pinkxjellybean, I pride myself on my work, and I want others to see it. Yes, I like Jed's reaction my own self, and I got it off a Youtube video for CARS.


Tally walked around the corridors, ensuring every item was in place and all the exhibits were safely inside and in their displays before dawn. She helped Jedediah and Octavius into their dioramas while Larry closed up shop, and she quadruple-checked the jars six times, just in case Kahmunrah thought that one of them was missing. She made a mental note about a glass case for the jars.

A week of semi-normalcy later, Larry walked into the lobby, holding a newspaper above his head as if in triumph, and then he read the headline, "Museum curator charged with murder." Some of the exhibits cheered, some openly wept, but most were like Tally, caught in the middle in a bittersweet ending, stuck in a neutral state of mind caused commonly by mixed feelings about a subject. Kahmunrah and Ahkmenrah got into a bickering match, which was to be expected, but they seemed to be the only two actually fighting about it.

Jedediah and Octavius were alone again, in some corner or another of the museum, doing only God would care to know what.

Larry had begun to read the report aloud and any and all background noise stopped. The article described how the bodies were examined for hard evidence which implicated McPhee, some witness testimony, everyone knew whose, and there was some speculation on the upcoming trial.

Ahkmenrah seemed very confused with this concept, but who knew what his brother was thinking behind that blank look. "That's the way the system works in this country," Larry explained.

"Rather odd," Ahkmenrah muttered. Kahmunrah was still staring into space. Larry continued to read the article all the way through, and once he finished, he set the paper on the reception desk.

"Chaos works in strange ways," Tally mused to herself as she watched the exhibits mill about in the lobby. "Just like life."

After a while, after the news spread to everyone who hadn't heard it firsthand and the exhibits returned to their nightly lives, Ahkmenrah walked over to where Tally stood. "Can you make any sense of this?" he asked.

"I just know it's not my problem until chaos comes a-knocking."

"That's an interesting way to look at it."

"It's the only way that doesn't drive people mad, the way I see it."

Ahkmenrah chuckled, ran his tongue across his lip and asked, "Would you like to go for a walk?"

"Sure, just so long as if we see Jed and his 'buddy,' we pretend not to notice."


So they set off through the halls of the museum, Ahkmenrah catching a glare from Kahmunrah as he passed. Tally sighed and shook her head, a soft smirk playing on her lips.