Dramione Two-shot written in dialouge script, because I am lazy. BTW: I am hyper, fore I just ate about 598,392,129,123,001 chocolate chips. (I have to swim a 4000 tomorrow to get rid of my chocolate rolls... :/) No doubt inducing humor. Have fun reading this!

Hermione: Hooray! Back at Hogwarts!

Draco: *Sneer* I despise everyone here...

Hermione: Draco your a git!

Ron: That's why you should go out with me!

Hermione: Not until you break my heart with Lavender Brown! Der!

Harry: Why am I not the center of attention!

Ginny: You're my center of attention!

Harry: *Turns to see Ginny* Ah! Ginger! *Runs away*

Ginny: *Mopes and cries*

Ron: Hey! I'm a ginger! *Runs away crying*

Draco: Hee Hee I like this years Harry. He's already made two people cry!

Harry: *Turns to Malfoy* Ah! Ferret! *Runs away*

Draco: *Cries* No one likes me! *Sits in emo corner*

Hermione: Everyone's an idiot but me! *Reads numerous books* The phenomenon of the obscure informality induces the indubitate microscopic and sybilline endoplasmic reticulum and the vespertine flibbertegibbit enthrall-

Ron: Shut it! Your making my brain hurt!

Draco: Doesn't take much...

Harry: What did you even say?

Ginny: I think she said that if you study long enough, you'll turn into a death-eater.

Draco: Just like daddy!

Lucious: What was that, son? *Grabs pimp cane*

Draco: Uh, I love you?

Lucious: Love is for Pansys. And you broke up with her four weeks ago. *Smacks with pimp-cane.*

Hermione: Uh...Oh look! The Dark Mark!

Lucious: Gaahhh...uh, erm...I gotta get back to work...at...the...ministry. Bye, son.

Draco: Thank you! Thank you!

Hermione: Ew...

Harry: Draco, why are you even here?

Draco: You guys are my only friends...

Ron: We don't like you.

Draco: I know. *Cries in corner and slits wrists*

Hermione: Ew...

::::In potions class::::

Snape: Teeenn pooints froom Gryffendoooooooorr...

Harry: For what?

Snape: Beeeeing a buuuuuutt...

Draco: Haha

Snape: Draaaacoooooo,

Draco: What.

Snape: You're annoying. Teen points from Gryffendooooor.

The end of Chapter 1, because my computer is dying and my chord broke and my sisters hogging the only one. Kay, so...yea...only one chapter left, so...yeah..its random, but fun. (Plus, my chocolate high has worn out. I ate some carrots, and apparently healthy outweighs unhealthy. Hmm.)

Voldemort OUT, bitches.