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It's Dean and Sam. What is one of the things that Dean loves? Girls. So give the girl to Sam. But is she good, bad, or irrelevant?

Chapter Five - Gravestones

Dean shoved the door open and went straight to the back of the convenience store. He needed a beer.

Sam was about to follow him in, but a hand on his butt stopped him.

"What's your hurry, handsome?" a voice behind him purred.

Sam turned around and inhaled sharply.

Bright eyes looked up at him innocently despite the hand still firmly on his rear. "Do you have a minute?"

Sam reached back and grabbed her wrist. He dropped it when what felt like electricity shot through him.

"Aren't you adorable," she purred as she took a step toward him.

Sam backed into the wall.

She took another step forward and straddled his thigh. She took his hand in hers and wrote something on his hand with a pen. "Call me." She gave him a sultry look before she leaned in and placed a quick kiss on his lips. Then, she walked away with an exaggerated sway of her hips.

Sam sucked in a deep breath.

"What's taking you so long?" Dean asked, from the doorway. "I thought you wanted something, too."

Sam took in several deep breaths before he looked at his brother. "No, I'm okay. Why don't we head somewhere else? There's got to be someplace where we can learn something."

"Well, the school wasn't the place to look," Dean scowled.

"Hey, we learned some things there," Sam protested as he reached up his hand to wipe a bead of sweat off his forehead. He stopped and stared at his hand. The name "Ellie" was written followed by a local phone number, no area code.

"What are you looking at?" Dean asked, grabbing his hand.

"Nothing," Sam said as he tugged his hand away.

Dean just grabbed it back. "Who's 'Ellie'?" he asked as he read the writing on his brother's hand.

"No clue," Sam shrugged. "She pretty much walked up to me, wrote that on my hand and headed out of here. I've never seen her before."

Dean chuckled. "Ah, my little brother is so grown up. Random hot chicks hitting on him. She was hot wasn't she?"

"Would you knock that off." Sam glared at him. "She couldn't have been much more than eighteen, if that. She certainly wasn't my type."

"Was she hot?"

Sam rolled his eyes. "Yeah, she was hot. She was also probably jailbait."

"Come on, Sam, a hot chick hits on you and your worried that she might be under eighteen. You have her number. Ask."

Sam scowled at him. "Dean, we have other things to worry about. Besides, something about her was creepy."

Dean stopped. "Creepy?" He shrugged. "Of course there was. We need to get this over with so we can get away from all these damned teenager."

Sam chuckled at that. "Why don't we go check out records at the county court. Something Kaitlyn said had me wondering about the exact dates of those boys deaths."

"Cemetery might be better," Dean said as he glanced around, "just in case one of these boys really did kill himself and his ghost is killing the other ones."

Sam nodded. "We can do that, but I still want to see those records. I'm hoping that there is something in them that isn't public record."

"Sure, sure," Dean waved away as he headed toward the Impala.

That it wasn't night didn't make this cemetery any less spooky. Gargoyles guarded the entrance to the cemetery. Thorny roses weaved their way around other flowers and herb plants all the way around the perimeter.

Sam eyed the gargoyles wearily as they walked passed them.

It took some doing, but they found the locations of the four graves. The first one they looked at belonged to Jason Meister.

Sam brushed a drooping flower in a pot on top of the gravestone out of the way. The stone read:

Jason Meister
Beloved Son and Brother
June 22, 1996 – September 20, 2012
Taken Too Soon

Sam looked over at his brother. "Okay, so he's been dead three weeks now."

"What are you trying to prove?" Dean asked as he looked at the paper with the locations of the other graves.

Sam shrugged. "I'm not sure. Let's check the next one. Who's closest?"

Dean look between the different names. "Can't we get what we need off of here? We have everything this says."

Sam shook his head. "There's something here. Trust me."

Dean scowled. "Probably Aaron McConaughey. If you plan to go to all four graves, I'm doing out of here."

"Do you hear yourself?" Sam asked, grabbing the paper from his brother. "Four." He glanced around and tried to decipher the cemetery map they had gotten from the groundskeeper. "Besides, if one of these boys is behind this, do you really want to have to search through all this for his grave?"

