before taking the field for the second half.

The third and fourth quarters seemed to drag on endlessly. Down after down would be stopped, turning over the ball in an endless cycle with no touchdowns. As I looked at the clock, seeing that we were tied at 1:04 minutes remaining and were tied, I decided to end this. The ball was in the Colt's possession, but in a sudden flash, motivation sprang up. I needed to win this game.

Just as I was thinking it, the Colts set up for a field goal and suddenly they had three points on the scoreboard. Down to :56 seconds, I knew that we had to win this. In our huddle, I decided to make an impromptu speech. The guys all circled up, and I looked into the eyes of my pseudo family. I loved these kids, and I knew that we were all going to remember this game for as long as we lived.

"Okay, everyone," I barked. "We're going slow and steady here. Out of bounds stops the clock, and I want our passing game on. No interferences, no blocking. Nothing. Just catch and run it as far as you can until you're forced out of bounds. Twenty one, you ready?" I looked to Jake, who was already bouncing on his toes, warming up to start running. I looked at each of my players and smiled, bringing on the arrogance of Edward fucking Cullen. I was going to own this bitch. "Break!"

I felt something slap my ass, and I realized that it was Jake. He had definitely come into his own, and I hoped that the coach was able to see that. He was no rookie anymore. He was now a rookie with a Superbowl game under his belt. He could do this. We could do this.

The whistle blew and suddenly the ball was in my hands, leaving just as quickly in a beautiful spiral fifteen yards down the field. First down. I watched Jake run, his feet moving magically through the obstacles put in front of him. Finally, he was pushed out of bounds at the the 68 yard line. Clock stopped at 34 seconds.

32 yards in 34 seconds, Cullen? Fuck that...you can do this.

And then I remembered something; we still had another time out to use. I caught my coach's eye, and he understood perfectly. I took a deep breath and prepared to throw the ball again. It left my hands quickly and went straight for Jake, who was standing ten yards outside the end zone. The ball went straight into his hands, but he was knocked to the ground before he could even take two steps towards our goal.

The whistle sounded for our time out, and I rushed over to our sideline huddle. My coach was frazzled as they called out that we only had seven yards to go. Seven yards, twenty two seconds to go. Fuck yeah. "Coach, I got this." He raised his eyebrow at me, but I was feeling great. I knew this game was mine. I was going to end it.

Emmett slapped my shoulder, making me cringe slightly. "I got your back, bro."

Before the whistle rang out for the last play of the game (because I was that confident it would be), I glanced back into the sidelines, smiling widely at Bella. She smiled back, and I could resist winking at her. Surprising the hell out of me, she winked back brazenly, making my already high confidence soar.

The next thing I knew, I was running into the end zone, listening to the wild cheering of the Cardinals fans and my team mates all around me. I wanted to look back at Bella again, but I knew that I would break my resolve to keep everything a secret if I looked at her smiling face now. Instead, I allowed myself to be congratulated by my teammates before heading to get ready for our post-game press conference.

"Edward, Edward, Edward!" I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous amount of people standing and screaming at me. I'd finally fucking made it. The big leagues. I cleared my throat and leaned towards the microphone.

"Thank you, everyone, for being here today. I'm so glad that I can share this amazing game with all of you. It was pretty incredible, right?" I paused and let them yammer and cheer for a little bit while I composed my thoughts. Turning on the charm, that I knew I possessed, I continued.

"I can't believe I've won a Superbowl-it was my life dream to play and win one, and I can now say that I have, which is amazing, honestly. What I'm here to announce today, which my coach fully supports, is the end of my career as a Cardinal. I've recently decided to play with the New York Giants." The press started speaking up again, but I couldn't have that. The most important part of my announcement was yet to come. "I've always wanted to play in New York, close to my family, and I can't wait to move back east. Of course, I am so grateful for all the experience my time with the Cardinals has given me. Clearly, this team is my first family, and I will always remember my time spent here. After all, without the Cardinals, I wouldn't have met my fiancee, Isabella Swan. She currently works as a cheerleader for the Cardinals, but she's going to be the most amazing physical therapist in the world after she graduates in May."

The press exploded into conversation again, and this time...I wanted to answer their questions.

My publicist, shocked by announcement, picked someone in the second row. "Hi, Mr. Cullen, I'm Chad Eastwick with Fox Sports, and I was just wondering...you're engaged to a Cardinals cheerleader? Isn't that in breech of your contract?"

I laughed. "Uh, yeah...it is."

"So, how long have you been seeing one another?"

"Three years. And, yes, they could have fired us both a long time ago for that, but...I'm choosing to ignore that right now. I mean, I did just win a Superbowl game, right?"

"You were willing to risk that all for some cheerleader?"

I ran my hand through my hair, chuckling at this kid's brashness. My publicist put his hand up, as if motioning to stop me from answering the question, but I couldn't stop myself. I was positive Bella was watching right now-in fact, I'd mandated that she watch it. So, I was going to give her all it was worth.

"First of all, Chad, was it?" He nodded. "She's not just 'some cheerleader.' She's the love of my life, and if you met her...you'd understand."

That seemed to satisfy the reporter, who smiled and nodded, while writing furiously on his pad of paper. I liked how this press conference had magically converted from being about my miraculous win to being about my relationship with Bella. And somehow, I was okay with that. I couldn't wait to see Bella and hear what her reaction to this had been. And I couldn't wait to put that fucking ring on her finger.





