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I love Shishi with a passion, and since this place is obviously lacking in this department I figured I should help out. GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon and if I did they wouldn't have fucked up Gary's haircut in Sinnoh and Misty would still be on the team and Gary would still be the cock blocking badass we all love.

Gary Oak; Pokemon master, sex god of Pallet town, the only one who can mind fuck Ash Ketchum, okay so Ash is the real Pokemon master but if Gary didn't become a Pokemon researcher he WOULD be the Pokemon master. Fuck that he would have taken Lance's spot on the elite four.

Professor Oak had called Ash to his lab for an important meeting, "Ash I didn't tell you that my grandson Gary was coming for a visit did I?" Ash gasped; Gary? Why would he come to Pallet town...

that's an obvious answer Ash his family is here, no wonder he would want to visit. "Oh, really? That's cool..." Professor Oak nodded "I was wondering if you could keep him entertained for me for a few days; I'm afraid I have to go away to Saffron city to meet up with Mr. Pokemon." Ash sighed 'Spend time with Gary to help the professor? "Sure, when's he gonna be here?"

Gary Oak was now 15 years old; aged and very good looking in his opinion, it's not like he can just turn of his sexiness. The professor picked him up from the docks and gave the teenager a hug "Gary! It's so good to see you, I want you to know I'm extremely proud of you." he motioned to the teenagers white researching coat "It makes you look distinguished, a real professional." Gary smirked "Yeah I know gramps," The old man shook his head and drove home, "Gary, I'm sorry I didn't mention this on the way here but I'm leaving for a few days and Ash is going to stay here and keep you company."

Gary grinned "Ashy-boy is here?" the professor nodded and grabbed his briefcase "I have to go, you have my phone number if you need me and be nice to Ash; he's doing me a favor." Gary shrugged "Smell ya later gramps!" Professor Oak put the car in reverse and drove off again. The young Oak busted in to the house with great confidence and almost woke the sleeping teen on the couch. Gary smirked Ash was cuddled up to Pikachu on the couch, it was funny to see only because Ash still looked like he was ten when he was asleep.

Ash stirred in his sleep and his eye lids fluttered open "Nng, Pikachu wake up." The yellow electric mouse hopped up, turning his head to catch sight of Gary Oak. "Hey Ashy-boy." The brunette whipped his head around to be face to face to his old rival, "G-Gary you're early." The spiky haired teen sighed "No Ashy-boy I'm right on time, so entertain me." Ash was quiet for the longest time before muttering "I have to get stuff from my house, you can come if you'd like." The young Oak had nothing better to do; after all this was his week of vacation away from his studies. "Sure I'll go." Ash slipped on his running shoes and left the house with Gary walking next to him.

The Pokemon master went into his bedroom that was much different then his old room had been 5 years ago when he first got Pikachu. It grew up just as he had; it no longer had Pokemon items everywhere other than his own Pokeballs after all he did catch 'em all. Gary stayed downstairs to talk with Delia Ketchum (Also known as Professor Oaks MILF)

Delia smiled "It's so good to see you again Gary, it seems after you left Ash's determination to prove his power lessened." Gary grinned "After all I'm the greatest rival he ever had, there's no one who can match my skills." Delia giggled at the cocky teenager next to her; Gary always was so full of life, cocky, knew his strengths and wouldn't accept his weaknesses. "Gary dear, I think it would do Ash well if you both became friends again." Gary chuckled "Ashy-boy doesn't want to be friends." Delia grabbed Gary's arm "Please, I know he wants to he doesn't have to say anything."

The women had a point; they weren't competing to be anything, they were older meaning mature. This was probably a good thing right? After all they used to be best friends in a weird way. "Okay I'll give it a shot; oh and what's going on with you and gramps?" Delia blushed and started giggling just as Ash walked into the room "Gary are you flirting with my mom?" Gary chuckled "Why Ashy-boy? Are you jealous?" Ash pouted "Let's go." The Oak shrugged and waved his goodbyes to Delia as they walked out of the house. "So what did you have planned for the week Ash?" The petite kid shrugged "I just thought we'd go with the flow, there's no sense in making plans when we could be lazy and not want to make any commitments." Gary nodded slowly "Yeah okay, well since I just got back I wanted to sit on the couch and watch scary movies," Ash smiled slightly "Oh okay, I guess I'll read a book or something."

