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Cosmos, the goddess of harmony.

Chaos, the god of discord.

Reigning from distant realms, the two gods have gathered warriors from different worlds to lead them in savage war.

Cosmos and Chaos were of equal strength, it was believed the conflict would last forever. But…

Thirteen warriors were standing on an altar on a war torn wasteland. Each of the warriors was unique. The first warrior looked to be at least sixteen years of age. He had short spiky orange hair and brown eyes. He wore what appeared to be black hakama (black robes) with a white sash. Around his torso was what appeared to be a red rosary-like strap, wrapped diagonally from his right shoulder to his left hip. In his hand was a sword as big as his body, it resembled a giant meat cleaver with bandages wrapped around the grip. His name is Ichigo Kurosaki.

The second warrior was as old as the first. He had bright short spiky blond hair, blue eyes, and three whisker-like marks on each cheek. He wore an orange turtle-neck jacket with black arms, shoulders, and a black stripe down the middle, and orange pants, with some sort of weapons pouch on his right thigh, and black sandals. Around his forehead was a headband with a metal plate on it, an engraving of a stylized leaf was on the plate. His name is Naruto Uzumaki.

The next warrior was also a teenager. He had short black hair, black eyes, and a small scar under his right eye. All he wore was a red vest, black denim shorts, and sandals. On his back was a straw hat, hanging from his neck from a string. His name is Monkey D. Luffy.

The next warrior looked to be in his mid-twenties. He had spiky black hair that seemed to defy gravity, and black eyes. He wore an orange sleeveless shirt with a dark-blue shirt underneath, a blue sash around his waist, orange pants, and black boots. His name is Goku.

The next warrior was unique to say the least. He had long silver hair, gold-colored eyes, and what appeared to be dog ears on the top of his head, and fangs. He wore red hakama (red robes), a purple beaded necklace, and he was barefoot. His hand was resting on the hilt of a worn down sword in its sheath, which was tied to his right hip. His name is Inuyasha.

The next warrior was as old as the first three, but was a bit shorter than them. He had long blond hair tied in a braided pony tail, and golden eyes. He wore a bright red, long-sleeved, hooded cloak whose tail comes down to his upper calves; on its back was a strange symbol. Under it was a black sleeveless shirt with a black jacket over it, white gloves, black trousers, and brown shoes. His right arm, though hidden, is actually a steel automail prosthetic. His name is Edward Elric.

The next warrior seemed to be the youngest. He was bald, had grey eyes, and what appeared to be light-blue arrow tattoos on his head and arms. He wore a bright orange and yellow robe that exposed his right arm and shoulder, a dark-orange sash, brown pants, and dark-brown boots. In his hand was a staff. His name is Aang.

The next warrior was another teenager. He had messy brown hair, gold eyes, and most noticeably a large burn scar around his left eye. He wore a dark-red shirt, a dark-red and gold trimmed vest over it, a gold sash around his waist, dark-red pants, and dark-brown boots. In both his hand were two scimitar-style swords, their scabbard on a sash behind his back. His name is Zuko.

The next warrior was one of two unique beings. He easily dwarfed the other warriors by three or four feet. He was covered from head-to-toe in white and gold trimmed armor, with red and gold trimmed shoulder guards, and knee guards. His helmet was styled after a knight's helmet, with what appeared to be a red band on his forehead that resembled a dinosaur head with bat-like ears. Behind him was a flowing red cape. His weapons of choice were a large jousting lance with a red and gold ring around the base, and a large shield with gold edges, three red triangles forming a bigger triangle in the center surrounded by a gold ring, which was surrounded by small gold triangles, giving it the shape of a sun. He is known as Gallantmon.

The next warrior was the other of the unique beings. He was the same height as the other knight and just as heavily armored. He was covered in red and gold armor, with the helmet colored a light orange. The helmet, shoulder guards, wrist guards, knee guards, and even the boots resembled the heads of dragons. On his back was a large broadsword, with golden edges on the blade and a green hilt and handle. He is known as EmperorGreymon.

The next warrior was the only woman there. She had long light pink hair and blue eyes. She wore a light-brown sleeveless turtleneck jacket and a white vest over it, a dark-green pauldron (shoulder guard) with two glowing yellow stripes rested on her left shoulder, a long flowing red cape attached to her back on the left side, a brown belt around her waist, a brown mini-skirt with black shorts underneath, and dark-blue fingerless gloves. In her hand was a mechanical-like sword, its case attached to her skirt behind her waist. Her name is Lightning.

