"Tell me to stop," he whispered into her ear as his hand slid under her shirt.

"Don't stop," she said, guiding his hand closer to her chest before it was finally on her bra-covered breast.

"That isn't helping," he said. Spencer then dove down for another kiss, his tongue fighting with hers for dominance (but of course she always won, she always won every fight she was in). When he finally surrendered and moved his mouth back to her ear to whisper more worries into it, "Carly might be home soon." He didn't want his sister walking in on her older brother groping her best friend on the couch no matter how good the kisses felt.

"Then let's go somewhere else," she coaxed, grabbing him by his shirt and dragging him with her into his bedroom.

"Sam please stop," he said weakly when she closed the door and then promptly took off her shirt and approached him again, pushing him to sit on the bed.

"Why?" she mumbled while she straddled him, kissing his neck.

It felt so good the way one hand was going up and down his back while another one tangled his hair and with her soft lips on him that he almost forgot what stood between him and mauling her. He remembered a little bit- "illegal," was the only thing he said but right now his foggy brain couldn't decipher even what the word meant. So much for those three days in law school.

"The age of consent in Washington is sixteen," she hummed.

"If you don't have a… significant relationship… with the person," he countered, breaks in his speech from the lust that took over him as his hands couldn't help themselves but find their way to her exposed bra. "Believe me… I've done my homework too."

He felt ashamed that he had looked that up just a few weeks ago. Spencer felt like an old man fantasizing about a child. But that's what he's been doing, hasn't it? She was barely even sixteen! She was just a child and he was almost thirty! He thought his face would have been red if all his blood wasn't somewhere else…

She had his shirt off by the time he snapped back to reality.

"Please tell me to stop," he begged though as he said it, he was wrapping his arms around her to unhook her bra. She said nothing as the fabric fell to the floor. His hands returned to the front of her body and he moaned feeling her bare breasts underneath his hands.

"We need- to… stop," he said when he noticed her unsnapping the buttons to his jeans. Though it did give him some relief because it was getting pretty crowded in there…

"Do you honestly want to stop?" she whispered as she worked on her own shorts. Before he could answer, her shorts were off and her hand was sliding down his stomach into his boxers… "I'll take that as a no," she smirked and didn't remove her hand; she stayed there stroking him. He whimpered a little bit.

"You're gonna regret this," he managed to squeak out.

"Why would I regret you?" she said. She let go of him and tried to lower his jeans so he would only be in his boxers but she couldn't because he was sitting. "Stand up," she demanded.

"No." He refused, regaining his strength. Spencer looked her straight in her immoral blue eyes, "you're going to regret this."

Before he could say anything else, Sam kissed him and lowered him down to the bed. Her hand returned to under his unbuttoned jeans and striped boxers. He groaned and involuntarily lifted his hips, giving her enough space to work his jeans off of him.

"Please…" he moaned. "You need to stop."

She only removed her hand but put it behind his head as she kissed him. He was lost when her hips started rubbing against his and her lips went to suck on his neck.

"We can't do this," Spencer pleaded as Sam took off her underwear without saying a word. He only watched as she pulled down his boxers and she stared at him with a lusty gaze and attacked his lips with hers, putting her body over his. She grabbed his manhood and positioned it.

"Sam!" he yelled but by that time it was too late. She grunted in pain. He moaned when he felt her tight walls around him and he felt guilty for getting so much pleasure out of this.

"Just give me a minute," she whispered.

He just lay there for the few minutes it took for her to adjust. The words "what have I done?" traced around in his mind. That was an easy question to answer: he had just taken his little sister's best friend's virginity.

It surprised him when she started moving. He didn't want to hurt her even more so he just kept his hips still and let her ride him. No matter how much her wanted to roll her over and screw her senseless…

Her pace got faster as she got more comfortable with it and even he couldn't stop his hips from bucking at her thrusts once she started moaning.

"Oh god," Sam would mutter before giving him another kiss. "Spencer…"

"Uh… Sam," he said, feeling too much to feel guilty. He loved the feeling of being inside her, Sam's tight walls clenching around him. He grunted loudly as he rolled her over, all morality muted and replaced by this sinful pleasure.

She shrieked in surprise but did not stop him, only directed him. "Faster," she said as he pounded into her. "Spencer!" she yelled. "Oh god…"

"Sam," he whispered in her ear as he felt her spasm around him, causing him to spill himself inside of her, him getting his pleasure from her pleasure.

He finally got off of her, rolling over to the other side of the bed. After a few minutes of catching their breath, Spencer realized they didn't use protection.

"Sam?" I looked over to her.

"It's okay Spence," she gasped, still trying to gain control over her breathing. He nodded his head, knowing that she knew what he meant. She was probably on birth control or something. But why would she when she was a virgin- oh shit. He remembered. She was a virgin. He took his little sister's best friend's virginity. He felt sick. It took him a while to be able to open his mouth without the thought of throwing up on his mind.

"Sam?" he said again, though he didn't know why. To apologize maybe?

In the few moments he had been thinking, Sam seemed to have caught her breath and was even off the bed, picking up her clothing from the floor and putting it on. She didn't respond. He didn't know what to say so he just repeated what he already said.


"Thanks Spence," she said just as she finished dressing and walked out of the bedroom, a bit wobbly.

He just laid on his back, thinking over what had just happened.

A/N: Go easy. It's my first sex scene. Just wanted to experiment with my writing.