Chapter 1: The Massacre


"Ayame! Get down here this instant!" my mom yelled. 'augh…' I didn't feel like dealing with her yelling. I was tempted to escape through the window to my room. "Why?" I screamed. At that point, my mom was angry. "Your father wants you to do some kekkei genkai training!" I slowly walk outside to see my father in his ninja clothes. "You're late…" was all he said. He looked really annoyed. My father has always had a short temper. "You're the only one in the Kusanabe clan that hasn't mastered your kekkei genkai! You have brought shame to this family! You are just like your…" I saw my mom give him the evil eye. "…Nevermind." "I don't give a fuck." I replied. "Don't push me, kid…I won't hesitate to kill you." He said. My mom looked scared. "Dear, don't be so hasty…she's only a child." I hate it when they fight. I decided to practice. "Fine, I'll practice! Just stop yelling." "…start by concentrating. I will throw kunai and shuriken at you, first." My father replied. I did what he told me to do. Then he threw a barrage of kunai and shuriken at me. When I opened my eyes, the kunai and shuriken were repelled. Unfortunately, it didn't end there. I didn't concentrate hard enough, so the weapons were flying directly at my mom. "Ahhhh!" My mom screamed. "Nooooo!" My father quickly raced to her aid, but it was too late…she was dead. "YOU! I should have killed you off the moment you were born." All of a sudden, he came at me with a kunai in his hand. I became terrified. Not knowing what was going on, I lashed my hand out to protect myself, and I accidently surged lightning chakra through my arm, which instantly decapitated him. When I opened my eyes, blood was everywhere. I soon drifted into a daze. Others of the Kusanabe clan came onto the scene. When they saw me drenched in my parents' blood, they became terrified and some of them tried to attack me, the majority of them ran off. I managed to escape into the forest that surrounded my homeland. And just like that, I became a missing-nin.