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Chapter 1:

Third person POV:

It was 9:30 pm, June 30th. The day was hot and dry despite the sun having said it's goodbyes for the day. Bella Swan carried two large grocery bags from her stuffy car, careful not to lose her precarious balance. She walked along the asphalt driveway to the large, red-brick house, trying to escape the heat and relax in the cool, air-conditioned rooms of the beautiful establishment. The well-manicured gardens glittered with water droplets from the sprinklers, and the white lights around them made the greenery all the more appealing. There was a black Mercedes in the driveway which Bella had never seen before, but she ignored it, thinking that it might be one of Mr. Cooper's friends.

When she reached the front door, she put the bags down on the mat and took out her key, but as she fit it into the lock, the door handle twisted under her hand. That was surprising since the Coopers never left their door unlocked, especially when they weren't expecting Bella to come, and this was a surprise visit.

The Coopers had a 10-year-old son who Bella babysat regularly. Little Simon was home alone alot since his father decided to run for state senator, and his parents had to attend benefits, campaigns and what not. Bella met Simon when she was coming home from University one day, and saw him standing alone outside the junior school's soccer pitch in the rain. The driver his parents had sent for him was new to the area and couldn't get there in time, so Bella gave him a ride home. She discovered what a sweet little boy he was; full of hopes and ideas that could only make sense in the innocent mind of a child. She met his parents the same day, who were worried sick and looking everywhere for their son. They were extremely grateful to Bella and soon after, offered her a part-time job as babysitter. She was mature enough for taking care of their son, and also had a lively personality which made her a fun person to hang out with for a kid.

Bella picked up her grocery bags and walked into the empty, dark hallway, making her way towards the living room. She left the grocery bags on the console next to the living room door as she entered the room where she had spent countless hours with the warm-hearted family. The door opened soundlessly to reveal a sight that would be provide substance for Bella's nightmares for years to come. Lying on the floor, their eyes glassy and lifeless, were Mr. and Mrs. Cooper. Blood was pooling around their head and torso, as a man with bronze-coloured hair and cold, grey eyes pointed a gun at them.

His compassionless gaze shifted to Bella and his hand swung around to point the black, killing machine at Bella's head. She, however, was beyond caring about the fact that her life may end in a few short minutes. Her eyes were now glued to the boy she had spent so much time taking care of, as tears ran down his face and every inch of his body shook like leaves in the wind. Before Bella had time to process what she was doing, she stepped over the bloody bodies to stand in front of Simon.

She looked around the room once, taking everything in. There were two more people beside the grey-eyed killer. One was a beefy, brown-haired, monster of a man who looked like he could crush her skull with one hand, while the other was a tall, albeit less-defined man with blonde curls and a seeming penchant for staring people down. The former had two AK-47's slung over each shoulder while he held another in his hand. The latter had a small gun with a silencer attached to the front.

Bella stared at the third man as she shielded Simon's body with hers, and said, "You've already killed two extremely good people, and you deserve to rot in hell for that. But I swear to God, if you even touch this child, I'll kill you myself, gun or no gun."

The man, stared at her in shock for a split second before he composed himself. Then he started laughing at the girl's bravado.

"Are you threatening me?" he said, giving her a condescending look. "Do you actually think that you can take me on? You, a mere 110 pound, not to mention weaponless, girl!"

Bella's chin jerked up in defiance, as she backed away from the armed men, subtly pushing Simon towards the door. She knew she had to get him out before the killers got to him, so she had to keep them distracted.

"You know what, Mr-I've-got-an-ego-so-big-my-head-won't-fit-through-the-door, I bet I could beat you at hand-to-hand combat any day. So leave your big guns behind, and face me like a man, not a coward." Bella was now in front of the door, and as soon as the gunman looked away she pushed Simon through the open door and yelled 'Run!'

When the three men realized what had happened, the leader yelled at them to follow the kid. Bella was still in front of the door, however, and before they could run after Simon, she kneed the blonde in the groin and elbowed the other one in the nose. The blonde one fell down to the ground in pain while Mr. Muscles clutched his bleeding nose.

"You really shouldn't have done that," Bella heard the grey-eyed man's voice say. After that she didn't remember what happened, as something hard and metallic hit her at the back of the head, causing her vision to blacken.

Ten minutes later:

"We lost him, sir," Jasper Whitlock said, limping towards his boss and brushing his blonde hair away from his eyes. "We went on for blocks but we didn't find him."

The boss, Edward Cullen, more commonly known as "The Drug King," was kneeling down, checking the girl's pulse. It was steady.

"You wanna wrap up here and go home, boss?" Emmet 'Pooch' McCarty, whose nose had finally stopped bleeding, asked. "The cops will be here soon."

Cullen nodded. He could already hear the sirens, and motioned to Pooch to pick the girl up. Pooch looked back at him in astonishment. "Don't you wanna just kill her now, boss?"

"No, Pooch," Cullen said. "We don't have time. Take her to the car, and hurry up. I don't wanna spend the rest of this shitty night in a jail cell."

Pooch knew better than to disobey the boss's orders, and picked the girl up easily and tossed her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. They all got in the mercedes and sped off before the cops saw them.

"That was close. Next time, J, please make sure we don't have any visitors while we're killing someone," Cullen said to Jasper in a deceptively polite tone. Jasper, however, was not fooled by his boss's outward calm. He had been working for Cullen for over six years, and knew that his boss was extremely pissed off. If he didn't apologize now, he wouldn't live to see the sun rise.

"Sorry, sir," J said. "It won't happen again." He didn't know why Cullen was so mad; they had killed the Senator. Sure, the boy got away, but what could he do? A kid couldn't remember the faces of the people in such a horrifying situation. And the police couldn't punish someone they couldn't catch. The mafia didn't do things halfway. He had a feeling that the girl was the key. Why didn't Cullen just kill her and get it over with? For the first time since Jasper started working for Edward Cullen, he felt doubtful. Some people had suggested that the mafia's number one guy was a little too good at his job. Insanely good. Had he finally snapped?

FBI Headquarters, Interrogation room:

Simon sat in the plastic chair, opposite a woman in a black suit and a lavender shirt. She had told him her name was Anna Summers, and she was with the cops who wanted to catch the bad guys who had killed his parents.

"I want Bella," Simon sniffed.

"Whose Bella, Simon?" the nice lady asked in a soothing voice.

"My babysitter. She saved me from those bad people," he said, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand. "She told me to run and I thought she'd come after me but she didn't. Did the bad people hurt her too?"

Miss. Summers looked a bit startled, and said, "Well, I'm sure they didn't hurt her because she wasn't at your house when we got there. Can you tell me her full name, Simon?"

Simon tapped his cheek with his finger, thinking. "Oh, I remember! Her full name's Isabella Swan."

The colour drained out of Summers face. Her colour grew ashen as her eyes bugged out of her head. "Are you sure?" she asked him again.

"Yes," he said, looking worriedly at the detective. "Are you okay Miss. Summers?"

"I'm fine, dear," she said, giving him a weak smile. "Just give me a minute." She left the room, and took out her cell phone.

"Get me Chief Swan," she said in a hollow voice. "We have a situation."

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