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Prologue: Crossing Paths

It's common knowledge that coincidences happen every day; but it's a rare when those coincidences lead you toward a different path that you never saw coming. There's no way of accepting or declining anything that comes naturally in life, you only have to live through it and smile and say you actually did it.


It was a halfway house for the sick, the needy and the incredibly bored; the Belphagor Sanatorium served as an asylum for those who had nowhere else to go or were too sick to care for themselves. Out of all the places she wanted to be, she didn't want to be in this place. Not only was she one of the few teenagers that lived in the Sanatorium, but she was put in here under the classification of "incredibly bored" which she was during this particular rainy night.

The silver raindrops fell from the storm clouds as though they were shot out of a pistol and that's when they began their assault against the clear barrier of glass. It was a very repetitive rhythm that she had grown used to in her ten years of living in this dreary building. Her gaze pierced the glass window as though it didn't exist in that moment and she just watched as people quickly made their way past the Sanatorium in vehicles or on foot as swiftly as they could, as though the Sanatorium was infected and they were avoiding the contagious mind disease. Those people were ignorant, foolish to believe that by being near this place they would lose their minds.

A smirk crossed the teen's face at the very thought of every mind being corrupted just by passing the Sanatorium; it soon blossomed into a laugh. Her charcoal bangs covered her eyes and she instantly stopped laughing when the door began to open.

"It's time for bed now Alice," the woman in a black uniform said.

"Ma'am… I simply can't stand it. It's Alyss not Alice," the teen said as she watched the reflection of the worker wandering just a step closer toward her.

The reflection bowed, "O-of course, I am sorry."

"Did you say it's time to go to bed though?"

A nod was seen in the last remains of the reflection until the woman was behind her, "That's right. And you really need your sleep this time; I swear if you don't get any sleep then we'll give you the pills to sleep."

Alyss glanced at the woman who looked strong and delicate at the same time, while she herself looked fragile. Alyss' charcoal black hair was cut short to the point that it only grazed her shoulders, she wore a pair of yellow sweatpants and a black t-shirt with a small skeleton key hanging around her neck by a chain. The teen sighed as she realized what side of her she was at, the right… her supposed "good" side.

"Very well, thank you."

The woman backed away slightly when she caught the sight of her mismatched eyes through Alyss' bangs as she stood up to be escorted; one eye was an ocean blue while the other one, the one on her bad side was a dark blood color. Alyss noticed the look that the worker gave her and she covered the eye that was naturally that hideous red color.

"It's okay… you can escort me to my room now," Alyss whispered as a sad smile played on her pale face.

Eager to get rid of Alyss, the worker instantly began to lead the way to her room. Alyss walked almost silently behind the black clad worker in a stride that seemed almost clumsy, but despite that she had a plan to get out of this cursed place. They would have to walk past the entrance to get to Alyss' assigned room in the Belphagor Sanatorium, even the oak wood door that led to the outside world was inviting in the midst of the darkness.

She took out a knife in an almost guilty manner but when a flash of lighting illuminated the pale and delicate figure she gave a dark sinister smirk; she was going to get out of here if it was the last thing she'd do.


The stormy weather that was ensuing over Essex couldn't have possibly stopped the Satanist bass player of the world famous band, the Gorillaz from going out and getting drunk. They had just finished a song for a new album when he leaned his bass against the wall and stretched, "'m off mates."

"Where are you off to Muds?" Russel asked. It was the same question with the same reply.

"'m off to get drunk and get-"

"We don' need 'o know the rest," 2D interrupted. His black voids that replaced where his eyes used to be looked tired, as though they had worked hard. Most people would know that it was another headache. But Murdoc Niccals didn't show any emotion that resembled care toward the azure haired singer. He just grabbed a coat off the chair in the recording studio that resided in Kong Studios and simply walked through the maze he called home and then to the car park where his "love shack on wheels" waited for him. A smirk crossed his face as he began driving out into the somewhat depressing weather.

He sped up as soon as he reached the road that led to the nearest pub and as he sped up he didn't see a figure that was crossing the road. It was only at the last minute that he noticed, swore and came to an abrupt halt. He poked his head out of the window and began screaming.

"Wot's wrong wit ya? Ya could've gotten me killed!" he yelled as though he was the person on the road and that the figure was the driver. His eyes formed a glare as the figure was standing in one of the headlights. She was wearing yellow sweatpants and a black shirt, but it was the chain that held her skeleton key and her eyes that were noticed in the strong light.

"… You could've gotten me killed too y'know," the teen in the lights remarked. Her mismatched eyes danced in the light as though she was in the spotlight of a talent contest, "And don't yell… please?"

Murdoc didn't bother to notice the fear in the teen's voice and shook his head, "Whatever. Get off the road now."

Listening obediently to the command the teen crossed quickly and watched as he drove off without even saying good-bye. She frowned, "What an as-"

Sirens rang through the air and her eyes widened as she ran toward the general direction that the Winnebago came from and just kept running through the mud and puddles that were starting to form under her bare feet. Alyss could feel the fear replacing the blood in her body with enough adrenaline to keep her running for hours, luckily though she didn't have to run far. She looked at the high hill where a building was, she smiled in the darkness of the storm and began running up it just in case the police were behind her. Halfway up she could hear no more sirens and sighed with relief.

"I hope they got lost…" she took out the knife that was covered in blood. Alyss shivered when she saw the blood mix with the rain and she threw it as far as she could off the hill. "Good luck trying to connect me with anything."

A sigh escaped from her as she resumed her journey up the hill; it must've been at least an hour before she got up to where the building was just by walking. By now she was tired, exhausted that when she rang the bell to the place she felt like collapsing right there and then. She held onto the wall where the doorbell resided and just held herself up, waiting for an answer that there was life inside the massive looking building.

There was a television screen like thing on the corner of the door and on it a figure with blue hair appeared… with no eyes! Alyss' stared at the screen for a while, pretty freaked out by that discovery. The azure haired singer just blinked at what he was seeing and the door swiftly opened after that seemingly long moment of having an unofficial staring contest.

Alyss studied 2D as though determining whether or not he was a zombie that was brought back to life or whether or not the black voids was just made with makeup as though it was part of some Halloween costume; she quickly noticed that it was not a part of a costume, they were real. She paled slightly at that and she felt faint.

"Who're you?" 2D had asked in his Cockney accent.

She was trembling as she whispered, "I-I'm… Alyss… Niccals…"

2D almost tripped over his own two feet trying to catch the girl who had just muttered the name Niccals. He just looked at Alyss with confusion; did she really just say Niccals? He then thought about Murdoc's reaction to hearing about this; he shuddered at that. No way was he going to stick around and hear Murdoc's scream of fury at this discovery, but… he couldn't just leave her out here. The singer of Gorillaz just sighed as he put one of her arms over his shoulder and brought her inside from the rain.

Now what?

Here is the prologue. I was bored yesterday and I started wondering about a lot of "what ifs" and this was one of them. Have an opinion? Feel free to tell me them, I want to know what you're thinkin'. Thanks for reading!