Nothing was wrong. It was as typical as any other day. Strolling happily with my rolling book bag, I walked onto the sidewalk. Drops slowly made their way down my temple, and I walked faster. You're almost there, almost home. With these motivating words I continued. My eyes skimmed across a pleasant view. Children hoping into the small chalk squares, girls jumping rope. Beautiful weather, laughter, relaxation, what more could you ask for in a day? It brought about a calm feeling, and I sighed making my way up the stairs outside of the red bricked building. From my perspective nothing was wrong. Everything was perfect in my little bubble. Maybe that was the problem. Being so wrapped up in oblivion, you forget about reality. The walls were slowly closing in on me, and I didn't even know it. My wakeup call had finally arrived, silent and unanticipated. Exhausted I worked my way up the steps, to my apartment door. One ring of the bell was all it took, and the door swung open before me. There my mother was in the door way, she took me by the arm, and immediately pulled me inside. "I need you to pack up your clothes now, do you hear me? We are leaving" my mother issued the words assertively. I stood completely unmoved by her words. "Oh ok, are we going to go Grandpa Johnny's house?" I asked excitedly. "No, now hurry up, go pack your things now go!" she commanded. I walked to the room, and opened up my dresser. "So then where are we going ma?" I asked as I packed my clothes into my miniature suitcase. Suddenly, I heard my grandmother's voice from down the hall "Oh so you're taking her too!" "Yes, she's coming with me, she's my daughter and wherever I go she goes!" I became more curious "but ma…where are me going? "Nowhere she's taking you nowhere because she has no place to go!" "Oh don't worry I'll find a place, I don't care if we have to stay at a homeless shelter!""Out, we aren't staying here anymore" As I zippered my bag, my mother pulled me by the hand, barely giving me enough time to pick up my favorite stuff animal. I stared at my pig faced down on the floor in the hallway as my mother pulled me out the door.

Homeless shelter. Who knew my mother had such a wide imagination? Great job ma, you showed her, I mused silently to myself. Mom played her role well. Seriously, living in a homeless shelter, that'll be the day. I mean we couldn't…I mean she wouldn't…would she? I took a moment to ponder my naive thoughts…nah of course not. Mommy was doing well, and it was all going to be ok. Bad things don't happen to good people, that was a basic fact. Plus tomorrow is show and tell and I can't wait to show Ms. Morgan my collection of poems!Suddenly excitement boiled up inside of me, until I felt the breaking away of my mother's hand from mine. Curiously, I looked up only to find tears rolling down her face. She took her hand, and roughly rubbed her eyes to stop them. I stared at her blankly, observing the flushed rose pigment washed over her face. "Mommy what's wrong? mommy don't cry", I pleaded. As I watched her blankly, everything stopped. I searched warily in her eyes for an explanation, an answer… anything. Seconds passed…my stomach slowly turned. A lump in my throat emerged, and my breathing became jagged. My hands began to tremble; everything was coming out at me at once. A quick memory of the day flashed past me-the girls jumping rope, the happiness, the relaxation now all a fleeting glimpse. The preclude to my tragic epilogue. I couldn't help fight back the burst of tears that now engulfed me. Covering my face, I rubbed my eyes dry. Suddenly my deep search became nothing more than a shallow stare. I'd surrendered to truth. Hearing what was was clearly unspoken.