"You really think that's what's going on here?"

"I honestly have no clue, Dean. Kaitlyn seemed sure her boyfriend wouldn't kill himself and so did Kyle."

"Yeah, but that's from people that love them. They never know."

Sam chuckled. "Cynic."

"Too trusting," Dean shot back.

A few minutes later they were in front of Aaron's grave. This one was covered in flowers and garlands. Someone had lain a medal over it. Sam did his best to uncover it without making it too hard to put back.

Aaron McConaughey
Cherished Son and Friend
February 1, 1996 – September 6, 2012

"See? Nothing there. This is a waste of time."

"Maybe it's not on the graves," Sam admitted, "but it shouldn't take too long to check the other two. Kaitlyn said he was the one found in the movie theater, right?"

Dean hesitated a moment and nodded. "Sounds right."

"Five weeks ago," Sam frowned. "He was a little older than Jason, but only a few months." Sam shook his head. "Let's just check the next one."

When they reached Levi's grave it was pretty barren and very easy to read.

Levi Thomas
March 30, 1996 – October 4, 2012

"He hasn't even been dead a week and no one has left any flowers on the grave."

"Since when do you care about flowers, Sammy boy?" Dean scoffed.

"It just makes me wonder if anyone really noticed he was dead," Sam said as he stood up and started in the direction of the last grave.

Darrin's grave was a surprise. Carefully attached to it was a sonogram, probably placed there by Kaitlyn. The only other thing was one dozen fresh red roses.

Darrin James
November 10, 1995 – August 30, 2012
We Will Never Forget

"Since I'm guessing the roses came from Kaitlyn, who exactly picked the inscription?" Sam asked starring bemused at the gravestone.

"Does it matter?"

"I don't know," Sam admitted.

"Okay, so that's all of them," Dean announced starting for the gate. "We have wasted a good hour of our time doing this and we have learned nothing."

"Not nothing," Sam argued. "We just don't know if any of it means anything."

"Let's just get back," Dean urged him as he started walking. He went about five feet before he stopped. "Hey, Sammy boy, take a look at that."

Sam followed his brother's hand and frowned. "Looks like someone wasn't too happy."

Finally curious, Dean took hurried steps and stopped in front of a fifth grave.

Michael Allen Dale
Beloved Son, Brother, and Friend
July 11, 1977 - September 13, 1995
Justitia Caeca, Illa Ducenda

"And another nothing," Dean scowled. "This guy's been dead since before any of them were born."

"Barely," Sam said as he looked over the date. "Darrin was born less than two months later."

"He was older, too," Dean commented, "though not much, two years or so."

"Which might mean something if not for the other," Sam admitted as they started walking back toward the gate and the Impala. "I wonder why someone trashed his grave. It looks kind of recent."

Dean shrugged. "This was just a waste of time. Chances are that if any of these boys were murdered then none of them are behind it."

Sam stopped and looked at him. "Chances are these boys were murdered. The question is by whom and I wouldn't rule out the other boys. We only have one side of the story."

So here's to hoping that the graveyard scene worked.

Side note to those Charmed fans who managed to find this despite the Supernatural tag on it, the Gargoyles are a call out to "Charmed Again". Yes, this is a Supernatural/Charmed crossover. No, it's not nearly as obvious as the previous story. I don't list it as such, because although there will be a character from Charmed in this story, this character is not a main character in any way shape or form. There are other elements that connect to Charmed but they won't be noticable until later in the story.

Additional note to all readers. I have, by necessity (this chapter being the necessity) figured out what the dates of this story are. The prologue starts on October 11 and moves into October 9 when it moves back two days. This chapter and most of the others before it takes place on October 10.

Challenge for my readers: Can you find the clues Dean and Sam haven't noticed yet?

In the next chapter I think things are moving along much faster and smoother. No title for it yet. Some that come to mind are "Cell Phones" and "Differences", but neither takes up enough of what goes on in the chapter. And besides . . . there's only one cell phone involved.