So im obsessed with jasper hale,and I decided to make this story about him and bella,hope you like it,and I don't own anything.

About the story.

So the Cullen's went hunting in AFRICA,lol and jasper doesn't get along with the vampires there so he so Edward makes him stay behind and watch this takes place in eclipse so bella has to stay the night because Victoria is after her.


I got out of my truck and made my way to the Cullen's front door, Jesse this house was beautiful and HUGE!I knocked a couple of times and no answer. What was jasper doing? I made way in the house and smelt the most amazing smell that made my stomach grumble. Yummy, I made my way to the kitchen to discover jasper and the kitchen covered in spaghetti sauce. "um jasper, WHAT ARE YOU DOING"? I said while chuckling, Jasper looked hilarious."I was just trying to make something to eat for the lovely lady" he replied. I started to blush, was it me or was jasper beautiful. I walked over to jasper, took my finger scooped some spaghetti sauce off of jasper face and tried it. I felt like I was going to puke, how could something that smelt so good taste like crap. I quickly ran to the sink, and puked. When I looked back up jasper was gazing at me. "I'm sorry ma'am" he said and quickly disposed of the sauce along with the burnt noodles, but who could blame him, he was a vampire after all, and he certainly did not eat human food. "How about going out to eat "jasper said with a shy smile. I felt bad for him because he took the time to make me food, but he couldn't cook so I said "yes" and we made our way to his car." wow jazz nice car "I said and got in the car in." thanks it was actually a gift from Carlisle a couple of days ago. I started to laugh and I didn't even know why, maybe it was the fact that Carlisle buys them cars just randomly and they had to have over 20 cars in this garage. "how about here?" jasper said as we parked into a parking space. chu avista was the name of the restaurant and by the looks of it, it was a five start restaurant." umm Jazz, look at what I'm wearing, I don't think I'm appropriately dressed to walk in there". "don't worry Alice has a dresses in the back, I dought she will mind if you wear it, you know Alice she'll do anything to get you out of what you usually wear" Jasper said with a smile i just looked at him and smiled back and made my way to the back of the car. I opened the trunk and in there were a few dresses, There was long and silk blue one, a purple poofy short one, and there was a short black one with spaghetti straps, And I absolutely fell in love with the black one."Don't worry Bella I won't look" he said and winked as I made my way into the car and smiled. Wow was he flirting with me? Oh god what if he was? I got out of the car and he gasped "wow Bella you look wonderful". I blushed and said "not so bad yourself too, cowboy". We walked into the restaurant and all eyes were on jasper."Wow do you get this a lot" I said and tilted my head to the watching crowd."All the time bells, but us Cullen's learn to ignore it". It was kind a good feeling to know that you were with the hottest guy here. All the guys wanted to be him and all the girls wanted to date him, including me, wait what? Why did I say that?

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