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Chapter 1 - A hard day for Chi Chi

Under the bright sun the comforting wind should have been cooling her sweating body. Just as always, she should have been at her uncle's restaurant and finished her work. Reality was different though. By an unknown reason, the raven-haired woman was summoned to the palace. Chi Chi spent the whole way up to the palace of why she might have been summoned, but there was nothing that came to her mind. Was a criminal? No, she lived an honest life. A commoner with no rank or status had no place in the palace. It made her uncomfortable despite the fact that she had done nothing to gain the attention of royals. Anxiety ate away any rational thought she left in her mind.

Chi Chi lived in Vegeta City, the capital of Vegetasai, which was also the only city connected to the glorious palace of King Vegeta's. A flashback played on behind her mind's eye. Just when she was opening the restaurant as any morning she did, soldiers marched into the shabby building with the message of being summoned to the palace by the great First Commander Kakarotto. If there had been any other option than "a" she would have chosen "b", regardless of what it was. No, not even then. How could I disobey an order from the higher ups when the consequences were clear. Let's say, I could defend myself. She snorted at the thought but carried on anyway. What would happen to uncle? It was not that she was all too fond of her uncle but he was the only family she had. Despite his strict and ruthless attitude and the hatred she sometimes thought she felt from him – how could Chi Chi be responsible for another life? But if it only meant to be responsible for her own life, so be it. She would face this First Commander, who was in highest rank after the prince, and even if meant death.

A soft sigh slipped past her lips. "Whatever will face me, let's end this quickly and go back home." An attempt of false motivation.

It would be the first time facing the First Commander, who was the second strongest and handsome saiyan on Vegetasei, right after the King himself. All rumours about him was audibly replayed in the back of her mind. A lot of women and even men melted away just at the thought of them and dreamt on about their manliness, fanning themselves frantically. Some women kept on telling how juicy and hot they felt when thinking about the almost perfect man on Vegetasei. During her work ChiChi would meet various kind of people and grasp just as many rumours they carried with them. There had never been the desire to fantasise about such men under the circumstances she had been working all day and night. She simply had no time.

"Why the hell does this oh-so-glorious Commander want from me anyway? Ugh, I already hate him now!" she nagged on and on. It was only be a matter of time until she found it out herself. She ditched thought immediately.

"How lucky I am once again. Almost enough to make me cry! I, Chi Chi, am finally seeing the wonderful First Commander everyone dreamt on. Perhaps he will be hot enough for me to melt away. Competely." Sarcasm. Another sigh erupted past her lips and her vision got clouded by another flashback.


A village – the mere vision of harmony and happiness. ChiChi had only been a small girl back then, but she could remember these rosy days as vividly as if everything had happened just yesterday. The usual routine of these days was divided in two simple ways; most men, along with strong women, would go out hunting and sell their harvested goods in nearby villages and cities. Whileas most women, children and elderlies stayed behind and prepared a feast for the hunters with the support of their neighbours. In the evening everyone gathered at the large table in the centre of the village where everyone would have dinner together.

ChiChi could remember the large table outside. Dishes placed neatly and the seats placed all around, none would be missed out and everyone was welcome. This had been true happiness for the raven-head. What would a common woman know about luxury? In the eyes of the citizens and nobility this was nothing but savageness. But the days she had spent in the village was the most luxurious days for Chi Chi and still emphasised it as such.

One day her mother and father went to the forest together. It was unusual, now that she thought about it. Her mother told Chi Chi that she went to gather the wild berries she promised for her cake, and her father had to go the fields as usual. They would come back to her in time, that was what they said . Who could have thought that this was the last time she had seen her parents. Ever since they never came back again. Villagers searched for her parents that night and saw them dead on the ground deep in the woods. They had been killed ruthlessly. This was the day Chi Chi's life had changed completely. Once kind villagers had turned cold overnight and left the orphan to fend for herself. Not only have they had abandoned her but also sent her to a distant relative. Ever since that day the poor little girl had been living with her uncle. Sometimes she tried to understand the villagers and kept on saying that they might have had a reason for what they had done. Yet this was all about a little suffering child, who was driven out of home heartlessly. How could she possibly understand any of this? But despite any of this she could not hate them.