Edward had just beaten my mom to the punch. I was reeling over the fact that he had just won the SuperBowl, and that he had achieved his dream. The confetti had fallen from what seemed like no where and they had presented the trophy and announced the MVP-who also happened to be our own rookie of the year-Jake.

Then, as both the players and cheerleaders had rushed to the locker room, Edward hurried off to the press conference along with the coach and Jake. Sitting in the changing room, I hadn't even bothered to change, I had just slid my team sweats over my uniform and started clearing my locker into my bag. I had figured I should start on it while the other girls were preoccupied with showering and changing.

There had suddenly been a palpable electric buzz humming through the room as Edward stepped up to the press table to take his seat.

"He's too damn sexy," Lauren clamored on about my man.

"And, now that he's won a SuperBowl, he's so much sexier," Jessica added in. Both women-if you could call them that-made me want to dig my nails in their face and claw away. But I held back because I knew the truth...I knew.

"Maybe in the off season we," Lauren pointed over at her partner in whorishness, "could convince dear Edward to break the 'no fraternizing' rule...you know, a joint effort." Their erupting giggles and disgusting comments almost made me lose it.

"Doubtful," Rose sang out, entirely too happy. She knows something. I hadn't told her about the engagement because Edward and I had planned on surprising her and Em together. "He hasn't messed with either of you for, what...four years now?" Twin looks of contempt fell upon her, to which she shrugged, smiled, and then laughed at the silent response.

Clearing his throat to speak, he delivered his first blow. He was going to the New York Giants, to be closer to his family. Why hadn't he told me about the trade? I knew that-since Christmas-he had realized how much he'd missed his family. I shook off the surprise because I was graduating in a few months and wasn't at all worried. It might mean that we'd be apart for a few weeks, but no more than that, for sure.

And that's when he did it. He told the whole entire world that we were engaged. Hence, beating my mom to the punch. When I had warned him of her big mouth, he had mumbled something about not letting her be the one to tell. And now I saw why he had been so sure.

The heat of everyone's eyes were on me now, and I could feel their pointed stares burning into the back of my head-being that I was sitting closet to the TV.

The first response was the one I wanted, Rose's.

"Oh, Bella, you finally said 'yes?'" I nodded, and she hugged me in a tight hug. And then came the onslaught.

The quiet confusion turned to something else. It was a mix of 'awws' and congratulations, and then there were the few girls that had been pining over Edward for so long.

"You little slu,." Jessica's nasally voice screeched loudly through the locker room. "All this time acting all high and mighty. The whole time you've been breaking the rules."

"And why would he choose you?" Lauren's jealous rant broke in.

"I acted all high and mighty? Just because I didn't want to go slutting with you two doesn't mean that I was." I shot back at Jessica first. Then my eyes narrowed and looked beyond her to Lauren.

"As for why he chose me...I made him work for it...unlike some people I know of." My voice sounded irritated and irate. They were ruining my happy moment, and I was so through with it all. "He pursued me for a year-a year, ladies, before I even agreed to a date. Maybe you girls should have kept your knees together and your mouths closed for business. Maybe then you would have found a man, instead of the rotation of fuck buddies you have."

No one said anything, and I swore everyone around me heard each labored breath I took. Finally, the rest of the squad surrounded me-leaving the blow hard girls behind-and gave me rounds of hugs and kisses on my cheek. Some tiny rookie girl asked the question everyone had avoided.

"What are you going to do now?" Her name was Irina. I remembered because of her almost ivory colored blond locks. "I mean, they'll fire you for sure, and you still have til May for school." It was a very valid question and one I hadn't bothered with because my joy had been distracting me.

Edward and I had talked about my finances and why I suddenly had decided to accept his engagement come this game. But as I opened my mouth to speak, I was interrupted.

"Well, she doesn't have rent to pay for the next three months because I'm evicting her." I stared, flabbergasted, at my best friend slash roomie. "Edward's already had your stuff picked up over the past two weeks," she side-whispered to me but still loud enough for the other girls to hear.

"And," I added happily. "I have enough in savings to cover any additional expenses...but my tuition will be paid off this month." I had been scrounging money away and acting like a total frugal old woman to pay extra each semester, so that I would graduate with no debt. The Arizona Cardinal's cheerleader Calendar had also helped out.

Our coach walked in just after my declaration, and her face was red with fury. "Isabella Swan?" she called out to our huddled group. I stepped forward, but before I could tell her I quit, she launched into her own tirade.

"Were you not informed of the repercussions of fraternization with the players?" I nodded because it was obvious she had not finished. "Then I have no choice to inform you that you have been cut from the squad."

"That's fine."

"Don't bother arguing or trying to talk your way out of it."

"No, really, I'm okay with that. This was my last season anyway."

"Just go ahead and clear out your locker," she continued on, oblivious to anything I had just said to her. Evidently, though, everyone else had been paying attention. Snickers and giggles filled the space around me as I held up my filled bag and pointed at my empty locker.

The coach just huffed, turned on her heel, and stormed out-completely satisfied with her dismissal of me. Rose took my back from my hand and mouthed to me to "Go."

I rushed from the locker room, through the crowd of players and reporters to find my...fiance.

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