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It was the night before the proposed kidnapping and Ginny Weasley was sprawled along the dungeon floor for what seemed like the one hundredth time that week.

"Get up!" he hissed furiously as Ginny began to stir, "Up!"

Ginny bit back her venomous retort; no doubt Snape could hear her thoughts anyway, as her hatred threatened to burn through her skull. With shaking limbs she pushed herself off the floor and stood unsteadily facing the potions master.

"Weasley!" he spat, "It seems your attempts are getting more pathetic as we go on! Concentrate! Legilimins!"

And before Ginny was ready the spell hit her with full force.

She was five years old, watching the twins ride their new brooms with a mixture of jealousy and awe plastered on her face.

She looked up into the elusive, grey eyes of Lucius Malfoy as he placed her books back into her bag, before slipping away into the crowd.

She was screaming at Ron, Harry and Dean standing by looking nervous, as Ron had just accused her of being a slut.

And then the memory changed...

A handsome, pale teenager dragged a bloody, tear streaked girl along the wet chamber by her fiery hair. The girl, apparently too weak to retaliate, whimpered like an injured puppy, "Tom, let me go, please..." The boy ignored her pleas and said calmly, with a voice that would send chills down your spine, "Do not worry Ginny, your suffering will end soon. With every breath you take, I will become stronger." The boy's lip curled, with a malicious gleam in his eye as he continued to drag the girl along.

And then suddenly it seemed the struggle was over too soon. Ginny was on the floor, shaking and beginning to feel violently ill. A sheen of sweat covered her brow. The only sound that could be heard was her and Snape's breathing. After a few seconds Ginny propped herself up onto her elbows and met the eyes of Snape. His expression was undiscernible, his eyes were hard. Ginny felt a wave of nausea flow over her, and for a moment there was ringing in her ears before she promptly turned away from Snape and threw up all over the dungeon floor. She coughed and hastily wiped the warm tears from her eyes and she turned back to Snape knowing fully well that he would be livid. The mess that she had just sicked up had disappeared with the aid of Snape's wand. A glass of water appeared in her line of vision and Ginny grabbed it and took a sip.

"Thanks," she mumbled, now feeling terribly embarrassed. Snape nodded but did not say anything. Much to her surprise he didn't seem angry at all, he just watched her as she sipped the water.

"I-I don't know how that, I mean I've never seen that memory before, I could hardly remember anything that night," Ginny stammered, hoping this explanation would make up for the fact that she had spewed all over the floor.

Snape said nothing for a moment and then replied, "It seems that a repressed memory has been unearthed. If you do not wish to witness it again I suggest you actually concentrate on repelling me than being distracted."

"I am concentrating." Ginny said through gritted teeth.

"Well concentrate harder! We are running out of time and your occlumency it still weak. The Dark Lord could easily read your thoughts if he so wished! We are in a war, you insolent child! Dignity and self-preservation are matters that do not come first at this point. Now get up and try again!"

Ginny threw Snape a disgusted look before climbing to her feet. He looked her in the eye, "Legilimins!"

She was sitting at the table with Hermione laughing hysterically at Tonks who was changing her nose, every once in a while casting a glance at Harry.

She opened up the diary and began to write, "Tom, I've never had a friend quite like you."

No! Ginny mentally shouted. This was not going to happen. And suddenly Snape's face became a lot clearer in her vision; she could see his face, his onyx eyes. She raised her wand and yelled, "Stupefy!"

A rush of memories flooded her vision: A small raven haired boy with a hook shaped nose gave a small smile as he watched the girl with crimson hair enchant tiny black birds to fly around their heads.

The older version of Snape narrowed his eyes as he watched first year Harry enter the classroom, with striking emerald eyes that were exactly the same shade as the girl in the previous memory.

The eldest and most worn version of Snape yet, stood over Dumbledore who was weakly sitting in the chair in his office. Snape spoke a few muffled words and Dumbledore nodded with resignation, oblivious to Snape's look of fear and fury.

And then Ginny was standing in the dungeons again, her chest rising and falling wildly. She looked to the floor and discovered with horror that Snape was on the ground, lying on his back.

"Sir?" Ginny asked timidly. When he finally came to, Ginny knew he would kill her. The man stirred and sat up. He grabbed his wand from by his side and stood up. Snape gave her the most evil stare yet and Ginny felt her stomach drop to the floor.

"Next time, a simple disarming spell will suffice." And with his lip tugging into a nasty smirk he added, "We will see if you will be this lucky next time."


It was after two thirty am before Ginny had returned to the common room. Snape had refused to let her leave until she had been able to force him out her mind five times in a row. Now she had a raging headache, feeling as though someone had forced an axe through her head. Neville was the only one present in the common room, draped uncomfortably over an armchair, fast asleep. Knowing he would wake up with sore muscles the next day, Ginny walked over to Neville, wincing at her headache and whispered his name. He mumbled something and opened his bleary eyes.


"Hi Neville, I think you should get into bed, yeah?"

"Oh, I was waiting up, you know, to check on you after Snape's detention."

Ginny pulled a sad smile as she realised that she was going to leave him tomorrow and this would be the last time she would see him in a while.

"Ginny, are you alright?"

Ginny nodded, now feeling the irrational urge to burst into tears. Her vision was becoming blurry and her face was heating up. Without cue, Neville got up and placed his arms around her, holding her to his chest. Ginny sobbed in his chest and all the time Neville said nothing, just making soothing circles around her back with his hand.

"I love you Neville," Ginny choked and she felt his arms tense around her, "You're my best friend." His arms relaxed as he realised the context of her words and replied a little awkwardly, "I love you too Ginny."

Ginny pulled away from him, feeling a little awkward and wiped the tears off her face. "Night Neville," she said and walked off to her dorm.

"See you tomorrow." He said and Ginny cringed. She didn't know if he would ever forgive her for not telling him the truth.


Moments after the Weasley girl departed, Severus's floo roared to life. In the fireplace stood Lucius Malfoy, who did not seem to notice the time in the slightest. Severus looked up from his desk and walked over to greet the man. He was most displeased to see Lucius, as he did not appreciate him flooing his quarters at the slightest whim, without regard for Severus's privacy.

"Severus, my friend." Lucius greeted Severus, the latter silently acknowledging that he could not return the sentiment.

"Lucius," Severus replied, "Has the plan been put in place?"

The platinum blonde nodded, "Yes, I believe Rosier and Travers have been assigned to this task. They will arrive shortly after breakfast has commenced and will escort the blood traitor and the lunatic's daughter from the hall. Of course, they will be heavily disguised as ministry officials to avoid complications and resistance. We expect the operation will run smoothly. Soon after, we will dispatch some…pleasant," Lucius smirked, "Letters to the families, explaining what we have just done."

"Of course, I must thank you Lucius, the filthy blood traitor and the girl were becoming a tiresome nuisance. At least their disappearance will beat a sense of compliance into their pathetic families."

"Yes," Lucius snarled with glee, "Maybe we could give dear Bella a go with the blood traitor, after the tenth cruciatus curse the location of Potter might just slip…"

With this comment, Severus employed a fake smirk, keeping his persona in check, "Bella always knows how to bring out the best in people."

"You are right, of course, Severus." Lucius agreed.

"I would offer you a drink, my friend, but it seems my stores of firewhisky have depleted somewhat."

"Not to worry, Severus, I have other errands to run, I will bid you farewell," replied Lucius turning to the fireplace.

"Goodnight Lucius." Said Severus, watching his companion with relief as there was nothing he desired more than crawling into his bed. And with a flash of green, Lucius was gone.