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Summary: Confined to prison for the assassination, Naruto is thrown into the very center of ruthless murderers, thieves and rapists. OOC characters; Itachi-x-Naruto. Story is partly based on serial drama Prison Break.

Warnings: violence, abuse, slaughter, boy-x-boy relationship, … …





'Breaking the confinement'



"… …This judgment is final." The sound of the slammed gavel broke through the whole courtroom as the prisoner – Uzumaki Naruto – was confined guilty.

Shouts and numerous questions broke about in the room as reporters shot up from their seats while the members of the jury excused themselves and left the hall.

The chains clung as the convict rose up from his seat; his hands bonded close by heavy handcuffs connected to the chains on his feet.

"Take the wrench away." the judge said, eyes full with hatred as they bore into the composed nineteen year old young man.

Showing no faze for the radiating aura he was receiving, the blond turned around and let himself be led out of the courtroom by two officers.

Passing the front seat rows, he glanced to the right and met the eyes of his red-headed twin. Slowing down long enough to keep him in sight, the convict smiled to his purple eyed brother and mouthed out a few soundless words. 'It'll be fine, Kyuubi.'

The red-hair's eyes frowned as they watched his twin get shoved to move forward and out of his sight; though it was not far enough for him to miss the blond's next whispers as he looked at him over his shoulder and smirked, 'I'm gonna break through.'

An equal smirk spread on Kyuubi's own features.


Sighing at the sensation of cool water hitting his face, Naruto's eyes snapped open by a loud yell of a correctional officer, who barked out his orders as he urged the inmates to leave the showers and head in line to receive their prison uniforms.

Pulling on dark-blue pants with a white tank top and a light blue jacket, Naruto slipped into black shoes and headed back in line.

Staring at the inmates in disgust, the head correctional officer, Asuma Sarutobi, stepped forward and began laying out the rules of the prison.

Lowering his gaze, all Naruto heard were echoes of the officer's grumble as his mind fogged around himself.

"…Stop fussing over a little scratch. The impact landed only on my shoulder. I'll live."

"You hasty fool, I told you to stay hidden…"

"Shut up! Hadn't I moved it would be your funeral that I'd go to right now. …?…?… What is it?"

"Shhh…They're here."

"Already? …AAh! Shit, watch it! What are you doing?"

"Taking you away."


"There…hide here! Now!"

"Fuck, stop pushing me, little brat!"

"Shut up! Be quiet!"

"Whoa…Stop! Where do you think you're going?"

"I'll distract them."

"What? Naruto, no! Get back here, right now!"

"Sorry, Kyuubi…"


Naruto snapped back to attention as a black-jack abruptly pressed underneath his chin and forced him to look up at the black clad officer. "Do I make myself clear?" hissed the head officer, clearly demanding respect.

Naruto's brows furrowed as he forced himself to speak for an unknown question, "Yes…sir."

Restraining the urge to hit him with the stack, the officer settled with a glare and stepped away.

"Alright. Let's sort them in."


Getting nearly shoved into his cell, Naruto glared pass his shoulder as the bars shut behind him and the officers growled,

"Face front, inmate!"

"Che…" scowling, Naruto turned away from them and chose the time to take a good look at his new 'home-room'.

The cell was small; bunk-beds were placed to his right with a pathetic excuse for a toilet and a sink situated near the cell's farthest corners. Near the beds stood a small table that contained a bible and a seemingly more than enough times used candle with a pack of cigarettes, a lighter and a simple digital-wristwatch.

Placing his night-garments and sheets on the bottom bed, Naruto skipped a quick glance at his seemingly deeply sleeping companion at the top bunk, and reached over to flip a few pages of the bible. He blinked as a little paper suddenly slipped through its middle and fell. Grabbing a blank square from the floor which had a neat handwriting on it that said 'Love you forever Shika!', he flipped it over and arch a brow as he stared at a photo of a beautiful long-haired blond girl being held by a smirking young-man.

"That's Ino. My girl." mumbled a lazy voice from the bed.

