On one fateful night , Severus Snape saves sixth year Ginny Weasley from her all too certain fate. He reluctantly offers her refuge , for reasons he cannot fathom. And as the year passes, Ginny finds herself desiring more than just his protection.


There were many things in my life that I hated. There were many times that I wished everything would end. I wished there was more than just a million reasons to live.

Harry for example , felt like a memory of last year. A few tantalizing months we had together were like fleeting seconds in my life. I forgot how his hair felt , I forgot how I trembled when he brushed my skin with his fingers. I forgot.

I hadn't seen him in months and it hurt. I was empty , something was missing , he was missing. I was hollow , a shell. I was a source of hope for my peers but inside I was already dead. It was love. It was love that was killing me slowly.

Neville stuck by my side , as did Luna and they were the reasons for my smiles , smiles that cracked my worn face. Neville would hold my hand on cold nights , and for that I was grateful. But it wasn't the same.

He had convinced us all that the DA was going strong , that we had a cause worth fighting for. Foolishly , I let myself believe him , that we could make a difference. We danced with fire, waiting for it to finally consume us.

Life was uncertain , unfixed , especially at Hogwarts. It used to be my haven , my second home but now it had become a brainwashing and torture institution , a school for death eaters in training.

I remembered that defence lesson , when something had broken inside.

"Today we are going to practise the cruciatus curse."

Amycus Carrow smirked evilly , looking at the students like they were his next meal. His eyes landed on me.

"Weasley! Come here!"

His demand was never left unfullfiled , he was dangerous , he could kill. Shaking , I stood from my desk and walked over to him like I was going to my execution. Amycus licked his lips , raking his gaze over me. I was feeling nauseous , wishing I was anywhere but here.

"You are going to demonstrate the effects of the Cruciatus Curse."

I knew it was coming and I braced myself.

"Crucio!" Amycus squealed with pleasure and then I screamed in pain. It was agonizing , excruciating . I was on fire , I was being ripped to shreds. Someone else was yelling , my voice was hoarse , surely this was worse than death. I writhed on the ground , harsh shrieks and cries escaping my mouth.

"Stop!" someone yelled.

The curse was lifted and then transferred to Terry Boot , for interrupting the class. His cries matched mine and I couldn't think or comprehend and that was when I fainted on the classroom floor.

That was one week ago. I lived in fear. No one was safe , not even during lessons. Sure the teachers really tried to protect us but there was nothing that they could really do , they were prisoners just like us.

So when Amycus gave me a detention , for defending Luna , I knew that I was alone. I had trouble hiding the fact that I was afraid. Students did not come out of detention in good shape , in fact most of them were lucky to be alive.

Thursday night came and I reluctantly went to Amycus's office. Reluctantly was a poor choice of word , I was practically shaking in my boots. I swallowed hard and used my trembling hand to knock on the door.

It opened and I stepped in , facing Amycus as I closed the door behind me.

"Weasley." he spoke , for some reason smiling. I felt a shiver down my spine. Amycus covered the distance between us in seconds.

"You are a very beautiful girl , such a shame that it is all going to waste."

God. Now I was scared out of my mind , I had never expected this.

"Give me your wand!" he demanded. Instinct was screaming at me to refuse but I didn't have a choice. I handed it over , now truly defenceless.

"Now let us begin, Crucio!"

I screamed with agony and I was on the floor , my blood boiling in my veins , everything was burning. Then , quicker than I expected , the curse ended. But that was when the more terrible punishment began. Amycus rolled me onto my back , I couldn't object , my body was numb with pain.

"Yes so beautiful." he hissed , his eyes glinting with malevolence and anticipation. Then he was on me , his hard body pressing against me. I whimpered , and wildly tried to push him away with my shaking hands. He grasped them and pinned them above my head , both of his own hands forcing mine into the ground. His breath was on my face and it smelt like firewhisky and blood. I squirmed , trying hopelessly to free myself. Unfortunately the squirming seemed to turn him on and he rolled his lower part against me. One hand took both of mine as his other was used to touch my breasts.

That was when I had enough. Lifting my chin in a defiant manner , I spat in his eye. He cried out and I took this opportune moment to free my hands and force him off me. I spotted my wand , I grabbed it and I bolted from the room.

Seconds later I heard Amycus's terrible voice fill the halls , "I'm going to get you blood traitor!"

I sped around corners , racing for my life. I desperately looked out for teachers or other students but the halls were deserted , no one would dare being caught out past curfew. I could sense that Amycus was gaining on me , his footsteps were getting louder , pounding in the background , echoing over the castle.

"Nowhere to hide!" he taunted , and my blood ran cold. He was right.

Somehow I was now in the dungeons , and I could barely see. It so dark down here. I tried to fight off panic , I could make it. Then suddenly I spotted a door. I flew across to it , flung it open and forced myself inside. I closed it in milliseconds , slamming it shut before whipping around. My upper body collided with something , knocking the wind from my chest. I looked up and with complete horror , I found that I was face to face with none other than Severus Snape.

I was dead.