Three years had passed since then. ChiChi lived in Vegeta City together with her uncle. Her uncle was a distant relative from her mother's side. She never heard nor seen her uncle before that day. After all these years her uncle was still a mysterious stranger in her eyes. Both never had a warm relationship as family members. They would avoid each other as much as possible and only talk when necessary. Working in the tavern of her uncle's became her daily life and work. She was active as a cook and waitress. In truth Chi Chi ran the tavern mostly by herself whenever her uncle was busy with other stuff. Thanks to her extravagant cooking skills the raven-haired woman got praised throughout in every corner of Vegeta City. It hadn't meant wealth nor more money but simply the increasing number of working hour. Drunk men marched into the tavern and broke plates here and there, some lusted over her and other simply came by probing her food skills and never came back the other day. Once silky black hair were now tied back into a sloppy ponytail and her hair itself was quite greasy due the hard work. Pure white skin had been tainted with sticky substances from the filthiness in the tavern and by cooking. Her fine yet ordinary clothes were exchanged with lumps of fabrics which was covered with desperate stitches here and there. Regardless of the change in her life, ChiChi had fully accepted the current as her life now and clung to the only family member she had left on this world.

End of Flashback

Her train of thoughts stopped as a tremendous palace greeted her black eyes. She was stunned and speechless at how enormous the palace actually looked from close-by. The steel glittered in shiny onyx blackness and the fencers protected the whole ground all around. On each side of the gate a prosperous emblem completed the picture. An emblem in gold with the symbol of the ancient ape outlined. On the sides of the gate two watchmen had been stationed, draped in known Vegetian armour but the colour of the armour gave away the ranks they were in – the lowest was grey.

"Do I need get though this enormous thing? They got to be kidding me." She shook her head. Reluctantly as she was, Chi Chi marched toward the gate.

"Let me in. The noble First Commander wants to see me," she said by emphasising the words with sarcasm.

"The First Commander?", he asked disbelievingly, one of his bushy brows raised. "I have not heard of such orders."

"Yeah, the bastard himself," she cursed silently under her nose just so the guard couldn't hear.

"Huh?" The soldier looked at her suspiciously, openly showing his distrust.

"N-nothing!" A cold sweat building on her forehead. Oops... That was close. Never thought the jerk could hear me. I need to be careful! ChiChi wiped a sweat drop off her forehead rashly.

"Wait here," he demanded. His disapproving eyes was still upon the raven-head and tapped on his scouter to get confirmation from one of First Commander's subordinates. "Understood." He scoffed at the woman dismissively. "You can go."

ChiChi passed the gate which meant it was only a matter of time until she met the said First Commander everyone feared and dreamt about. Do I really need to see him? God, please, help me.

While she was still on the way into the palace Chi Chi looked around herself. The limitless greenish ground decorated the outstanding palace. She was fascinated. Regardless of the beauty the palace itself represented something tremendous. The cement of the palace was in dim grey and the rooftop in black. A complete contradiction from all the green beauty she just saw. It had more than hundreds, no. Thousands windows. "Guess this suits the King's images, eh?" she mumbled.

"And how am I going to find this jerk in this mess? This stupid Commander should have given me a map. There is not even a guide for me. It will take an eternity to find him!"


"What the fuck makes this wench be so late? How dare she let me wait? " Kakarotto growled dangerously, already have waited longer than an hour for her and yet she was still nowhere to be seen. Slowly his temper went up, the burning feeling finding its way up to his head. He only felt like this on battlefields. His tail waved furiously behind his back.

"Hey, you. Search for her immediately. If you don't bring her back in 10 minutes, you will get a blast up your ass, got it?" he hissed between his teeth, not master of his own temper which made the soldier gulp instinctively in response.

"Y-yes...s F-first Commander." The soldier hurriedly rushed out of the office in order to get the missing 'wench'. This one particular solider, which could have been anyone, cursed his bad luck and this woman who put him into this trouble.

Not after a long walk, the unlucky soldier found the damn woman who made his life much harder to bear. He found her much faster than expected. Someone as dirty as her where filth was mixed with sweat, was standing out in the palace rather easily. Though if the Commander had not mentioned that a woman of low standing was to come to the palace today, he would have not dreamt of someone like her getting close to the First Commander.

"You!" he shouted at ChiChi who nearly jumped out of her skin. Dumbfounded, she gazed at the direction of the voice. "Come immediately, you filthy woman. The First Commander is really pissed off thanks to you. Because of you I'm about to lose my ass," he vented out on her, his fear and frustration clearly written all over his face. The solider grabbed her arm and dragged her back to the room Kakarotto waiting.