Gary gasped "You can read?" Ash smacked him in the arm "Jerk." The Oak shoved the Pokemon master into the living room "You're watching them with me; I've taken the liberty to pick out The Grudge, The Ring, Orphan, and Anal rampage part two." Ash turned around slowly "A-anal rampage part two?" The Oak nodded "Don't tell me you haven't seen the first one!" Ash blushed and looked at the floor "Shut up." Gary grinned "Are you afraid of a little porn Ashy-boy?"

Once the movies started Ash sat as far away from Gary as possible; not because he didn't want to be near Gary it was because he would either say or do something stupid, like grab a hold of him like he's wanted to do since this godforsaken movie came on. "Ash are you alright? You're not to scared are you?" Gary asked in a cocky voice. "N-no I'm fine." Ash bit his fingernails while watching it, but he wouldn't let Gary know that he was scared the Oak would never let him live it down. "Ah! Next one!" Ash sighed "Can't we just watch cartoons or something?" Gary shook his head "Why are you scared? If you're scared we can skip right to the porn and do naughty things." Ash gulped "G-Gary."

Gary fucking Oak would never admit this out loud but he has the biggest crush on Ash; not only because of his sun kissed skin, or his beautiful eyes but because of that sweet smile he used to get every time Gary would enter the room. Ash wanted to admit that he wanted to be fucked by Gary so hard he wouldn't be able to walk for the rest of the week.

The Oak smirked "Heh, Porn it is." Ash really tried not to look at the screen; he really did but the moans on the TV were becoming to much to ignore, he turned to Gary who was smirking at him "What's wrong Ashy-boy?" Ash averted his eyes and looked at his own lap "N-nothing, why are we watching this again?" Gary smirked "I want to jerk off is that a problem?" Ash's head shot up "You're going to do that with me in the room?" The Oak leaned in towards Ash "Why did you want to do it or something?"

"W-what? I-I didn't say that!" Ash said quite defensively which only made Gary smirk more "What if I wanted you to?" The Pokemon master blushed "Why are we even-" 'Ahh! H-harder!' Ash and Gary both turned to the TV with sudden interest. After a few seconds they looked back to each other; although the Oak was a lot more closer then before, practically next to him. "Gary?" The Oak growled "Yes Ashy-boy?" "You're looking at me funny." the Pokemon master tilted his head "Any reason why?" Ash said coyly.

Whatever self control Gary originally had completely disappeared as soon as he pinned Ash to the couch and leaned above him. "Mmm Ashy-boy; you just look so adorable." Any reply Ash could have possibly come up with left as soon as Gary pressed his lips roughly onto Ash's. The Pokemon master shyly kissed back, and not to long after he felt a warm tongue slide over his bottom lip before prying open his lips to mingle with his own.

The Pokemon master broke the kiss to get some much needed air, he took a moment to pause at the thin line of saliva that still kept their lips connected. "Gary.." The researcher had no interest in conversation he wanted to claim those unbearably soft lips as his own again. Gary leaned down again to kiss Ash's neck slowly dragging his tongue across the skin after each kiss; Ash was obviously enjoying himself although he was doing everything possible to keep Gary from knowing that. Ash blushed uncontrollably when the first moan found a way out of his mouth.

Gary bit down hard on Ash's neck to make sure it would leave a nice red mark to prove this occurred between the two. The porno was still playing and they could hear the pants and moans of the people on the screen. The Pokemon master weaved his hands in Gary's spikes before gently moving his face up from his neck "K-kiss me." Gary smirked; he never knew the words could sound so sweet and rewarding coming from those lips. Not wanting to keep him waiting he slowly covered the eager lips with his own, the kiss started out slow even though both of their self control was dwindling. Gary stuck one of his hands in Ash's shirt momentarily breaking the kiss just to get the obnoxious piece of clothing off, once it was off he smirked while staring down at his old rivals body; so fragile and small, not to mention he was really skinny.

Ash moaned softly when he felt bony fingers touch his nipples, he saw Gary dip lower to bring one in his mouth sliding his tongue around it before nibbling on it just a little. Ash tried his best to form a logical sentence "" Gary catching what he meant attempted to take his shirt off but tanned hands stopped him "I want to." The researcher smirked, Ash was really to damn cute for his own good not many people could make Gary fucking Oak stop breathing when they walked into the room smiling. Once Gary's purple shirt was off they went back to kissing very passionately.

Gary broke away from Ash's warm ans moist mouth, "Ashy-boy are we going to continue or am I going to be disappointed?" Ash froze up; did he really want to go all the way with Gary on professor Oaks couch? Ash blushed thinking about Gary completely naked thrusting that big- "Y-yeah let's continue."

