Chapter 17 - The Rescue

A colourful field clad with various flowers, some wild and some elegant, growing freely around the wide spread garden. A cheerful laughter resounded amidst the fruitful garden. It was still unclear what she saw; a little girl with an older man, who played hand in hand. They seemed familiar to the underground saiyan; as if she had seem them before in her life, but where?

Pondering about the possiblity by recalling her memories caused her a huge headache and made her wince in agony. Suddenly the evergreen, cheerful scenario blurred in front of her eye and changed into a dark engulfing fireplace. The older saiyan turned around to face her directly, his dark orbs, just like hers, looking into hers. "ChiChi..."

'Is he calling out for me?' Her mind couldn't take in all of the information gathering around her. It was happening to fast. "ChiChi." Again he was calling out for her; but who was he? Why did she call out for her and this voice... She knew it from somewhere. "ChiChi!"

"Yes!", she responded energically with wide opened eye, she woke with her breathig hitching the moment she was concious again. 'It was just a dream...' The strangly familiar voice vanished and she couldn't recall most of it, just the echoing kept going on. It confused her. Why was she having this feeling that this confusing dream was something more than a mere dream with incoherent meaning behind it? Not being permitted to think further into it a deep voice dragged her out of her thought. "ChiChi! The slightest annoyed to be disturbed in her deep thoughts which her mood reflected via tone. A big, big saiyan man with strange looking glasses that was combined with his golden metal hat; never has she seen this man before, no-one as big as him; yet why did he felt so... familiar?

Heavy eyelids opened reluctantly as her consciousness kicked in and forced the raven-haired female to take note of the cruel world outside once again. Her current memories shook violently to an degree of not remembering time and happenings. Everything was blurry. ChiChi held her head in one hand and squeezed it gently within her palm; what exactly was happening? The only thing she remembered was getting vege... tables...

She paused. All of her memories gushing back into a vivid view of a head cinema and then it hit her; Gogeta. Frantically her olive hues scrutinised her current environment and along it, ChiChi tried to detect the culprit, a betrayal of a friend, until...

"It's about time you woke. I was getting impatient. For hours you have been unconscious. And here I thought I was gentle with you when I knocked you out.", a deep voice stated calmly, almost amusingly; the corner of his lips tugged upwards and revealed his true nature.

At the intrusion of his deep voice, ChiChi immediately tried to move away from the kidnapper's side but it was in naught. Too late to her realisation, her slender wrist were tied on the bedboard and the escape robbed of the option list. "Untie me this instant! This isn't funny anymore."

"I'm not trying to be.", he assured her in his stern voice whilst trailing a lithe finger down her white neck and further down, in between her chest. "I never was.", he whispered wistfully into her sensitive ear. "If you knew how long I have been waiting for you..."

"Don't you dare tou-", her words disappeared and clung to her throat. Her olive-shaped eyes widened as she saw the fabrics on her frame; the clothes she didn't wear before or never possessed. A white translucent cloth which resembled a undergarment, only that her chest was visible to his roaming eyes and white panties; how did she... "Did you put this on me?"

"I was. Don't worry, I haven't done anything to you. I wouldn't put my hands on an unconscious woman."

"Oh, really? Maybe I should give you flowers as a reward."

"How about you being my reward instead?", he smirked challengingly, not once feeling threatened or offended by her spot-filled words. His true nature showing off; unrestricted. Having held for so long, the desires he had until now, all of these could he show her openly without being controlled by others; by eyes of his father.

The last time the spiked-haired general commander heard his woman's voice was hours ago. It was unusual to not hear her thoughts slip past and reach his mind. Just the thought boilt his blood in every veins. "She was with him again...", he growled underneath his breath. How could he not notice his own jealousy...

With each denial his own feeling was growing more and more until it exploded; like the last time he saw them together. He sighed. This was not normal. Kakarotto should have been able to hear or detect her through their mysterious bond. Already having searched the slave kitchen and other possible whereabouts, ChiChi was still not being found. The worry devouring throughout every edge made the general commander end up in Bulma's chamber.

"Bulma!", her best friend yelled through the luxurious, big quarters. "Bul-

"Don't scream, dammit! I can hear you." Coming out of her research laboratory, clad in white lab coat and goggles, she brushed away her fringes with the old goggles; given by her father in ages. "What's wrong?"

"I've been searching for that woman... ChiChi. Have you perhaps seen her somewhere or Gogeta?", he asked impatiently, he wanted to know about her whereabout this instant and take her home.

"I haven't seen her today but..." Suddenly dragged to her thoughts, she dimly remembered the blonde super saiyan walking out of her laboratory with the excuse of searching for her in command of Vegeta personally. The blue-haired genius have not given any thoughts of it but now that she think it thoroughly, there was something off with the second-in-commander at that time. Even a few test projects were missing lately. "Hmm... Come with me, Goku."

Kakarotto stiffened at the name; how long has it been since he was called like that the last time? Unwanted memories of the past deluded his mind and throwing various picture into his visual sight. He concealed and locked his feelings of the past; never let anyone know. But being taken off guard shook his features visibly. "Bulma..."

"What? Don't give me that look. It's not as if I said something wrong, right?", she spat back, arching an eyebrow whileas guiding her old childhood friend into her research laboratory. "You still can't forgive him, huh?"

