Chapter 20: Love is an Art


We made it back to the Akatsuki hideout. Itachi was waiting for us. "It's a good thing Rei-dono hasn't come back yet…" Itachi said. I noticed that he was irritated about something. When we walked in, I saw why. Kisame and Kakuzu were drunk as hell, sprawled across the floor like dead men. Zetsu was watching television. "I refuse to help him today, that damn heathen." Hidan said. I assumed he was talking about Kakuzu. "I'm going to sleep." Hidan said, walking to his room. Itachi went to the training grounds as usual, dragging Kisame across the floor. Sasori decided to watch TV with Zetsu. I was going to go to my room. Deidara was following me. "What, Deidara?" I said. "What did you and your brother talk about, hmmm?" He replied. "Just issues that I wanted to discuss with him. Family stuff." I said, still holding onto the picture he gave me. Deidara then held me in his arms. "Don't feel sorry for what you did, or what you could've done. Besides, if you never did what you did, chances are we would've never met, hmmm." Deidara said, smiling. I smiled back at him. "Love is an art, Ayame-chan. It takes time to master, but if you do master it, it ends with an explosion, hmmm." I giggled at his words. He then kissed me and slowly leaned me back on my bed. He kissed me again, and our tongues touched for the third time. I didn't want him to stop. He then caressed my cheek with his hand, while his other hand slowly went up my shirt. I moaned. I never wanted the feeling to go away. He took off my shirt and gently laid on me, still kissing me. I was still thinking about my family, but I soon stopped thinking, because I didn't have to worry anymore. Deidara is my reason for living, now, not my family ties. When he unlocked his lips from mine, I went on top of him and hugged him. "I love you Deidara." I said. He looked at me. "I love you too, hmmm." Ever since then, my life changed. I felt free of the chains that were holding me back. The feeling of guilt from killing my parents and not saving my brother went away, all because of my reason for living. And even though it is tough with obstacles along the way, what Deidara said to me was true in my eyes: Love is indeed an art.