The next warrior was yet another teenager. He had shoulder length silver hair and aqua colored eyes. He wore a black zip-up tank top, a white and yellow vest over it, baggy blue pants, and sneakers. In his hand was a sword that resembled a dark-blue and red bat wing, with a small dark angel wing stuck out at the top of the blade giving it the form of a key. The guard was unique; it is composed of an angelic wing and a demonic wing, with a pure blue eye with a slitted pupil, where the blade and guard met. A keychain resembling a stylized heart hung from the base of the guard. His name is Riku.

The final warrior was yet again a teenager. He had spiky brown hair and blue eyes. He wore a black and silver outfit; with a dark blue shirt and black, short-sleeved, hooded jacket, baggy black pants covered in pockets, and black and yellow shoes. He also wore a crown-shaped pendent around his neck. In his hand was a sword that greatly resembled a key; it resembled a skeleton key, with the blade and teeth of the sword silver, the guard gold, and the handle blue. The teeth of the blade form the outline of a crown which matches his pendent. His name is Sora.

They were The Warriors of Cosmos.

All thirteen warriors stood with determined looks on their faces, as if they knew what was about to happen.

Then all of a sudden the sky darkens and the land in front of them raises up until it forms what looks like a volcano. This observation is proven true when magma bursts from the volcano.

The warriors look on as magma continues to burst into the sky. Soon the warriors see thirteen figures walk out of the magma, unharmed, and stand at the edge of the volcano, staring down at them.

The first figure looked serious. He had short, messy black hair, green eyes, pure white skin, and two thin black lines, each leading down from one eye to the bottom of his face. He wore a white jacket with its tail reaching his ankles, a black sash around his waist, and white hakama (white robes). He also had unique physical features; which include a white helmet-like headgear that covered only the top and back of the left side of his head, and what appeared to be a small hole located at the base of his throat, between both of his shoulder blades. A sword with a light green hilt rested on his left hip. He had his hands in his pockets and had a expressionless look on his face, with a small frown. His name is Ulquiorra Cifer.

The second figure was one of the two youngest. He had short black hair with the bangs framing his face, and black eyes. He wore a white, short-sleeved, zip-up shirt, a piece of dark blue cloth around his waist held up by a purple rope tied in a knot behind his back, dark blue pants, blue wrist guards, and black sandals. Held securely by the rope was a sword with a blue handle and sheath. He shared the exact same look on his face with the figure before him. His name is Sasuke Uchiha.

The third figure looked intimidating. He had shoulder length black wavy hair, arched eyebrows, and a close-shaved goatee, and black eyes. He wore a neat black suit, with black leather shoes, a white tie and handkerchief in his left breast pocket, and a large black top hat. On his shoulder is a white bird dressed the same as the figure. Like the ones before him, his face was expressionless. His name is Rob Lucci.

The next figure was a mountain of muscle. He had long, spiky, black hair and black eyes. He wore nothing on his upper body, except for two gold arm braces, three gold bands, two around his biceps and one around his neck, a gold necklace with a gold plate, and a blue gem on the plate, gold earrings, and a gold headband with a blue gem in the middle. He wore white pants with a piece of red cloth around his waist, held up by a gold waistband, which also has a blue gem, dark-red boots with gold bands around the openings. Like the figures before him, his face is expressionless. His name is Broly.

The next figure had an air of respect around him. He had long silver hair, gold eyes, four purple whisker-like marks, two on each cheek, and a dark-purple crescent moon on his forehead. He wore red and white hakama, samurai-style breastplate armor with a spiked pauldron attached to the left side of the plate, a yellow sash, tying his armor to him, and a large furred sash hanging over his right shoulder. If were to look under his left sleeve they see that his left arm is gone. A sword hangs from his left hip. Like the others, his face was expressionless. His name is Sesshomaru.

The next figure was female. She had long, wavy, black purple-tinted hair, black eyes, and a strange mark on her collarbone. She wore a revealing dark-red dress that reaches to her ankles, and dark-red shoulder length glove with red markings on them. She had a small smirk on her face. She is known as Lust.

The next figure had an air of royalty to him. He had long black hair that reached to the middle of his back, a long thin goatee, and gold eyes. He wore a dark-red and gold trimmed open vest, with light red flame designs, two gold bands, one around each tricep, and dark-red pants. He was also barefoot. He had a nasty smirk on his face. He is known as Firelord Ozai.

The next figure was the second of the two youngest. She had long black hair tied in a high ponytail with bangs framing face and gold eyes. She wore a red long-sleeved shirt with dark-red and gold trimmed armor over her torso and shoulders, red armbands, a dark-red and gold trimmed skirt, red pants, and black boots. Like the figure before her, she has a nasty smirk on her face, making her resemble that figure, hinting at a relation between the two. Her name is Azula.