With this invading comment his expression grew soar. "Let's not forget why I'm here.", he avoided her question, entering the room with her. "What do you want to show me?" The room was filled with various and queerish experiments in all sort of metal forms; some lewdly 'toys' he found. Guess who was having fun with their bedtime stories. Shaking his head mentally, the saiyan male gave his attention to his best friend again.

"You see, some of my experiments have been missing lately. I didn't put much thought into it and thought I might have tossed it off, but...", she started, maniacally tapping on her keyboard and fumbling with technical measurements he wasn't sure of nor does he understand them; not that he tried to. These were things only the Queen could do.

"What does it have to do with ChiChi?", he arched an eyebrow.

"Patience. I'm getting to the point." A loud noise of frequently tipping on the keyboard of her computer ended accompanied by a triumphant smile. "It's as I thought. Your lover is here.", she pointed the word 'lover' out audibly, which made Kakarotto scoff in return but he was listening to her words intently. "It seems like Gogeta borrowed some of the devices I made and currently is even using it. He's out of town and at his private mansion. You know where it is, am I right?"

A low growl erupted past the enraged saiyan's chapped lips. "Yes, I do." It was difficult controlling himself at this very moment; this being proven as little sparks of lightning flashed throughout his iron-like frame. Without any words, he let the blue-haired Queen alone and dashed towards the mansion in full speed.

"And here I wanted to tell him something more... But I think he will have to counter with it directly.", she sighed, and gazed at the open door aimlessly.

Recklessly flaring his Ki and provoking many fighters alongside, a challenge for most warriors, he had not been giving a care at all. His monstrous Ki pierced through and bypasser, if being too close. Since it was the High Commander himself; how much more of an death wish could they possess, vigorously and fiercely would they be shredded. What was mercy in his eyes when his woman was, perhaps, in danger and currently in the arms of another man. Be it selfish, but Kakarotto cared less.

"I shouldn't have let her alone...", he mumbled under his breath, the strong pressure of the wind muting his words, even though no-one was nearby to seek those word from him.

Flying in full-speed ahead, his construable hues took in the environment fast as experiences grew in time and became a natural phenomena. However, despite his slick scrutiny of his surrounding; tall trees clad the expanding view with an evergreen colour, thick rustling leaves and branches formed an obscene shape, yet it had something graceful.

It was simply too peaceful.

Just when Kakarotto was pondering about it, his body felt tons heavier and dragged him to the ground violently as if all of his strength was being absorb. With a loud crashing sound, he found himself collided to the ground in surprise; his eyes widened. "What the-!?" Kakarotto wanted to jump up and fly again but there was no strength left within him. 'Was this one of the devices Bulma made? Seriously, this woman...' With curses underneath his breath, he struggled back to his feet, and gathered his remaining strength to keep it like this. "This won't be easier as I thought...", he sighed.

"Oh, what is a brat like you doing here?", a foreign voice resounded from behind which made him jerk and turn in a hurry. Danger? The possibility that this man was one of Gogeta's pawn was high, the High Commander could not allow himself to be reckless; not in this situation. However, in front of him stood a old senile man with a huge dark green turtle shell on his back. His grey goatee reached his chest in its own glory. "Who...?"

The old man beamed with pride. "What are you asking like that, huh? You little brat! It's the well-known and most attractive Muten Roshi!"

"You bastard! Get your fucking hands off of me!", ChiChi roared from the back of her throat as the blonde super saiyan's finger caressed along the side of her curvaceous hips and up to the line in between her breast, taunting the female, as well as provoking her, to his liking. How he loved her fierce and wild self like an untamed flower she was in his blue-greenish eyes. Now regaining back the privilege, he insisted on having from the very beginning, he could do with her whatever he liked.

If she only understood...

"You really haven't changed since, then. Only having gotten older." His hand brushed through her raven luscious tresses, which only made the female flinch within his touches. With hatred and confusion she gazed at the man, who was supposed to be her friend, yet was a complete stranger in her eyes now. What was he saying to her; ChiChi didn't understand. Why was he talking as if he knew her from a long time, as if both were more than just... friends? Those eyes that looked straight at her without wavering once. Her headache started to get worse.

"You have completely forgotten about me, haven't you?", he murmured wistfully and in a pained tone, his head lowered in defeat. His hands clutched into the sheets desperately and tousled underneath his tight grip. Has he been searching for her for too long?

Something in his voice and the way Gogeta looked at her jolted a few vivid fragments in her mind. Who was it that kept calling for her in her mind? It was a distant voice and... was it that of little boy? Her face twisted in confusion and agony; an headache attacking her vigorously. "Who... are you...?"

In a spark of utter hope, the super saiyan jerked his head up and was about to say something, which remained unspoken due the loud burst of the walls. "What?!", he stood up briskly to scrutinise the vision that became more visible with passing seconds; the chocking fog diminishing itself.

It was Kakarotto. "How did you?!"

"How did I broke the barrier, came past the thick fog and detected you without feeling any ki?", Kakarotto counted with his fingers accompanied with a scoff once finshed. "Yeah, I wonder myself." Dark orbs, as if tainted by ink itself, they observed the bed on his mate was tied.

"You will pay for this, Gogeta!", he roared as he charged at the super saiyan in full-seed.

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