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B p.o.v

I woke up to the sight of jasper reading a book. i must of fell asleep in his studies, my bad. I tried to remember last night and I suddenly blushed. He obviously felt my emotions and turned his head my way.

"Why good mornin darling" He said with a smirk. Ugh he made my heart skip a beat. "Good morning to you to sir". I looked down at my feet and just then my stomach rumbled." I'm guessing Bella wants food"? He walked over and sat down next to me."Mhmm, should we go somewhere, because I know how you make food" I replied. "Maybe breakfast will come easier to me" He said. He grabbed my hand and led me downstairs to the kitchen. I sat there in silence as I watched him flip eggs and put toast in the toaster. He then greeted me with eggs and toasted and I eagerly took it from him and stuffed my face.

"mmm, jasper this is really good" I couldn't believe I was saying that but it tasted amazing." why thank you ma'am he replied as he sat down next to me. Just then there was a knock at the door."I think you should get that's bells", but why would jasper want me to get it?

I got up and walked over to the front door."Jacob!" I said as I hugged him tightly. I hadn't seen him in a while.

"Bella, hi" he said while looking over my head at jasper", can we go on a walk?" Jacob asked. I looked confused whatever Jacob had to say he could say in front of jasper, but I said "sure" and we walked out the door.

"Soo, Jake what do you want to talk about"?I said with some attitude. Jake looked at me and then he said" What were you doing with jasper, why are you with him home alone"? I told Jake the whole story about Edward and Alice and how they moved to Africa and how they were dating. I felt like I was going to cry now, and I did, I started balling and balling. Jake took me into a hug and just held me there. "I'm sorry" he whispered.

After I stopped crying we began to walk some more."So does that mean, I have a chance with you now Bella"?

I looked at him, what should I do slap him, did he not even care I was broken hearted, did he only care about being with me? "I'm sorry Jake, but I don't think so".

Jake stared at me and then he started to shake." Jake chill out, take it easy".


"Jake seriously chill out, don't get all mad" I said nervously. "NO BELLA I WILL NOT CHILL OUT, YOU NEVER ANSWERED ME ARE YOU OR ARENT YOU GOING OUT WITH HIM!"

"Jake, no I'm not going out with him, but I don't know Jake, I like him a lot".


"I'm going Jake, your really scaring me" I said

"YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE" He screamed and grabbed my arm.

"Jake, LET GO!"I smacked him as hard as I could but it didn't help. This really set him off. He began to change into a wolf, and then one of his huge paws came out and clawed me right in the arm. I screamed as loud as I could. He was by my side in a minute, jasper.

"Ahh, jasper" I whispered. I was glad to see him. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him close.

Jaspers p.o.v

I held her here in my arms. i couldn't get the sent of Bella's blood out of my mind. I wanted it so bad."JASPER WATCH OUT"I heard Bella scream. But I was so caught up in her blood. I was soon lying on the ground. Something knocked me down. I felt a sharp pain in my arm and I realized Jacob was biting me. I pushed him up and quickly got up in a attacking crouch. He came running at me still in dog form and I took him to the ground. I was about to sink my teeth in him because I was so hungry for blood but then I heard someone say "stop".

I looked up and saw the rest of Jacobs pack in human form. I let Jake up, still hungry for his blood. He was about to attack me again when Sam told him to stop. i looked around and there had to be at least ten humans in the pack. I let a small growl escape my mouth and they growled back. I ran back to Bella's side and asked if she was alright. I looked back up at the pack and Sam spoke.

"We should take Bella back to my house and fix her up"

"No way in hell, your taking her away from me" I snarled at him. Jacob hurry up and transformed back into a human and changed into his pants.

"Listen you stupid, leech but we all know you can't stand Bella's blood, Bella's birthday proved that point, I wont have you accidently loosing it". Jacob said.

"I wouldn't be talking you're the one who lost it and did this to her, you stupid mutt" I snarled back. Jacob looked at me and began to shake again, I don't know why but I was pissed, and I wanted Bella by my side.

I heard whispering begin in the pack.

"We can't have him take her" Jacob begged.

"I know, Jacob I'm sorry but I'm afraid we won't be able to take him down without most of us dying, and I'm afraid were on his territory so we cant do anything, because we don't know for sure if he will bite her" Sam replied.

I stopped focusing on the pack as I grabbed Bella and began running back to the house.

B p.o.v

I woke up with jasper hold me. We were sitting on the couch and I was still bleeding. i could smell the awful smell of blood. i looked up at jaspers angled face and he said "hey darlin" and kissed my hand.

"oww" I moaned as I grabbed my arm. On my hand was my blood, from my cut. i looked back up at jasper and he tightened. His eyes were on my cut and he had this crazed look on his face."Jasper" I said.

"Yes" he said. i took in a deep breath and said "I know this blood appeals to you and I want you to change me". He looked at me and then he replied "I don't know if I could stop".

I placed my face on his cheek and kissed him, I felt like nothing was left in the world, it was just me and him and then I realized, I loved jasper. I pulled away. "I know you can stop".

J p.o.v

She kissed me. I couldn't believe it. A huge smirk rose on my face and happiness bounced off of her. "Ok" I said and I pulled her neck up to my teeth, and bite her. The blood taste so good and I was losing it, and then I remember our kiss and how much she meant to me and I released my mouth from her neck. After that all there was, was screams coming from Bella.

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