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The nine-tailed fox, a fearsome beast, is said to have the power to destroy a mountain with just one swing of his tail, was now charging at the village of Konoha. But for some reason had a bottle of booze in one of his tails. It started sing in a drunken way:

"Ba Ba Ba Bird Bird Bird, Ba Bird's the Word.

Ba Ba Ba Bird Bird Bird, Ba Bird's the Word.

Ba Ba Ba Bird Bird Bird, Ba Bird's the Word.

Ba Ba Ba Bird Bird Bird, Ba Bird's the Word.

Don't you know, about the bird?

Well Kyuubi's gonna tell you the bird's the word!

Ba Ba Bird Bird Bird everybody's Bird. Suuuurrrrrrffffff'in BBBBBBiiiiiiiirrrrrrrddd ! (Surf'in Bird) "

Little did he know some things happened because of that song: peoples heads exploded, some went deaf, some people's eyes melted from there sockets, and everyone alive would have to change there underwear after the attack was over.

-Meanwhile at a hospital-

"Oh my God!" shouted a red headed woman. "This is even more painful then that time I discovered what killed the dinosaurs."


You could see Donald Trump in outer space. He's looking at a giant meteor comet. "You're fired." It had a look of horror on its face.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" It floated off not looking where it was going and crashed on Earth.

-Flashback End-

Everyone froze for a second. It was Minato who broke the ice. "What the hell was that?"

"Maybe it was some kind of genjutsu?" said Jiraiya.

"No, we would have sensed it." Said Tsunada.

"It was a random flashback." Someone said.

" A random wha-Holy shit!" Minato screamed. Everyone else looked at what he screamed at only to see a huge red silted eye in the window. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" everyone screamed.

"Yeah I get that a lot." Said Kyuubi.

"Why didn't any one tell me that a really huge fox with chakra I should have felt sooner was attacking the village?" yelled Minato. Suddenly Kakashi came threw the door, looking frantic.

"Sensei, there's a giant fox with nine tails that you should have noticed sooner because you're the Hokage but that's beside the point and it's attacking the village!" He somehow said all that in one breath. He looked out the window. "Oh."

"Okay this is bad time I'll just go and-baaaawwwww!" He threw up on everyone in the room and fell to the ground, crushing some people. The scene cut back to the room where somehow all the vomit was gone.

"So what are we going to do?" asked Tsunada.

"I think we should let it go, I mean it doesn't seem bad." Said Minato

Jiraiya looked at Minato like he was crazy and said "Are you crazy? Who know what it'll do after this. It could destroy another village."

"But you saw how it acted. It doesn't seem like a bad guy."

"You're right about that Minato. But what will the council do? They could give the Hokage position to someone else."

"I don't care."

"Someone like Fugaku, Hiashi… Orochimaru." Minato had a blank look on his face for about 30 seconds. When he came to he had a tear in falling from his right eye. "Poor little boys" he whispered sadly. He snuffed and said "Okay, but I'll have to seal it in Naruto. After all only someone with no chakra coils formed yet could hold a being such as that."

"But Minato wont that cost you your life?" said a teary eyed Kushina.

"Don't worry Kushina it'll be all right." Said Tsunada.

"I hope you guys be alright while I'm gone. And I don't wont to see you guys anytime soon." He was about to grab Naruto when he realized something. "Um, honey? He's still inside of you."

She looked at him and then blushed in embarrassment. She gave a hard push and out came little Naruto. Minato grabbed him and said "Ewwwwww, his all slimy and icky." He ran outside and summoned Gamabuta.

"Hey minato why have summoned me? And why do you smell like burf?"

"No time to explain just stand here while I prepare the seals."

"Wait. You summoned me… to just stand here… while you prepare seals."


"Then why the fuck did you summon me!"

"Well it's scary down there just looking up at him, so I asked myself why not get higher, and summon you." The chief toad had an angry look on his face. He had smoke coming out of his ears.

"You dumb piece of shit! Why I outta-."

"Got it! Reaper Death Seal!" Suddenly smoke started to form. Gamabuta's tongue grabbed Minato and threw him into a tall building. He than disappeared in a poof of smoke.

"Who dared to summon me, the Shinigami?" He said in creepy voice. It was then Kyuubi woke up.

"Ah my head. It feels like I was at a party for Brittany Spears and Linsey Lohan."


Peter was just dancing when a beer bottle hit him in the head.

-Flashback End-

"Dammit what the hell is that?" yelled Minato, still wondering how the flashbacks keep happening.

"Holy crap! Is that you death?" asked Kyuubi

"Hmm, what kind of question is that? Of course I am."

"Oh you don't remember me? Peter, Peter Griffin."

"You! How the hell did you become like that?"

"I'll tell ya later but wow time has been good to you. With ya horns, and ya sharp teeth. You look so awesome."

"Yeah it was a bonus from Satan for finally claiming the soul of Michel Jackson." (Now before you say how could I saw something like that, I love most of his songs. I wish he never died but that shitty doctor was a real dumbass. I hope he R.I.P)

"So what are you doing here?"

"Oh this guy right here summoned me. What do you want?" Minato looked so scared you could see the fear imitating off of him. These two know each other? This is bad.

"U-uh, I-I-I w- wa- s going t-to as-k you to sealtheKyuubiinsidemyson." He said it so fast he couldn't understand Minato. It took took some time for him to realize he said 'seal the Kyuubi inside my son'.

"Un, you sure? Because if he were to meet Kyuubi, your people might hate him."

"What do you mean? Minato said, thinking the worse.

"Well, Kyuubi's, uh, mentally retarded."

"Oh. Will it make my son reta- I mean special too?" He changed the word not wanting to anger the beast.


"Okay lets do this." He said and did the hand seals. He finished and a seal appeared on Naruto's belly. The Shinigami grabbed Kyuubi, who laughed like a dumbass. "He he he he he he he he he he he." His soul started being sucked inside Naruto, while still laughing. The Shinigami than grabbed Minato's soul and ate it, sending him to where he belonged.

When the Shinigami was about to close his mouth, something flew out. It floated all the way to the Uchiha compound and inside of little sasuke. All it said was "I will get you Peter Griffin. I will get or my name isn't Giant Chicken!"

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