A Grey's Anatomy fic by Gigi

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Chapter 1: A Surprising Proposal

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Addison was uncomfortable, to say the least. Alex Karev, her insolent but admittedly hot intern, had been staring intently at her all morning. At first, she surreptitiously checked her teeth and her skin for any blemishes or stuck food that might attract this kind of interest. Next came her hair, until she realized she was checking how she looked to Karev, her intern.

With that thought, Addison promptly dropped her hand to her side and locked it in place.

Sighing, she handed the chart she'd just finished updating to the nurse on call and walked away from the nurses' station. She was halfway down the hall when she barely had enough time to register Karev catching up to her before feeling his hand tugging her by the elbow into a nearby on-call room.

"Karev!" she exclaimed in a mixture of surprise and annoyance. She was talking to his back as he locked the door behind himself. "What are you doing? We have a patient to get to."

Karev finally turned around, and for the first time, Addison saw his state of unease. His dark brown eyes carried a hint of distress, and his right hand was in his white coat's pocket and, judging by the bulge it made, was holding onto something for dear life. "Karev?" she asked gently, cocking her head to one side and trying to discern what on earth was bothering him by peering farther into the chocolate depths of his eyes.

"This is going to sound really weird," he prefaced. A faint flush flooded his cheeks, but whether it was from embarrassment or anger, Addison couldn't tell. His voice was strained, which could also be due to a variety of emotions. "And I know it's random and out of the blue and totally unprofessional—"

"Spit it out, Karev," Addison urged. Despite herself, she was incredibly curious as to what made her normally cocky intern bumble around and babble like an idiot. What was he going to ask her that was so unprofessional?

Karev complied. "I need you to be my fiancée," he blurted. Addison's big, pale blue eyes widened, and her jaw went slack.



"Excuse me?" the redhead sputtered. Did he seriously just propose to her? No, he sounded panicked when he did. What the hell did he do this time?

"My ex-girlfriend is coming to Seattle," he began desperately. "We were together for two years—she was the longest relationship I've ever had—before I came here. When I got this residency, I was going to propose to her so that she could come up with me, but when I went home to get ready for our date the night I had planned to propose, I got a message on my machine." He paused for air.

Strangely riveted, Addison queried softly, "What did it say?"

"My sister Amber had tipped her off about my plans for that night because she was so excited to be getting a sister. Anyway, Vanessa—that's her name, Vanessa—she called and said she had no idea we were so serious," Alex bit out. He had to take a deep breath to continue. "She'd only wanted me for the sex, and she'd been going on dates with other guys almost from the beginning. There was some guy, Ben, who wanted to be more exclusive, and she said yes to him and didn't even give me the chance to ask her to marry me."

Once he'd quieted, Addison couldn't help but see her intern in a new light. His reputation as a mini-Mark Sloan was pretty widespread through the hospital, but she doubted the why was as well known. In fact, she had a feeling she was the only one in Seattle he told. "She dumped you with a message on a machine?" she clarified, horrified. He only nodded. "That makes me sick," she declared disgustedly.

"Yeah, I went right to the bathroom and threw up my lunch after I heard it," Alex admitted. "Anyway, she called last night, and she told me she was coming up to Seattle to visit some family. She's getting married to Ben in six months, and she wants to see me."

Addison's eyebrows climbed up her forehead until confusion made her furrow them instead. "So where do I factor into all this?"

Scratching the back of his head, Alex looked downward—anywhere but in her eyes, but he seemed to be staring at her chest without even realizing it. Addison fought the urge to close her white coat. "She wouldn't stop gushing about Ben, and she wanted to know if I was involved with anyone. There was just something in her voice that would make me feel pathetic if I told her I was single, so I said I was engaged."

"And you just decided I was the lucky woman who was desperate enough to accept a fake marriage proposal?" Addison commented dryly, crossing her arms and leaning all her weight on one stilettoed foot. "I'm flattered."

"No, it isn't like that, I promise!" Alex insisted, bringing his eyes back up to meet hers in urgency. "She wanted to know my fiancée's name, and your name just came out." The flush on his face became deeper. "I guess you were on my mind when she called, and I know we just got back to normal after the whole kiss thing—" Addison shifted on her feet uncomfortably at the still-fresh memory of his reprimanding her for avoiding him—"but I really need your help here. Please?"

There was a part of her that wanted to scream a rejection at him as loudly as she could, so that he could feel just an ounce of the humiliation he'd so thoughtfully served her after their kiss in the bar. That part of her still stung from that conversation in the linen closet. But there was another part of her that really wanted to kiss him again, and if she had to parade around as his fiancée, there was a good chance she'd get to.

Addison cocked her head to the side once again and stared into his pleading eyes, and sighed in defeat. "I don't know why I'm doing this, but okay," she agreed, trying to tell herself she was doing this out of pure pity and not the urge to jump him.

"Really?" Alex asked hopefully. Dejected, Addison nodded, completely unprepared for the unexpected hug her nod elicited. Pulling back, he revealed a small velvet box sitting in his right palm. "I got you a ring to wear. I'd start wearing it now, because she said she'd be here tomorrow, and it would probably be best if you didn't have everyone looking at you really confused tomorrow."

Still in shock from the hug, Addison took the box from his hand and opened it. A gasp left her lips when she saw the small white-gold band with a beautifully white princess cut diamond sitting nestled between two smaller diamonds. "Okay," she whispered, still staring at the ring. It was gorgeous, but at the same time it was a painful reminder of the one she used to wear, alongside a wedding band. A needle-like pressure formed in her chest as she realized just what she'd agreed to, and that a certain ex-husband of hers was going to see this on her finger, replacing the platinum solitaire he'd given her twelve and a half years ago.

"Here," Alex offered, taking the ring out of the box and gently slipping it onto the fourth finger of her left hand. "It looks good on your hand," he mused after a few moments spent staring at it.

"Thanks," Addison said numbly, also staring at her hand.

Two beepers going off broke them out of their reverie. They were needed in the pit.

"So I guess we have to go," Alex declared. He heard a murmured agreement from his now-pretend-fiancée. He looked up and could see her distress at going outside with a ring on her finger. On impulse, he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. "Thank you," he whispered, and with that, he opened the door and started out for the pit, leaving an even more startled Addison to follow in his wake, her right hand touching her face where his lips had brushed it and her left hand safely in her coat pocket.

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