"Ouch! You brute! Why so harsh! Don't you know how to treat a lady!" Chi Chi struggled but followed nonetheless.

"A lady? Don't make me laugh." His sneer rung like an alarm clock throughout her ears. Now ChiChi was really pissed. How dare this shitface insult me after I searched for this damned sucker all this time? If only we were outside, I would him- While ChiChi still pictured a mental battle with this damned soldier, his captor had already opened the door.

"First Commander, I found the woman," he informed his commander.

"Good. Bring her in," he snarled.

"Yes, First Commander." ChiChi's slender arm was still gripped by the subordinate of the First Commander and was pushed in ruthlessly.

"Ugh! I told you not to drag me!" she hissed while gaining footing again after having toppled into the room.

"Leave us alone," ordered Kakarotto sharply.

Nodding in response, the underling marched out of the room. While at it a deceitful smirk lifted on the face of the soldier. "Time for some lil' payback, wench. Bid your last prayers. You won't survive this day!", he whisper-screamed the last words so that only ChiChi's ears could hear them.

Whatever the soldier tried to imply with his words, the raven-haired woman ignored it, remaining rather unimpressed.

"So, now tell what on Vegetasei made you be late and let me wait for you." Despite asking a question it was clear that he meant it as a statement. Even if his wrath was still firing him up, his flicking tail as evidence, Kakarotto was reasonably satisfied and calm. At least she was here now. The spiky-head approached closer and came to a halt few metres in front of her. To his astonishment she didn't pay him attention. She was keeping herself busy by showing her middle finger at the door where the soldier had left just moments ago.

A vein popped into the surface. "Wench." Still no response. Another vein popped up. "I'm talk-"

"Yeah, yeah. Run away, you sonova...-" Kakarotto couldn't believe his ear. Not only had she not given him attention he was seeking but completely ignored his presence in the room. "WENCH!" he shouted furiously and lured a shriek out of the female saiyan. Now he got her attention. "Tch..."

Chi Chi looked up at the First Commander and noticed him for the first time in this room. She blinked a few times. Oh. My. God. Everything about the rumours, how stupid they seemed to be, are true! She inhaled sharply. Dammit, he is hotness in person. A pure maiden's mind took over her mind and observed the man in fleeting seconds – his board shoulders, his toned muscles and the thickness of his tail. He was perfect in every detail. No doubt that this man could pleasure any woman. Once she noticed her own thoughts, she shook them off mentally and cursed herself for harvesting such thoughts.

"You don't have to shout, First Commander. I can hear you very well," she responded with a bitter sweet tone. "Besides, it's not my fault that I came this late. Did you really think that someone, who never even crossed the streets around the palace, could actually find you right way?" she said as emphasised her words with sarcasm, crossing her arms before her chest.

"Do you have a death wish, bitch?" His glare cut her short. Chi Chi stood still. Normally in a situations like this, no rank vs. high rank, the person with no rank would beg for forgiveness when even having the chance to or blasted off of this world, but she had too much pride to bow her head. There shouldn't be any person to bow their heads to another person, especially not because of rankings. Yet she could not deny that his glare scared her. "So, why did you wanted to see me?", she continued instead.

"Watch it, bitch," he snarled. "I think you are not aware of the situation you're in right now. If you want to keep your head, then I suggest you listen and shut the fuck up," he warned her.

"Follow me." Kakarotto dismissed the talking for now and marched out of the room. His arrogance agitated Chi Chi and cursed with everything she got. Be it with facial expression or gestures. Of course, she did it so that the man in front of her couldn't see. You fucking-! First of all, you want me to come and now you want me to silently walk behind you? If only you weren't the First Commander, I would beat you half-dead, you asshole!

"One more of your fucking finger and I will be the one to fuck you up," he hissed threateningly, not bothering himself by turning to face her.

ChiChi stiffened. What the-! How did he even see me?Does he has eyes behind his head or... He is too sharp, dammit!

As Chi Chi followed the Commander, she saw the soldier from before again. Lifting her chin at the rude soldier, she mockingly smirked at him. Her mouth formed the words mutely. "I won, bastard." Her tail waved triumphantly behind her and gestured a simple bye-bye. The soldier watched in frustration, clenching his fists until blood dripped out. His entire body shook with wrath. He would not let this pass, not at the honour of his saiyan blood.