The Oak smirked before unbuttoning Ash's jeans and with a little help from the Pokemon master he was able to reveal a pair of black boxers that weren't very good at concealing his arousal. Gary slid them off in a fluid motion and a bony hand clutched the hardened member, Ash gasped at the sensation; no one has ever touched his cock other then himself and Gary's hand was nice and smooth surprisingly for how rugged the teen is.

Ash moaned loudly as Gary rubbed the head of his manhood with his fingertips, barely enough to please Ash but enough to make him know something is there. "G-Gary please something!" Gary never thought hearing Ash beg for him to touch his dick in such a needy voice could be so attractive and just plain sexy all at the same time.

The Oak smirked "Just do something, eh?" Gary brought his face between the Pokemon master's legs staring at the neglected member that was already dripping pre-cum, "Gary what are you- Ah~" one swift lick to the head was all it took to make Ash shut up; Gary wanted to make Ash last as long as possible, but since he was going to give the kid the best blowjob of his life he probably wouldn't last long. That being said Ash would fucking enjoy every single moment of it. Gary was taking his time licking from base to tip, Ash emitted a growl from his chest signaling 'Hurry the fuck up' Gary brought the rest of Ash into his mouth before sucking nice and slow. The Pokemon master almost died when he felt heat envelop his dick; it wasn't just hot but moist too. Gary was listening to the loud and throaty moans as a good sign and to keep going, Ash could feel his orgasm coming fast, "I-I am c-coming." Gary released him from his mouth laughing when Ash growled, "Why did you stop?" Gary grinned wickedly "You don't cum until I do, got it?"

Ash frowned; if he wasn't so god damned turned on he would strangle the sexy Oak. Gary's hands roamed down his uke's body until he got to his desired location, he caressed the teens cheeks with a random gentleness that was short lived. Gary placed three fingers against the Pokemon masters lips "Suck," Ash parted his lips and took the appendage into his mouth, swirling his tongue in between the fingers; Gary could have came at the sight if he wasn't so rugged. "That's enough Ashy-boy." Ash gave the fingers one more lick before releasing them. The Oak pressed one against the boys puckered entrance, "This is gonna hurt I'll try my best to be gentle." Ash nodded and panted slightly as one finger slipped in with ease, it felt weird to the Pokemon master; after all this was his first time. Gary slid the second one in with a little force since Ash was extremely tight.

Virgin tight this pleased the Oak that he would be the first to dominate his precious little Ashy. "J-just do it Gary." Ash whispered while panting. Gary grinned "You don't know what your talking about kid, you wouldn't be able to walk normal for a week; and then you probably wouldn't let me fuck you either." Ash frowned, as he felt the third and final bony finger slip inside he's tight little hole and rub against something that made him grip Gary's hair and do a deep throaty moan. The Oak smirked "Found it, alright Ashy-boy this will hurt but your gonna take it." Ash gripped Gary's face in his hands "Fuck me Gary Oak now." Gary who had taken his pants off some time during the stretching process had already positioned his member at the stretched opening.

He pressed forwards until he was fully sheathed inside Ash's unbearably tight ass. Ash on the other hand was gripping onto Gary's shoulders, it was a lot different from the fingers this gave him a more filled feeling. "M-move." Not waiting any longer do to the heat and Ash giving the okay he almost completely exited the boy before thrusting back in hitting the teens prostate dead on. "Ngh." Ash didn't want Gary to know he was enjoying it; something about them being old rivals and Gary always wanting to prove he was better. "Gah Ashy-boy you're so.." Gary panted before continuing "Tight, you feel incredible."

Ash blushed not knowing how to accept such a complement by Gary Oak no less. Before Ash had a chance to respond Gary hit that same spot as before and caught Ash of guard enough to make him moan loudly. The Oak sighed Ash was really way to cute, his moans were so erotic and sexy coming from his sweet innocent lips. Gary started pumping Ash roughly as he felt his orgasm start to come. Ash moaned at the sensation of getting his prostate hit and being jerked off by an incredibly skilled and soft hand. "G-Gary I'm coming" The Oak nodded "Me too Ashy-boy." after a few more hots to his prostate Ash came on Gary's hand and chest; and once Ash's muscles clenched around his dick he thrusted once more before coming.

Gary pulled out and collapsed onto Ash "We..should..shower." Ash shook his head and cuddled into Gary's chest "In the morning, I'm tired." Truthfully Gary was too so he threw a blanket over there naked figures and went to sleep.

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