The next figure was unique. He had bright blond hair with the ends of it colored orange, his hair also completely stood erect and pointed straight in the direction behind his head. His eyes, which were completely yellow with black pupils, were visible through a mask that covered his face from the nose up, the right half of the mask was black and the left half was white, with a vertical line through the eyehole and a pink heart placed on the temple. He wore white face paint and red lipstick, giving him the appearance of a clown. He wore a red jacket, with a frilly waist and gold cufflinks, a white shirt under it, with the usual clown collar, white pointed gloves; bright-green pants with yellow designs, large yellow pointed and curled toed boots. On his back four swords in their sheaths forming an "x" with two flowing blue ribbons attached to them. On his face was a sinister smirk. He is known as Piedmon.

The next figure was covered from head-to-toe in armor and towered over the rest. He was covered in white and light-blue armor with gold spikes. His helmet resembled a dragon with two bull-like horns on the side of his helmet. Coming out his back were two large tattered demonic wings. In his hand was a broad sword with white edges on the blade, a gold guard, and a gray handle. Even with his helmet on, anyone can tell he had a sneer on his face. He is known as Dynasmon.

The next figure looked to be a mutated human. Half his body seems to be made of crystal, with only the center of his torso, left arm, and face devoid of crystal. He wore dark-blue pants and black boots. His right arm took the form of a giant claw, his hair, completely crystal, slicked back and pointing in all directions behind his head, and giant crystal wings coming out of his back. Though if near him, one will feel that he's out of place with the other figures. His name is Cid Raines.

The next figure had a dark presence to him. He has long silver hair, dark skin, and dark-amber eyes. He wore a black leather coat with the bottom of it colored white, a white button-up jacket underneath, two black belts around his waist, silver shoulder guards, white leather gloves, black pants, and black boots. Behind him was a completely black creature covered in bandages. The creature seemed to be attached to the man's shadow, giving the idea that that thing is his shadow. The man had a evil grin on his face. He is known as Ansem, The Seeker of Darkness.

The final figure stood in the middle of the other figures. He looked exactly like the figure before him, though he had more bangs framing his face. He wore a black, hooded, leather coat with a silver zipper, hakama-esque black pants, and black gloves. If one stood in his presence, one wouldn't feel any presence at all. His face bore no expression. His name is Xemnas.

They were The Warriors of Chaos.

The thirteen figures stood at the edge of the volcano, staring down at the warriors a few ways away from the volcano.

The warriors, knowing what would happen, took a stand facing the dark figures. They were prepared for that might happen.

Then suddenly from the depths of the magma, behind the figures, arises a colossal giant. At the same time, light and white clouds peek through the dark sky. The giant, rising from the magma, becomes more distinguished. At the same time the white clouds start to create a shape.

The giant, completely out of the magma, is shown to be a demon-like creature. Soon after, the white clouds take the form of a woman.

The creature then lets out a terrible roar and an explosion occurs from the magma, highlighting The Warriors of Chaos.

The light peeking through the dark sky hits The Warriors of Cosmos, illuminating their figures.

Both sides prepare for the next move.

The fight begins.

The Warriors of Chaos made the first move. They leap from the volcano, land on the wasteland, and charge towards their opponents. The Warriors of Cosmos leave the altar they were standing on, and charge forward.

The first to make contact was Dynasmon, who was ahead of the other chaos warriors. He was met head on by EmperorGreymon, both drew their swords and clashed. They struck at each other multiple times before their last clash pushed them away from each other. As soon as they separated, Ichigo and Riku charged in and clashed swords with Dynasmon. Unfortunately, Dynasmon, being the strongest of the three, is able to push them away. The force of his strength causes Riku and Ichigo to skid backwards a considerable distance. As soon as they stop, Azula lands in front of them and shoots lightning at both of them. They raise their swords to block the attack.

But before the lightning reaches them, Gallantmon comes between them and blocks it with his shield. Just as he deflects the attack, Dynasmon attacks him from behind.

A short distance from them Lust attacks Lightning, by extending her finger into spears and aiming them at Lightning. Lightning defends herself by casting protect on herself.

A short distance from them, Aang and Luffy charge at Broly and Lucci, who transformed into a leopard/human hybrid. Right before they meet, Aang and Luffy jump over Broly and Lucci and continue to charge forward. In their charge, they barely dodge a strong fire spell from Raines. They run past him and are joined by Ichigo as they set their sights on Dynasmon. Ichigo clashes swords with Dynasmon before pushing him a few feet, giving enough room for Aang and Luffy to attack, with a gust of wind and a rapid barrage of punches, respectively. From behind, Raines casts and aims multiple ruin spells at them. Luffy and Aang dodge and run in different directions before they're hit, leaving Dynasmon to block the spells with his sword.