Both of them walked out of the palace by entering a prosperous garden with a fountain in the middle. The fountain itself was white, while the edges had golden enrichment. Flowers she had never seen before decorated the garden. Several benches were placed around the fountain. ChiChi felt overwhelmed by the beauty of the garden. A little further ahead Chi Chi saw a house. Not too big and not too small. A comfortable and pleasant house, which resided in the backyard of the palace.

In the corner of her eye she subconsciously noticed Kakarotto walking his way to the house. She followed him inside. What she saw inside the house shocked her once again.

What is this place? Damn, I knew the difference between low and high rankings but to feel it like this? Like a punch in the face... She felt like a dirty spot in the middle of sparkling white.


"W-Why are you locking the door?" she asked in mere suspicion and shock.

"Like this no-one can disturb us," he said, walking toward the confused woman.

Chi Chi felt panicky, but was she someone to give herself without a fight? No. She switched into a stance. "One step closer and I'll beat the crap out of you."

Kakarotto bellowed in laughter. "Do you really think you can fight me?" His arrogance increased the woman's irritation. He found it interesting, as any other saiyan ran away whenever they crossed his path, but this woman dared to challenge him. Not stopping himself, he advanced further.

With every advanced step Chi Chi backed further away. Sweat drops formed on her forehead. "If you take one more step, I'll-" she threatened him again.

"You will beat the crap out of me, I know. Come on, show me what you are made of," he said. His eyes radiated with amusement and joy, the corner of his lips tugged upwards.

She waited calmly for another step with narrowed eyes. No way would she hand herself over without a fight.

A satisfying scoff came from the smug Commander, his next step he emphasised by mockingly challenging her with his loose stance. After all he only wanted to play, right?

"Argh!" Her fists were first connect with the saiyan's chest- So she planned. But her fist were dodged easily by the teasing spiky-head. A smirk was still placed on his face which surged Chi Chi's anger. She flicked her tongue audibly. It was clear that the Commander was playing with her and deliberately let her approach him with kicks and punches.

Enough was enough.

To Kakarotto's astonishment the saiyan female stopped her assaults and retreated with a brisk back-handspring. Only having enough time for the Commander to blink, the angered woman focused her ki in her feet and dashed at Kakarotto full speed. "Eat this!" Her aim this time was his jaw which victoriously met her foot. A loud thud and his groan resounded in the house. Kakarotto stumbled backwards.

"Impressive, wench. Nobody managed to force me backwards so easily," he grinned earnestly, a certain glim flickering in his eyes. Even if he didn't want to admit it, Kakarotto admired her courage and bravery. His grin changed into a soft smile. ChiChi returned the smile by reflex even if it was an awkward one.

"But to defeat me you need to do much more than this," he breathed against her neck, sending shivers up the woman's spine. "How!" Was he not pushed away from Chi Chi. When did he get behind her this fast?

Taking her off-guard, Kakarotto grabbed the Chi Chi's wrist before she could escape. The gap between their bodies was just breaths away. "Let me go, you brute!" Chi Chi struggled against his grip and against his body but his breathe on her neck forced her out of concentration. She felt a sensation rushing through her body which she hated but could do nothing about it.

"Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not desperate enough to use you for my satisfaction," he stated flatly, while loosening the grip around her wrist. By this given opportunity ChiChi yanked her wrist back forcefully and freed herself from the man. She faced him with glaring eyes. "What the hell do you want from me? At first you summon me to this damn palace and then play fucking games with me. I've enough already! Play with someone else, I'm going." Her hand waved dismissively as she already made her way to the exit.

"You can't go home anymore," Kakarotto said, his muscular arms crossed over his chest.

Her hand stopped at the door handle. "If you think you can command me, you are mistaken. As if I would need permission from you," she scoffed. Not giving attention to his empty words anymore, Chi Chi opened the door and walked out.

Suddenly a strong wind pulled her back inside and slapped the door shut right in front of her eyes. She flared around with newfound agitation. "I said, I'm going! Stop this fucking game already!"

"Like I said, you can't go anymore. You're now my slave. Your uncle sold you off due to the debts he couldn't pay off anymore. Since the rumours about your cooking sk-" he was cut by the fainting figure in front of him. In flashing speed Kakarotto reappeared just in time to catch the female in her arms. "Tch, guess her strong attitude was just for show."


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