Kyuubi Griffen Chapter 6

They were all at Naruto's small apartment. Naruto told them everything he could: what chakra was, the ninja ranks, Hokage, etc. Right now they were trying to get Naruto in the gang."Okay Naruto," said Cartmen. "In order to become a badass ninja, like me, you'll first have to get the proper equipment; and by that I mean a cool weapon and awesome ninja gear."

"Do you know any stores around here?" asked Kyle.

"Yeah but-"

"HEY! Who said you could talk, JEW! I'm asking the questions!" yelled Cartmen.

"Ya know, Eric, I'm getting really tired of your shit! If you don't shut that fat hole you call a mouth, I'll do it for you!" yelled an angry Kyle.

"FINE! Bring on, jew-bitch!" They both charged each other, but Stan interfered by getting in-between them and was trying to hold back the two. They finally calmed down and were glaring at each other.

"Guys, guys quit it! Don't you see we have enough problems as it is? We have to stop fighting each other, at least for now. And Cartmen, stop with the Jew shit, we aren't in our world anymore."

"If a bear takes a shit in the woods, and it's taken by some weirdo to his house, then what is it? SHIT! So if we are taken from our home, along with a Jew, then what is he? A JEW! So the point is, Stan, that if he was a Jew in our world, he's still a Jew in this world."

" 'mumble' 'mumble' mumble'. "Cartman, you can be a real ass sometime, you know that." Said Kenny

"Sometimes?" said a humored Kyle.

"Now what were you saying, Naruto?" asked Stan.

"I was saying that we do have stores with weapons, but I'm now allowed in them. I can't tell you why…yet." He said sadly.

"Ha. You must have done something kick-ass, huh? Well don't worry I'm sure we can think of something." Said Cartmen.

"Well, I do have the ability to morph into anything I want, but I will still have my same voice." The other 4 ninjas looked at him in surprise.

"Morphing abilities?" said Stan. "That could be a great assist to our team. Show us." The others looked on in expectation. Naruto nodded his head and stepped back. He morphed into the 3rd Hokage, a fox, and then a little stuffed fox toy.

"See." He said still in toy form. "Cool isn't it?" The others were staring in amazement. It was Cartmen who broke the silence.

"Dude! That was fucking awesome! Oh man I wish I could do that. I'd turn into Kyle and do something really embarrassing like pooping in the street or something. That would be so funny and everybody would point and laugh ." He said excitedly. Kyle shot him an angry glare, but Cartmen didn't see it.

"Alright guys lets get Naruto geared up. Naruto, lead us to the shop and stay in your original form. If they don't let you in, we'll handle it." Said Stan. Naruto nodded his head motioned his hand for the group to follow him as he walked out the door.

-Meanwhile in Suna-

The newly found group known as F.A.G.S were walking toward the Kazakage tower having a conversation.

"So," started Gaara. "How did you get here?"

"Well, I was fighting with my enemies, who are total jerks, and I was kicking their butts! But then, as we were fighting in my lair of chaos, my transportation-dimensional machine was damaged in the fight, and it sucked us in a portal. You know the rest from there." Professor Chaos explained. Gaara nodded his head in understanding.

"Who are they, exactly?" asked Gaara.

"Who?" replied Professor Chaos.

"Your enemies. Who are they?" Gaara repeated.

"Oh them. They are four ninjas whose names are Sharohachi, Bounaku, Bulrog, and Kagirinai. The worst, however, is Kagirinai. HE is the one that gave me this scar on my eye. I will make him pay dearly. Vengeance will be mine! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" Evil laughed Professor Chaos.

"I'll help then. If they are obstacles in our way, they will fall from the power of the Fear And Genocide Soldiers! We will mess them up more then Osama Bin Laden messed up the reputations of Middle Eastern people.


A Muslim was in an American collage with his friends.

"You guys feel like getting high?" he asked.

"Hell yeah!" They all replied. The Muslim guy put a joint to his mouth and pulled out a lighter to smoke it. Suddenly the window exploded and in came S.W.A.T.

"PUT THE FUCKING LIGHTER DOWN YOU SHITTY TERRIORIST!" he then hit the guy in the face, making his nose bleed. The Muslim looked up weakly and said,

"B-but I was just-"

"He has a gun!" the S.W.A.T member yelled and knocked him unconscious.

-End Flashback-

Professor Chaos looked confused. "What was…"

"It's a random flashback. Anyone who is around me can do it." Interrupted Gaara.

"Oh cool! How do you do it?"

"I don't know. It just happens."

"Ah man. That sucks worse then peoples opinions on Michael Jackson after he died."


-Before he died-

"What Michael Jackson did to those boys was sick. He deserves to rot in Hell. King of Pop? More like King of Cock."