Turning quickly to the speaker, Naruto was met with sleepy half-lidded black eyes staring boringly at him from above.

Looking at the picture one more time, Naruto 'hm'-ed and placed it back where it came from and turned his attention fully to his cellmate he guessed now went by the name of Shika.

By the appearance, this man was everything that could describe the word 'slacker'. His dark-brown hair was tied into a high tail and, although his whole form was sprawled all other the bed like a lazy sack of potatoes, his body was rather well-built.

"Tsk, newbies are such a pain." sighing while mumbling to himself, the man reluctantly jumped off the bed and stretched before turning to Naruto. "So…what's your name, fish?"

Sizing the man up and down, Naruto frowned as he appeared slightly taller than himself. "It's Naruto."

"Hm… I'm Shikamaru." outstretching his hand, he shook the blond's tanned one that had a firm hold for someone as fragile-looking as him. "Sorry for the mess, if I knew I was going to host such a delicate girl-like-being, I might have cleaned up this dump a bit." he thought in sarcasm, studying deep blue eyes and sunny, short, slightly-spiked blond hair gracing the gorgeous face.

"Not one of the willingly working types, are you?" scowling at the offence, Naruto still found a smirk, feeling a little more comfortable with the man's presence. "Seems that time in prison has made you just as lazy as a sack of garbage."

A thin brow rose up at the quick retort, but the man soon smirked as well and shrugged. "It's a pain but you don't see me complaining. There's nothing else to do here besides take your time."

"Aa…" grinning, Naruto set on the bottom bed while Shikamaru leaned against the wall in front of him.

"So…Naruto…, what did you do?"

Understanding that as 'what have you been charged for', Naruto turned his head to look out through the bars at the other inmates in their cells on the opposite side.


Shikamaru blinked and looked Naruto over once more, finding it hard to believe that this little creature could even harm an insect.

"What sentence?"


"And who did you murder so as to be confined in a place like this for such a long time?"

"Five members of the government." 'We screwed up on a sixth though.' silently Naruto thought to himself.

"However did you manage that?"

Looking back up at the man, Naruto searched his eyes before replying. "…I'm a sniper."

Shikamaru just stared till Naruto spoke again. "How 'bout you?"

"Thief. Been sentenced for five years. I have two more left."

Chuckling, Naruto looked at the bible. "Did you steal that girl over there?"

Huffing, Shikamaru crossed his arms just as one of the officers yelled, "Lights-out, ladies! It's time for bed!"

"You could say that. Although it's more of a retrieval thievery." grabbing onto the side of his bed, the lazy man pulled himself up. "She was mine from the beginning anyways."

"Hm…" asking nothing more since the man seemed reluctant to explain further, not to mention fall asleep already, Naruto pulled off his clothes and changed into nightwear.


Tossing and turning at irksome sounds of something scratching and grinding nonstop, Shikamaru groaned and looked at his watch. "The Hell!" Rolling over, he glared at his new inmate, who turned off the tap of the sink and shook down his wet hands.

Turning around, Naruto blinked as he spotted the awakened 'slacker'. "Oh, hi Shikamaru. You awake already?"

Gritting his teeth at him, Shikamaru hissed, "Weren't you making so much damn noise I might have still been asleep. For Christ's sake, it's past two in the fucking morning!"

A light glint shone in furrowed blue depths before they closed and Naruto reached out to rub the back of his neck sheepishly, grinning in a 'sorry' manner while climbing back under the sheets. "Wari-wari! I'll try to be quieter while taking a leak."

"Yea, I bet…" sighing, Shikamaru turned back on his side and mumbled something before he fell back to slumber.

Hearing him soon resume snoring, Naruto's eyes slowly opened and narrowed as they bored at the mattress hanging above him, looking as if gazing straight through it at his appearing 'obstacle' standing between him and his plans. Bringing up his hands, he stared at the cut and torn skin that 'adorned' them before turning his head further up and looking over the sink, where a loosely unscrewed screw hung by its lower side.

… … …


No reason for a new story, just a sudden inspiration to write it;))

fish – a nickname for every new inmate who arrives in prison.