As Aang charges forward, he is joined by Inuyasha. As they are running forward the ground behind them begins to be uprooted by an unknown force. As they put distance between themselves and the reverse avalanche, Aang gets caught in it and is thrown quite a distance away. Inuyasha, still running from the avalanche, pulls out his sword, Tetsusaiga, which becomes large sword with fur covering the guard, and swings it, which releases a blade of energy, at the avalanche, causing an explosion. A small distance from the explosion, Sesshomaru, who was the one who made the avalanche with his telekinesis, looks up and sees that Aang was thrown in his direction. Aang, who was able to get his bearings soon after he was thrown, uses his staff to launch a powerful gale of wind at Sesshomaru, just as Sesshomaru creates a whip of light to slice through the wind.

Swords clash as Zuko and Sasuke run forward and slash at each other with their swords. With the momentum they got from running, they run up the side of a cliff, still trying to get at each other with their blades. After running up the cliff for about twenty feet, they push themselves of the cliff and continue their swords dance in the air. After a few strikes, Sasuke charges up his sword with lightning chakra and swings it at Zuko, which releases a beam lightning energy. Zuko crosses his swords before him to block the attack, but the beam was too strong and it propelled him quite a distance away, while the beam itself kept going.

Back on the ground, Ozai and Naruto were facing off. Each one threw a right punch, which were caught by the others' hand. As they were in a deadlock, Sasuke's beam of lightning chakra was heading towards them. Letting each other go, they moved out of the way as the beam impacted with the ground. Just as Naruto landed safely a few feet away the ground beneath him and in the surrounding area was being lifted into the air.

On a floating piece of earth, Ansem uses the power of darkness to levitate the surrounding area in the air.

Back to Naruto, he pulls out a kunai knife and forces it into the ground to stop him falling off the floating earth. Just as he gets a grip on the ground, Ozai lands in front of him, while performing a roundhouse kick, which sends out a wave of fire at him. The force off the attack knocks him off of the piece of earth he was on. As he was falling, Naruto activates a hidden mechanism in his right sleeve, which launches a kunai, with a rope attached to it, from his sleeve. The kunai hits its mark as it digs itself into the piece of earth he was just. With the rope in hand Naruto swings to safety.

A little ways away, Edward was jumping to and from small pieces of floating earth. As he was jumping forward, he was using his daggers, which he made through alchemy, to block floating fireballs created by Piedmon, who was flying after him. Soon after Piedmon, who caught up to him, grabbed his wrist, spun in place a few times, and then threw Ed a large distance from him.

As more earth was being lifted into the sky, some of the cosmos warriors were trying to hold on to the pieces of earth they were on.

Back on the ground, Goku flies over the ground towards Ansem to try save his allies. A few feet from him Ulquiorra launches several ceros at him. Goku weaves between the ceros trying to get closer to Ansem, but he gets caught in the explosions caused by the ceros, the force of them propelling him through the air. As he's sailing through the air he sees Edward, just after he was thrown by Piedmon, hurling towards him. Goku instantly gets an idea. Just as Ed shoots right by him, Goku grabs Ed's wrist. Eyes locking for only a second, Ed immediately knows Goku's plan. Using his momentum, Goku spins in place, and let's go of Ed's wrist propelling him towards Ansem.

Ed, heading towards Ansem, readies his daggers. Just as he makes it towards Ansem and swings his blades, Ansem notices him and uses his shadow guardian to block Ed's strike.

Back on the ground, Lightning continuously dodges Lust's extending spear-like nails. Just as she back flips twice to dodge more of Lust's attacks, the ground she lands on suddenly glows and a seal appears beneath her. A few feet away, Xemnas activates the trap Lightning landed on. All around Lightning, orbs of nothingness surround her. Soon the orbs go off; creating a huge explosion Lightning knows she can't counter. As the dust settles, Lightning discovers that Sora, Riku, and Ichigo protected her from the blast.

The Warriors of Cosmos and The Warriors of Chaos regroup on opposite ends of the battlefield.

Wanting to finish it here and now, both sides charge forward to end it. Each warrior on both sides had the desire to defeat their enemy on the other side.

Sora vs. Xemnas

Riku vs. Ansem

Lightning vs. Raines

EmperorGreymon vs. Dynasmon

Gallantmon vs. Piedmon

Aang vs. Ozai

Zuko vs. Azula

Edward vs. Lust

Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru

Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra

Naruto vs. Sasuke

Luffy vs. Lucci

Goku vs. Broly

With determination flowing through them, the energy of each of the warriors spike, casting each of them in a colored glow. With one final charge, the warriors clash with each other, causing their flowing energy to cause an explosion, whose lights reach up towards the heaven.


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