-After he died-

"WE MISS YOU MJ! I loved his music! He was truly the King of Pop! I a fan of him BEFORE he died!"

-Flashback End-

"Yay I did it!" yelled Butters.

"Yes you did. Now lets go meet my parents."

-Meanwhile in Konoha-

The ninjas were in a weapons shop looking for a weapon that fit Naruto. "First things first Naruto, you need a ninja name." Said Cartmen.

"A ninja name?" said a confused Naruto.

"Yeah. I am Bulrog, tough brute ninja who has dedicated his life to irradiating the world of hippies."

"Yeah. My powerful nunchakus make me in Bounaku, a deadly but compassionate ninja who protects those trouble." Said Kyle.

"With my tonfa of Takanawa, I become the great and powerful Sharohachi, born to fight evil and people I don't like." Said Stan.

" 'mumble' mumble' mumble." "I am Kagirinai, with my shrunken I strike down all those who do evil in the world."

Naruto was amazed at how cool these guys were, so he decided to make himself a name. Thinking to peter and his demon form, he decided a name for himself. "I'll tell you guys my name, but first I have to get a weapon." They all nodded in understanding and let looked around. Naruto was looking, and looking, and looking, until you saw something. It was a small scythe attached to a chain. That's when Kyuubi said something.

"Oh man you have to get that! Back in my time I saw it on this game called Samurai Warriors 2 with this ninja named Hanzo Hattori. I remember because he was one of my favorite characters to play with. I played it all the time with my friends: Quagmire and Joe. Ahhhh….good times."

Naruto nodded his head and picked up the blade. He went to his friends and they nodded in approval. He proceeded to the counter and asked how much. The guy looked at Naruto and said, "Aren't you a little young to be buying weapons like that, kid?" Naruto then remembered the how the boys got there weapons. They had told him while they were walking to the weapons shop. He then sighed and said in a depressed tone,

"Oh I'm sorry. I was just trying to get it so I could become a cool ninja like my parents wanted me to. You see they…they died while trying to protect me from robbers who were trying to rob us. Their dying wishes were to be a good boy and become a hard working ninja. But I'm sorry to have wasted your time." He then began to cry hard and was walking away. He stopped when he heard a "Wait!" from behind the counter.

"I'm…I'm sorry kid. Look let me give you the weapons, half-priced. I just want you to your parents wishes." He said with his voice cracking and some tears falling down his cheeks. Naruto just smiled sadly and paid for the weapon. He walked over to use new friends and said,

"I can't believe that worked. Thanks guys."

"It was nothin'. So, what's your name?" asked Stan.

"My name is Kitsune, defender of the weak and defenseless and destroyer of the wicket and evil people. With my chained scythe I kick ultimate butt!" said a confident Naruto.

"Good," said Eric Cartmen. "You have the weapon of a ninja, no it's time to look like a ninja. Take us to your clothing store. This is gonna kick more ass then Ezio and Altair teaming up."


The T.V and game console had exploded from such epicness.

-Flashback End-


Naruto and the gang of ninjas were just leaving out of a clothing store. Naruto was wearing a white karate shirt that was sleeveless. It had a fishnet under it that stopped short above his elbow. He wore fingerless gloves that went a little past his wrist. He wore black pants that had white shin guards and black leg guards that started below his knee and ended at his ankles. He wore black tabis that were kind of pointed at the front. It also ad blades on the back of the tabis that pointed vertically with sharp points on both ends. He wore a black skintight mask that covered half of his face, only showing his eyes. (I'm not that good at description)

"Now that you're one of us," started Cartmen. "It's time for training. Just don't break my balls with your training, Kitsune. We'll kick you out faster then the Justice League kicked out the former Green Lantern."


"But why guys?" asked black green lantern.

"You're just…not fit to be here anymore." said Superman. "It's not you, Lantern, it's us. We found someone better qualified." As if on cue there was a knock at the door. In walked another Green Lantern.

"What? But we have the same powers!" said an angry Green Lantern.

"I'm sorry dude, but everyone voted. At least leave with dignity." Said Superman. Green Lantern just walked out with his head down. Superman then turned to the other super heroes. "Now how do we get rid of black Catwoman?"

-End Flashback-

"Don't worry, I'll train my hardest. Believe it!" shouted Naruto. Naruto lead them to a training ground to begin his training. Naruto now had friends who believed in him, and he wouldn't let the down.

A/N: I know it's been super long, but I hope I still have some people who are still reading this story. I have no excuse for the absence other then lack of interest and writer's block. I will try to update this story more frequently and I hoped you guys liked the chapter, if anyone is still reading this story.